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Why Can't Humans Fly?

Updated on September 27, 2018
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Clive Williams is an internet researcher and writer on many genres. He has a BSc. Degree in Information Systems.

Humans Fly
Humans Fly

Have you ever sat and watch the birds lift from the ground and take control of the skies? Free to go anywhere they want to without any kind of restrictions? Have you ever enjoyed the fluttering wings of a butterfly? So carefree and just moving from flower to flower going wherever it pleases in the wind? Have you ever watched the son of krypton flash through a phone booth and shout "Up up and away" and simply takes off into the sky? Then the question must pop up in ones head. Why can't humans fly? Why are we grounded? Why cant we be as free as a bee? Why can superman fly and we can't? Well, humans can't fly on their own for several reasons. Let's first look at the biological one.

1. Human Body Density.

The density of a bird’s body is far less compared to the density of a human body. Birds are capable of flight because of course, they are gifted with wings instead of hands. They also have hallow bones which is part of the avian respiratory system,. . These bones have air sacs filled with air up to one forth of bird’s weight. So they are very light-weighted to fly. The human body structure from bone mass, muscles and blood flow were never made to be air borne and thus will always be grounded.

Superman the son of Krypton is capable of flight because he simply is not human and is not bound by the Physics and body structure were pathetic beings are bounded by. The kryptonian can manipulate his own body density thus giving him the power of flight.

2. The Flood Wouldn't Make Sense

If humans could fly then God would have to come up with a different idea on how to destroy the fornicating souls. A simple flood would not work because as soon as those rains began to pour, the humans would just fly above the rain cloud and chill out in the air and then everyone would simply land on the ark and sink it.

3. Fly By Shooting

Humans can't fly because the world would be in chaos with the amount of fly by shootings instead of the dreaded drive bys as we know it. Can you imagine you and your family just flying to a nice little island for vacation and all of a sudden some thugs just comes flying by with an AK 47 assault rifle and shooting you out the sky? That is even more dreaded because on top of you getting shot, you will be also falling to your death.

4. We are Under Punishment

Humans can't fly because if we had gotten back our wings. We could have easily escaped the ice wall and find other lands which are not ruled by anarchy. Many people do not realize that district Earth is just a prison and there is life beyond what we see, hear and know of.

5. Humans Cant Fly Because of The Moon and Sun

Humans can't fly because we would know the truth about the moon and the sun. Can you imagine humans suddenly growing wings and millions of us flying to the moon to find out what the heck it is only to realize that there is n moon. Chaos, confusion and anarchy would reign supreme. Humans can't fly because we can't handle the truth.

Santa Flying
Santa Flying

But even though humans can't fly on their own. Over decades they have come up with some great enguinity which have allowed them to control the air. From the Montgolfier brothers with pioneering balloon flight in 1783, and Germany's Otto Lilienthal with the first successful glider flight in the 1890s. America's Wright brothers made the first successful flight in a small engine plane in 1903. But human and flying didn't stop there. We managed to create greater machines which allowed us to master the air. We created hot air balloons, helicopters, jets, public airplanes. and much more.

But if you dig really deep in the realm of human flight. You will find secret files with magical flight machines such as Santa's sleigh, North Pole reindeer, dumbo, Mary Poppins umbrella, witches brooms and other unexplained methods of human flying.

© 2018 Clive Williams


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