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Why States should censure Cultist Churches

Updated on December 28, 2021

After the death of all the apostles of Jesus Christ following his departure, there was emergence of several churches beginning with the Roman Catholic Church. These churches emerged because some believers did not agree with everything taught in the Roman Catholic Church. This became a trend because every time a church was started, there was one or two who did not agree with a certain doctrine hence the emergence of several churches. Churches today are not so much different from those churches in the old times. This is the reason why there are several different churches today, each teaching its own doctrine. Some of these doctrines are very questionable. With the freedom of worship given to the churches in most parts of the world, some churches have been reported to support doctrines which go even against the bible. The Episcopal Church in the United States is one such example. This church consecrated gay bishops and even allowed the clergy to execute marriages for same-sex. This is however just a single church out of the whole Anglican church and the Anglican Archbishops even took part in the censure as they made sure the Episcopal church was removed from representing Anglican Communion on interfaith and ecumenical bodies in an almost surgical approach. The excuse given by the church’s bishop is not even logical as he claims to have welcomed the idea since it allowed differing provinces in the Anglican Communion to voice their differences but at the same time remain as part of one body. This church accepted a doctrine that goes against the law of nature and the law of man and the law of God and such deserved to be censured. Any other church that has such a doctrine or any doctrine that is questionable must be censured in order to restore sanity in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

There are several other churches around the globe with doctrines which either take their members captive in their own religion, or allows members to do things which are contrary to what God really need his children to do. These churches have their members take oaths to keep and observe the doctrines so as to keep them from defaulting. Such a move by these churches is unacceptable since it limits the freedom of worship of its members. In this light, such churches must come under scrutiny by the government and must be censured without further notice.

There is strong evidence to suggest that several churches such as the Catholic, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and many others practice very questionable doctrines some of which affect the rights and privileges of individuals involved in one way or the other.

To the larger extend, with the several different churches in every state and nation worldwide, it’s logical to find some churches with extremely questionable doctrines. Some of the churches are among the first churches to be established in the world and as such receive the benefit of doubt from undoubting members who believe in originality and leave the truth alone. The government should therefore take keen measures and censure any churches that practice questionable doctrines to this effect.


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