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Why Conservatives are Right and Liberals are Wrong

Updated on September 19, 2018
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Before retiring, Jack worked at IBM for over 28 years. His articles have over 120,000 views.


What does the Constitution, our Economy, and Climate Change have in common? They are all part of our current political discourse. Our government institutions and how we are to be governed, our economic enterprises and our Environment are the three major areas of debate. I want to explore the differences between Conservative and Liberal thinkings. Perhaps, you will agree with me at the conclusion of my article that my hypothesis is correct. Even if you don’t, it is nice to read and consider both sides.

- Aug. 2018

The Constitution

Our country is ruled and guided by our Constitution. All elected officials, upon taking office, swear to an oath to the Constitution. Yet, when it comes to actual practice, we have two very different interpretation of the Constitution. That is one reason why many of our recent Supreme Court decisions are made with a 5/4 decision.

On the Conservative side, we believe in a strict interpretation of the Constitution. Laws should be judged on their merit but also whether it follows the guidelines set by our Constitution. On the liberal side, they believe the Constitution is a living document. Open to interpretation as the time dictates. Conservatives, on the other hand, also believe the Constitution is a living document but with different meaning. They believe the Constitution can by ammended through the Amendment process. In our long history, there has only been 27 Amendments. The first 10 was encased in the Bill of Rights.

How do we reconcile these two very different views? That is our current dilemma.

Economic Systems

Conservatives embraced Capitalism and the free enterprise system. Liberals, especially of late, believe Socialism like what they have in Western Europe is a better way to go. They called this a Democratic Socialism. What does it mean? When you drill down, it is the policies that they support that defines their economic system. They believe in universal free healthcare, free education for all. They are for a bigger role of government in how commerce is conducted. They also believe in a progressive income tax system where the rich and the big companies would shoulder a bigger portion of the taxes.

Actually, we don’t need to rely on economic theory to reach a logical conclusion. This debate has been faught many times in the past. Every time, the socialist and communist has failed. Starting with the Soviet Union, East Germany, to Cuba, and Venezuela, and Greece to North Korea, socialism has failed to deliver. On the other hand, capitalism and the free enterprise system has produced the highest standard of living for Americans in all of human history.

The stock market is a forward leading economic indicator. No one can predict the future. However, current rises is a direct result of better economic prospects by companies and CEOs, and the belief that better earnings are in the future and investors has the confidence that they will be profitable.

The Last Two Years SPY, DOW, NASDAQ

Compared to the Last 5 Years... 2013-2018

Climate Change and the Environment

Global warming or the theory of AGW is a modern phenonmenon. Since 1990, a group of scientists have proposed a theory on global warming. They claim that human activities including burning of fossil fuel and the creation of CO2 gas as a byproduct is the primary cause of recent warming of the earth. The theory is simple but climate is much more complex. The scientists made a serious of dire projections going forward and they predicted a much warmer climate, increased hurricanes both frequency and intensity, and rising oceans due to melting ice shelf.

Something happened in the 30 years that followed. None of their dire predictions came true. Instead of taking a step back and re-examine their theory, they doubled down and incorporated the environmental movement. They now claim the CO2 is a pollutant gas. That our environment is being hurt by fossil fuel and that we need to createl a Carbon tax and offer tax credits to green energy such as solar and wind power.

That is where we Conservatives draw the line. We are for clean water and clean air and support the EPA in those efforts. However, we don’t believe the government should be involved with choosing winner and losers in the arena of energy production.

The recent tropical storm Florence is another example of how popular opinion does not lead to science facts. It started out as a Cat 5 storm but by the time it made land fall, it was down graded to a Cat 1. Despite the vast damage by the rain and flooding, it is not a “storm of the Century” as some in the media has portrayed it. Some weather men have used this event to say it is undenialble proof of climate change. Just the contrary. Check out this story debunking Al Gore and his claims.


In this article, I try to appeal to the common sense of people. I hope people can read it and digest it and even question it. I am not asking you to trust me but to ask questions and probe deeper. Ask people of authority and don’t just accept common beliefs. Verify for yourself who is telling the truth and who is spinning.

Knowledge is good. Good knowledge is better.

I only highlighted three issues in this article. You have to wonder, if Conservatives are right on these issues, what other issues they may be right about?

A Glimmer of Hope...

Recently, in 2018, a few indicators have demonstrated the time is changing. The monopoly of the media and the Democrats have been broken. Due to social media and alternative media such as talk radio and cable news, a few people are getting it. Two such persons, both millennials, have come forward. One is a gay hairdresser by the name of Brandon Straka who started the Walkaway movement and another a young black women by the name of Candace Owen. Both have came out against the Democratic party that they were born into and decided to walk away.

We Conservatives welcome them with open arms.

A new Documentary film from Dinesh D’Souza

© 2018 Jack Lee


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