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Why Does Congress Ignore the Crisis at the Southern Border?

Updated on January 17, 2020
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Jason Cloninger is a conservative writer, U.S. Navy & Army veteran, business owner, husband of 17 years, father, 2A supporter, & patriot.

Border Wall Failure by Congress
Border Wall Failure by Congress | Source

Decades of a Porous Border Led to Hundreds of Billions for Illegal Immigrants Annually

There once was a small beginning to the illegal immigration crisis that our nation faces today. Now, while a lot of news agencies are trying to say that we're not facing a border crisis, as are a lot of politicians, there is ample evidence to the contrary. Looking back at former U.S. Presidents, as well as current and former U.S. Senators on the Left and Right, we can find ample examples of their expressions that we were and are facing an epidemic of illegal immigration. This crisis is placing an unnecessary burden upon our taxpayers, and creating victims of our citizens of crimes committed against them by illegal aliens.

These crimes, had our existing immigration laws been followed to the letter, would have never been committed, and there are hundreds of thousands of murder victims, including Mexican nationals, who would still be alive today if the Mexican drug cartels weren't allowed to take advantage of our loose and porous borders. Crimes and criminals are slaves of opportunity. They find the path of least resistance, and they pursue that path until they are caught or killed. That is the nature of crime. The ability to stop them is solely based upon the will of our citizens to act in self-defense, the will of our Legislators and Justice Department to enforce the laws to their fullest extent, and the will of our President to act in order to defend the national security of our nation and the lives of our citizens.

More importantly, they are bound by the United States Constitution, and their oaths of office, to protect the national security of the United States of America and her interests. Believe it or not, illegal aliens comprise a significant risk to national security. They commit voter fraud, smuggle and sell drugs, commit crimes, cause the deaths of American citizens, place a significant financial burden upon our national and state budgets, pose a health risk by spreading diseases and illnesses no longer found in the United States, and drain national resources reserved for our elderly, homeless, jobless, and handicapped citizens. Even several amendments in our Bill of Rights specify citizenship as a requirement to receive those rights.

Politicians & Press - Ignoring Citizen Voices at Border States

Problem #1: Crimes in U.S. by Illegal Aliens

Analyzing crimes committed by illegal aliens within the United States during the 1950's and 1960's to the crimes committed in the 1980's, 1990's, and today, are like comparing the bad actions of a child versus that of a hardened psychopath. Those who have been in law enforcement within border states indicated that the increase in crimes, the increase in repeat offenders, as well as the increase in violent crimes has been exponential with the increase in illegal alien border crossings within the last 30 years.

The United States Government Accountability Office released a report in 2011 showing illegal aliens criminal statistics across the U.S. It indicated that within our federal prison system "the number of criminal aliens incarcerated in federal prisons increased about 7 percent from about 51,000 in fiscal year 2005 to about 55,000 in fiscal year 2010. The number of total inmates incarcerated in federal prisons increased about 14 percent from about 189,000 in fiscal year 2005 to about 215,000 in fiscal year 2010." When it came to local and state prison systems, it showed that "the number of SCAAP criminal alien incarcerations in state prison systems and local jails increased from about 220,000 in fiscal year 2003 to about 296,000 in fiscal year 2009. Specifically, the number of SCAAP criminal alien incarcerations in state prison systems increased by about 25 percent and the number of SCAAP criminal alien incarcerations in local jails increased by about 40 percent."

When reviewing the number of criminal aliens apprehended, accounting for those which were ordered removed from the United States, and those which had re-entered the United States, the numbers show that we are consistently, every single year, having a net surplus of persons entering the United States illegally and are getting arrested during the commission of one or more criminal actions. This says nothing of those who commit criminal actions who aren't caught, are arrested and released without notifying Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in sanctuary cities and/or states, or those who are simply here and utilizing social services without committing criminal actions.

So, how are we expected, based upon the current rate of arrest, removal, and re-entry, to make anything remotely close to a net decrease in illegal alien entries into the United States, thus resulting in a decrease in criminal actions and activities performed by illegal aliens? With 70% of the criminals arrested being from Mexico, or from Central or South America, we already know that they're entering the United States via our southern border. With the top crimes they are being convicted of relating to drugs, assault, and sex offenses, we already know that they present a significant threat to our citizens, our children, as well as our law enforcement officers. So, when will all of our representatives finally say enough is enough, and take truly decisive and effective action of stopping the flow of people across our border illegally? Namely, when will thy finally approve funding for the wall?

Significant Increase in Costs Over 6 Years to Incarcerate Illegal Aliens
Significant Increase in Costs Over 6 Years to Incarcerate Illegal Aliens | Source

The Cost of Illegal Immigrants Upon Americans

The GAO report analysis shows a significant increase of over 50% in cost, just to incarcerate illegal alien criminals within the United States. This increase, which only spanned between 2003 and 2009, shows that we were paying over $1 billion a year, when illegal immigration numbers were a fraction of what they're estimated at being in 2019.

"We estimated that selected operating costs (i.e., correctional officer salaries, medical care, food service, and utilities) associated with incarcerating criminal aliens in our nation’s state prison systems totaled $7 billion from fiscal year 2003 through fiscal year 2009. These costs ranged from about $736 million in 2003 to $1.1 billion in 2009, about a 56 percent increase, as illustrated by the white bars. In the aggregate, states were eligible for reimbursement of about $4.5 billion in correctional officer salary costs of the estimated $7 billion, as illustrated by the light blue bars. Based on available appropriations, states were reimbursed for about $1.6 billion of the $7 billion, about 23 percent, as illustrated by the dark blue bars."

FAIR, which released an report in 2017 that claimed taxpayers pay "approximately $134.9 billion to cover the costs incurred by the presence of more than 12.5 million illegal aliens, and about 4.2 million citizen children of illegal aliens" at both state and federal levels, with "a tax burden of approximately $8,075 per illegal alien family member and a total of $115,894,597,664." However, the 12.5 million illegal aliens number used by FAIR in their estimates is approximately only 50% of the estimated number of illegal immigrants from other credible sources.

Many agencies, as well as the mainstream media, are reporting illegal immigrant number to be approximately 11 million to 12.5 million. Their estimates, based solely upon survey information, is indicating an actual decrease in their numbers based upon previous annual numbers released by DHS. Many of them, in fact, are using this proverbial "decrease" in illegal immigrant numbers to challenge President Trump's claim of there being a crisis at our southern border. However, researchers from Yale and MIT give a conservative estimate of 16.7 million in 2016 and an average of about 22 million, according to Yale Insights. Then, Bloomberg reported the study could validate claims made by President Trump, finally answering the question that journalists have been posing as to where he was basing his annual cost of taxpayer dollars going to pay for illegal immigrants from, which he stated was around $250 billion per year. Based upon these estimates, as there is no real way of tracking how many people were able to get past border authorities, the true number on undocumented immigrants in the country could be as high as 30 million!

If you consider the estimations from Yale and MIT, apply the same cost estimations utilized by FAIR, and you account for the reporting from the FBI and the IRS regarding how many illegal aliens have submitted fraudulent tax returns, illegal alien identify theft, all of the finance crimes being committed upon U.S. citizens by illegal aliens, billions of dollars in additional child tax credit benefits awarded to illegal aliens, healthcare costs, and continuing to tabulate all of the individual finance costs which are coming out of our taxes, or out of the pockets of Americans who are victims of their finance crimes, the actual number is way higher than anyone is currently claiming publicly, with exception of President Trump.

U.S. Immigration Policies Blatantly Violated by Illegal Immigration
U.S. Immigration Policies Blatantly Violated by Illegal Immigration

President Obama Discusses Border Crisis

The Ugly Truths Behind our Border Crisis

Since the Obama Administration's attempts to circumvent immigration laws, their attempts to limit the ability for federal authorities to be notified when illegal aliens are arrested, and to create an illegal opinion that cities and states can purposefully violate federal immigration laws by granting sanctuary to criminal illegal aliens and refusing to cooperate with federal authorities, the cartels have increased their border crossing pursuits by record numbers. Most Americans don't even know our own illegal alien crime statistics, otherwise there wouldn't be an argument against a border crisis anywhere on the news. However, American journalists have been trying to expose the vastness and pervasiveness of the gruesome facts behind the Mexican cartel criminal empire their ventures which are taking advantage of the weakening of our borders and immigration laws under the previous administration.

The New York Times also identified that there are significant risks to women who are pushed through these cartel driven border crossings, sometimes using the people as mules to move drugs, sometimes charging thousands of dollars for them to cross, other times using them as distractions for United States Border Patrol (USBP) so that they can then move their drugs across while the officers are busy chasing border crossers. They discovered that many women are raped, abused, or tortured during these illegal border crossings. In fact, they found that 1 in 3 women experience rape, torture, and sexual violence when crossing the border illegally, sometimes left bound to a tree or with hands and feet bound in the middle of the desert to die.

With one of the lates studies, the numbers are even more gruesome in their measure. For instance, a study performed by Steven Kopits, the president of Princeton Policy Advisors, shows numbers on such a high scale of human suffering that they would be expected to have been seen from within a gruesome war zone. He states, “We estimate 80,000 migrant women were raped or coerced into sex during 2018, rising to 103,000 on higher migrant numbers in 2019." His estimations have been validated consistently by measured data throughout the years, making these numbers even more grave. He goes on to offer another warning, “These are persons … Incidents could be up to 50% higher.”

Border Crisis is Bipartisan - But Democrats Don't Want a Trump Win & Want Illegals to Vote
Border Crisis is Bipartisan - But Democrats Don't Want a Trump Win & Want Illegals to Vote

Both Sides of the Aisle Know there is a Border Crisis

Actually, we should say that both sides of the aisle HAVE KNOWN FOR DECADES that there is a GROWING border crisis. It's not like we have a pure break between who believes that there is a border crisis or not. While it may currently appear as if there is an obvious break between the Democrats claiming that there is no crisis, or that it's an invented crisis by President Trump, nothing is truly what it seems. While the mainstream media seems to have suddenly come across a convenient case of "Sometimers", there is a plethora of evidence that Democrats throughout their party have discussed and agreed with President Trump's views of the border crisis during the Obama Administration and beyond. In fact, both Democrats and Republicans have both spoken to the border crisis for over 30 years. So, where is the media holding these politicians accountable, not just for the facts but for their own words in many cases?

As you can see from the above video, President Obama actually uses the words "border crisis" when referring the to the state of illegal immigration at the border, and that was just them talking about illegal border crossings in relation solely to unaccompanied minors! He wasn't even addressing the worst impacting factors upon American citizens and our values, such as human trafficking, drugs, money laundering, the violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants once they cross the border, the annual taxpayer costs related to illegal immigrants, or murders committed by illegal aliens once they're in the United States. However, long before President Obama was elected, a much younger Senator Feinstein spoke about the problems stemming from illegal immigration as well.

More recently, law enforcement and federal agents for various agencies testified to Congress affirming that there is in fact a border crisis for Mexican gang & drug cartel related criminal violence, illegal drug trafficking, and human smuggling. The criminal evidences have been piling up for decades, increasing exponentially along with the flow of illegal aliens pouring across the border. However, some members of Congress actually have the nerve to try to lie to the American people and claim that there is no border crisis? For every member of Congress who claims that there is no border crisis, you can always find (with the exception of some Freshman members) numerous examples of times where they've stated publicly that there was.

You literally have to be blind, deaf, and dumb, to not see, hear, and speak upon the decades of death, destroyed lives, violent crimes, and hundreds of billions of dollars the citizens of the United States has had to pay, because Congress has failed under each and every administration to do what was necessary to actually succeed in stopping the flow of illegal immigration into the United States from Mexico. Remember, just like anything else, success is a choice. You take corrective action with the same level of severity and dedication as is the nature and seriousness of the problem.

If you throw half measures at a severe problem, you get nothing close to a solution. In fact, you'll often times even end up wasting money on ineffective measures which need to be replaced completely, thus doubling your costs over time. Essentially, the old adage of "do it right the first time, unless you have time to do it twice" becomes "do it right the first time, unless you have the taxpayer money to pay for it twice or thrice", and the politicians are gladly kicking the can down the road - or are trying to bury the can and trying to call it gold. Financial analysis of comparing the taxpayer cost to build the wall during the 1980's, 1990's, or even at the turn of the 21st century, will show an obvious cost savings on inflation alone. However, had we fixed the problem thirty years ago, how many Americans would still be alive, and how much savings would we have seen from a law enforcement, healthcare, finance crimes, tax benefit claims from illegal aliens, and U.S. citizen unemployment cost perspective?

Border Security Poll

Do you Support Building a Wall Across our Southern Border?

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Examples of Crimes Americans are Experiencing from Illegal Aliens

Overwhelming evidences of American taxpayers being defrauded my millions of illegal immigrants stealing identities, filing illegal tax returns, and illegally accessing Social Security benefits, is growing each and every year. In fact, for those who cannot afford to pay the Mexican drug cartels the tens of thousands they charge to get them safely across the border, they often times obligate themselves to slave labor. This slave labor often includes them manning phones and working to defraud Americans using phishing schemes or money scams, to include submitting false tax returns, identify theft, and fraudulent social security claims.

They also use them for money laundering and to move and sell illegal drugs and money throughout the country. The Mexican cartels are famous within the drug trade, and also for smuggling large quantities of drugs into our country. In fact, in 2019, the largest fentanyl drug bust in history occurred when a truck tried driving across the southern border. So, that basically destroys anyone who tries to argue that fentanyl is only coming into the United States from China, or that the only way it's coming into the United States is through ports of entry.

However, that doesn't mean the ports of entry aren't targeted by the cartels. In fact, the largest meth bust so far in 2019 was found on a tractor trailer in what was supposed to be a "commercial shipment of frozen strawberries". Customs and Border Patrol indicated that “CBP referred the shipment for further inspection and with the use of all available tools and resources, officers discovered 350 packages of alleged methamphetamine concealed within the trailer,” via their news release. “CBP OFO seized 906 pounds of methamphetamine along with the tractor/trailer.” The difference is that, at ports of entry, CBP has more "tools and resources" to use in order to discover smuggled goods. CBP also has stated that, if a significant wall was erected, it would allow them to more effectively spend money at border crossing points, on newer technologies and sensors, in order to scan and search cars and shipments more effectively and with fewer financial resources.

Judicial Watch Verifies ISIS Terrorists Have Entered The United States Across Mexican Border
Judicial Watch Verifies ISIS Terrorists Have Entered The United States Across Mexican Border | Source

Terrorists Using Southern Border for Entry into the U.S.

When President Trump identified terrorism as one of the threats contributing to the crisis at the southern border, both mainstream media and politicians began criticizing him about this claim. Mainstream media and politicians on the Left all claimed that President Trump manufactured this information, and that there was no terrorists attempting to, or having successfully, cross our southern border. There's only one problem. President Trump wasn't the first one to identify that terrorists have already been able to, and are still trying to, cross our southern border.

In fact, it was the Obama Administration's own Jeh Johnson who identified that there was a terror threat at the southern border. Numerous arrests had occurred of persons from countries of interest with links to Islamic Terrorism, also known as Special Interest Aliens (SIA), with absolutely no justifiable reasons other than terrorism for them to attempt to sneak across our souther border. The investigative reporting of Judicial Watch also helped to verify that ISIS Terrorists had entered the United States across the Mexican border.

The state of Texas also released a Terror Threat Assessment in 2017 from the Texas Department of Public Safety. It states that "developments raise concerns about ISIS fighters from the United States, Europe, or visa-waiver countries who could face relatively few obstacles to legal or illegal travel to the US. Methods of entering the US would include legal resettlement in Texas as poorly backgrounded refugees or, as a separate issue, the illegal exploitation by special interest alien migrants (SIAs) of established smuggling networks to travel through Latin America to the US-Mexico border." However, their terror threat assessment isn't only pertaining to terrorists attempting to enter the county at the Mexican border. It also addresses terrorism sympathizers in the U.S. who are attempting to exit the United States at the Mexican border in order to head to the Middle East to join terrorist factions or training camps. It states "at least 13 known aspiring foreign terrorist fighters since 2012 have crossed or planned to cross the US-Mexico border in transit to join foreign terrorist organizations in Iraq, Syria, Somalia and Pakistan. Most of the aspiring fighters knew they were on the No-Fly List and under FBI investigation when they sought to reach conflict zones through Mexico, four of them successfully."

The increasing occurrences of Special Interest Alien captures, as well as terrorist sympathizers attempting to use the Mexican border to access travel to terrorist training camps, caused Homeland Security to release a memo to Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) in 2018. It essentially instructed them to take specific and special actions whenever any SIA's were apprehended from any of the 35 countries which are on the current terrorism watch list. It is quite clear that the Mexican border was being targeted by terrorist factions, and that they were not going to take chances with American lives by directing CBP to treating them and vetting them properly as possible terrorist threats. Traveling from the Middle East, to Central America or Mexico, with the specific intent of illegally entering the United States across areas of the U.S./Mexican border with limited obstructions, such as fencing or a wall, and limited CBP patrols, shows a level of intent to subvert U.S. laws and authorities to commit harm to American citizens.

In 2019, the Department of Homeland Security decided to help assuage some myths regarding Known and Suspected Terrorists (KST) and Special Interest Aliens (SIA) with the media as well as the American public. The report titled MYTH/FACT: Known and Suspected Terrorists/Special Interest Aliens, which states "The number of terror-watchlisted individuals encountered at our Southern Border has increased over the last two years. The exact number is sensitive and details about these cases are extremely sensitive. But I am sure all Americans would agree that even one terrorist reaching our borders is one too many." and that "Overall, we stop on average 10 individuals on the terrorist watchlist per day from traveling to or entering the United States—and more than 3,700 in Fiscal Year 2017. Most of these individuals are trying to enter the U.S. by air, but we must also be focused on stopping those who try to get in by land.", indicating that in spite of attempts by U.S media and some representatives within Congress - The Threat is Real.

They also even provided insight into how these KST's are attempting to gain access to travel to the United States with their Homeland Security Terrorist Pathways to Homeland Report. However, we don't see members of Congress discussing these threat assessments and reports whenever they're attempting to dissuade the American public from supporting President Trump's pursuit of funding to build a wall along our souther border. If you know that you have known terrorists, Mexican cartels, gang members, drugs, and criminals coming across our souther border by the thousands each and every year, wouldn't you want to erect a barrier to force them to cross through heavily guarded and monitored control access points?

Illegal Aliens Voting Are Why Democrats Want Open Borders
Illegal Aliens Voting Are Why Democrats Want Open Borders

Illegal Aliens Are Voting - Now Democrats Want to Make it Legal

Despite the fact that our Justice System, as well as several amendments within our Bill of Rights, state that American citizenship is required for you to access the rights and privileges that our nation offers to Americans, Democrats have been softening immigration policies for decades. It doesn't take much to realize why, especially after lawsuits in multiple Democrat controlled states and cities for them to clean their voting rolls of dead persons, illegal aliens, and unverified persons. Investigations have shown that as many as 2-7 million illegal aliens were able to vote in the 2016 Presidential Election.

These illegal alien votes are enough to turn the tides in former Republican majority districts in these states, and are suspected to have altered the outcome of the popular vote in that election. More and more evidences are arising each and every month since President Trump took office, but what is being done about it? Plus, with the being offered valid identification, they are able to more easily access social assistance programs and money that is normally only allowed to U.S. citizens. How are these states, many of which are in debt to their ears, going to pay for the ever-growing cost of paying for social services for illegal aliens - on top of what they're already paying for U.S. citizens who are out of work or disabled?

Well, for one, the now Democrat controlled House of Representatives wasted no time to introduce a bill which would allow illegal aliens the right to vote in United States elections. The Democrats, with their newly found majority, is trying to allow foreign influence into our electoral process, which is a direct violation of the intent of the Founders whenever they drafted the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Despite numerous references throughout history that foreign entities would try to corrupt our government away from a Constitutional Republic, they are trying to simply hand over control to foreign nationals with absolutely no vested interest in the preservation of our government, our national interests, or any devotion and dedication to our Constitution. It doesn't matter if its state and local elections, or federal which they're barred from within our constitution, they are here in violation of our federal immigration laws and are, therefore, criminals by the very definition of the term.

In 2018, the California DMV had two separate reports of "processing errors" where illegal aliens were registered to vote. While California DMV officials have claimed that these occurrences were unrelated, that there were only 23,000 accidental registrations, and that the error was resolved, it begs the question as to why this happened at all? Why are driver's licenses being issued to illegal immigrants? Why are they providing legal identification documents to them at all? Allowing illegal immigrants into the United States in such large numbers also opens up even more crimes that can allow them to get an illegal path to citizenship and voting rights. For instance, there have been numerous cases of forged citizenship documentation being sold to illegal immigrants, and even cases of legal citizenship documentation being sold to illegal immigrants by corrupt government employees. It is because of these occurrence that ICE has an Identify and Benefit Fraud unit, whose sole purpose to track down, investigate, and arrest illegal aliens who are committing crimes and benefit fraud through the use of identity theft. Even USCIS has had to spend tens of millions of dollars a year investigating marriage fraud, and has successfully dismantled marriage fraud rings such as the "USCIS Efforts Lead to Sentencing in Florida Marriage Fraud Ring".

These identify theft crimes which are specifically committed to assist illegal aliens to work, file for tax benefits, vote, obtain loans, avoid arrest, etc., have been occurring since 1986, when the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) came into force. These criminal acts have been increasing at an alarming rate, was reviewed in 2017 by the CATO Institute, and the rates of these crimes is a clearer indicator as to the actual number of illegal aliens currently residing in the United States. The final question that Americans should be asking Democrats in regards to illegal aliens is that, if it's illegal for them to be in the United States, and it's illegal for them to work in the United States, how can it be LEGAL for them to vote in the United States?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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