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Why Donald Trump will never be my president

Updated on January 31, 2017

I couldn't believe my eyes!

When I awakened the morning after the election, that's when the nightmare started. I'd discovered this man, a man I've always held a great deal of contempt for was now the leader of a once great nation. Here's why:

1. He's NOT qualified. He knows one tenth as much as I do, an ordinary citizen, about how government works.

2. He is not self-made. Daddy gave him a cool million to start, and by trampling unsuspecting business owners, frivolous bankruptcies, unscrupulous business practices he'd amassed a fortune. Not a billion. He can't prove that, and when a narcissist like himself opts to not produce proof, it's because he cannot.

3. The man has bankrupted two casinos! A feat thought impossible before the King of Bad Business proved otherwise, Let's let him handle THE most important economy on the planet, though.

4. Not only does he not respect the Constitution, and American core values, but he routinely steps on both. His ideology is not the ideology of the United States.

5. He's picked up where GW Bush left off. The entire world is either laughing at us, or shaking their fists. He's needlessly creating a rift between the US and some of out staunchest allies. When I say "allies" I don't mean Israel. Allies actually assist other nations strengthen their worldwide influence or resolve. They don't just spend billions that WE gave them on weapons from the defense contractors that lobbied our politicians. I mean countries like the UK, where citizens just started a petition to disallow Trump from making an official State visit, meeting the queen. It received over 1.5 million signatures overnight!

6. He's a friend of the US's longest standing enemy on the planet. Putin is leagues more intelligent than Trump, and he'll manipulate the narcissist into doing what he wants,

7.The man is a racist.I've heard people defend him saying "he's not a racist". He is the definition of a racist. He routinely lumps people together based upon ethnicity or religious denomination. Not as groups, but always in a derogatory fashion. In this same sense, he's also a misogynist.

This man only cares about himself. Our Country is in more trouble than we've been in in my lifetime.


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    • joecseko profile image

      Joe Cseko jr 14 months ago from New York, USA, Earth

      It's all very scary. China conducting military drills, North Korea defying UN resolutions with a missile test. One that landed in The Sea of Japan, no less.

      People say I want to see trump crash and burn. No, not true. This is my country. I fear he will destroy it in the very same fashion that GW did :-(

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 14 months ago from Auburn, WA

      Thanks a great hub.

      There's so many wacky Trumpers on here who spout their silly racism, it's getting embarrassing. Keep up the fight. I'm a NeverTrump GOPer who grows increasingly sad with every wacky order that comes from the White House.

      His ties to Putin scare me the most. Looks what's happening in Ukraine today. They are on the verge of a catastrophe.