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The Conspiracy Behind Gas Price Hike

Updated on September 22, 2015
Pumping Gas
Pumping Gas

Gas is perhaps one of the most traded and most wanted resources in this world. While some people make money through it, the majority are getting depressed by the gas price hike. Gas prices have been fluctuating greatly over the past years, from as low as low $3 plus (not really low ) range about a year ago to as much as $4.50 this past summer, and now in the $2 price range at the end of the year.

This phenomenon will surely make your head spinning, why gas prices are high sometimes, but plummet rapidly when the economy is in poor health. Well, this doesn't seem a total random occurrence, if you ask me.

When gas price shots to the top, the only reason that they feed us is oil reserve is running low and that's why it goes all the way up. I bet every magazines and newspapers are publishing the same fact.

But do you know what happens behind the scene?

Gas Price Increases All The Time
Gas Price Increases All The Time

Well, during this very same period, all major oil companies profits were shooting to as high as $10 billion and more, and that was in just a single quarter. Surely these numbers would definitely anger the average driver, but we certainly weren't in control of the pricing. We are just normal consumer and thus, have to bear with whatever price was posted on any given day.

Somewhere in this time frame, the public received an additional slap in the face. Although it is never a choice not to use gas, but it is still an option for us not to use it. We were chided at being addicted to oil. Anyone is going to recognize this bait and switch. The explanation as to why gas prices are high is simple - it's our fault because we have no choice but to drive cars that burn this expensive commodity. Remember we don't have choice but that's still an option.

This scenario provides the perfect lead in to justify why human must keep on drilling for new sources of oil, oil that is known to be in such places as the Alaskan wildlife refuge. Wait.... Hold on but an earlier explanation of why gas prices are high clearly stated that the world was running out of oil, and fast!

The Causes of Gas Price Hike

The mainstream mass media would soon begin to run segments trying to determine or perhaps portray just what the real reason was. Reporters went all over to find out from oil companies executives, government representatives, gas station owners and/ or public opinions in order to attempt to get at the 'real' truth.

Now fingers started to point this and that. First, the oil companies claimed that natural disaster like the hurricane has damage their oil facilities and which eventually would cost them tremendous sums of money to rebuild them. It just takes a lot of resources and which they couldn't operate without increasing the price.

Next, government representatives claimed that our oil reserves were too low that it is impossible to sustain the need of the coming generation. Wait, at the same time, they are also pointing the finger at OPEC as the real reason behind gas prices hike. Sometimes I wonder how politic influence every little and big issues.

Finally, gas station owners said it wasn't their fault. It was those oil companies that set the prices and their profits amounted only to pennies on the gallon. Well, the only story that I can buy into is that of the gas station owners. They take the least portion among all.

However, this all still leaves us in the dark as to why gas prices are high. OPEC apparently adjusts production according to the world demand, as shown by the statistics. It's not for a lack of production or the running low oil reserves. That doesn't match.

During the past summer's when gas prices peak, people were strapped to the max. Nobody filled their tank to the max; they just bought enough so that their old car could get them and back from work. If OPEC was doing the job as according to the demand and supply, why was the supply restricted?

Is OPEC fooling around with the consumers? I'm not sure and wouldn't like to comment. We are not people in the corridor of power and thus, do not have the authority to respond.

The only way to get out of this problem is instead depending on the gas, why not switch to renewable energy. If nothing could be done to your car, then why not implement them on your home, at least you save that part.

Gas Prices May Increase With Gas Tax Hike

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  • profile image

    Mike 6 years ago

    The government also provides billions of dollars in subsidies to the oil industry alongside the taxes they impose. It makes absolutely no sense, but more domestic drilling is not the solution. We can't just mortgage our future away for temporary solutions, we need innovative technology, renewable energy, sustainable communities. The 20th century is over people! We need to move on.

  • KenWu profile image

    KenWu 6 years ago from Malaysia

    Clara - I believe most governments follow the policy as you mentioned, which laypersons can't do much about it. U knows what happen to WikiLeaks founder..

  • profile image

    clara smith 6 years ago

    The PROBLEM is american GREED! When legislators allow oil companies to profit billions of dollars off the backs of HARDWORKING AMERICAN CITIZENS to gain one-half of the profit for the government and turn around and tax HARDWORKING AMERICAN CITIZENS time-after-time for the SAME oil, I say vote in NON-AMERICANS! I'd rather be mislead by someone I don't trust rather than misleaded by the trusted. America has become the home of the filthy, greed stricken, unfaithful, ungrateful liars!

  • KenWu profile image

    KenWu 7 years ago from Malaysia

    Green energy is just one of the many ways. BTW, we don't have control over people in the corridor of power, not at least until the next election. And again, there's no choice in choosing the RIGHT canditate.

    Thanks for your worthy comment.

  • JON EWALL profile image

    JON EWALL 7 years ago from usa


    The only way to get out of this problem is instead depending on the gas, why not switch to renewable energy. WRONG

    US GOVERNMENT not allowing oil companies to get permits to drill in the us

    government refusal to stop the oil speculators from controlling the price ( wall street )

    high government taxes on gasoline

    note! when oil companies make windfall profits the government gets their take at a tune of 50%, filling the government treasury.

    question where is the money going?