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Why I Love Hillary Clinton

Updated on March 12, 2012

I Love Her Smile!

Photo thanks to "It Takes A Village"
Photo thanks to "It Takes A Village"

Woman Making History

March 12, 2012 - Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State of the United States, stands out in the history of the United States as well as the history of humankind, a woman constantly making history with intelligence and determination.

This hub originally appeared in early 2008, when Hillary Rodham Clinton was campaigning in the Democratic primaries. The winning candidate, of course was Barak Hussein Obama, whose victory holds great historic significance. I voted for President Obama and will again. That does not diminish in any way my original support for Hillary Clinton.

So now, sit back and take yourself back in time to 2008...

Super Tuesday Speech

Why I supported Hillary Rodham Clinton for President

Spring, 2008 - Although I've always admired Hillary Rodham Clinton, I didn't choose blindly to support her for the presidency. I have liked a number of Barack Obama's ideas and ideals. Bill Richardson has always impressed me. I even have looked at Ron Paul, as I find his point of view intriguing. I finally reached the conclusion that Hillary Rodham Clinton has the platform and experience to best lead the country to peace and prosperity with a good measure of social reform.

Hillary Clinton Has Pioneered Healthcare Reform

Since the time of Bill Clinton's presidential campaign, Hillary Rodham Clinton has poured a huge amount of energy into promoting Healthcare Reform. Those in this country who don't have health insurance courtesy of our employer are all too aware of the prohibitive cost of receiving health care. Almost everyone knows someone who couldn't afford to receive the health care they needed and so, hesitated to seek medical attention until it was too late to make a positive difference. Hillary Rodham Clinton has shown her commitment to make health care affordable to all.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is Good For Kids.

As the author of the best seller, It Takes a Village, Hillary Rodham Clinton has demonstrated the importance she gives the well being of children. That gets my vote.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Senator from the State of New York

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has proven, as Senator from the State of New York, as First Lady of the United States, as First Lady of the State of Arkansas, as an attorney, that she has the knowledge and the experience in the national and international arenas to lead and govern. I am a native New Yorker and she has my support.


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