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Why I Would Never In a Million Gazillion Years See the Play Hamilton

Updated on November 25, 2016

The self-righteous are usually found to be the very people who have no claim to being righteous at all

When it comes to the play Hamilton, I find myself irritated a lot because of the ridiculousness of the past few days.

Get over yourselves!

It's a musical, which I would normally love and my husband would normally hate. But it's not the sort of musical many of us have become used to in the world of live theater. It's hip hop and rap. Therein lies one of the problems I would have in seeing the performance.

Hip Hop/Rap, while a musical genre embraced by many, leaves me scratching my head and wondering whatever happened to the Beatles. Admittedly, I have heard some rap music that did catch my attention because of its catchy and almost sing/song like melody (if that's an appropriate term for rap) and I will admit that I am drawn to the beat.

But I draw the line when it comes to lyrics which are downright disgusting and serve no purpose but to denigrate people by their demographic. I've no use for trash and there is much trash in the world of hip/hop/rap.

If you are inclined to cast my opinion off because I am an older American..that's fine. But I know lots of younger people who also feel the same way.

So there's that.

I doubt I would see the play because its stupidly overpriced and its message seems to be in the spirit of preachy politics. So why anyone would pay an utterly out of this world fee to sit and be preached at, is beyond me. But I recognize that the audience who loves this play is mostly left leaning, liberals who feel the need (again) to have yet another voice preaching (again) in order to have their voice (again), heard. Deep sigh.

So its a fair assumption that before Brandon Victor Dixon took it upon himself to hijack Governor Mike Pence, and the audience, on Friday night at curtain call, and force him to listen to his soliloquy, that I wasn't cobbling together my dimes and nickles to save up to see Hamilton.

And I love history!

But after the truly rude and arrogant display aimed toward Vice President Elect Pence, and all who voted for him and President Elect Donald Trump, displayed by Mr. Dixon, yeah, it would pretty much have to be a pretty damned cold day in hell before I might consider seeing this play and even then I'm fairly certain I'd be leaving before the first act finished.

The real reasons I would never go see this play have to do with the dramatic, overreaching preaching that the producers and cast are living every day of their lives and then brought to Broadway under the guise of entertainment.

I, along with millions of other Americans, are sick to death of being preached to and at by the liberal left who seem to feel that its their duty to tell us why we are so wrong for believing that immigrants should not come here without warrant of citizenship. Oh yes..our country WAS founded on immigrants and we became strong in large part because of immigrants. But at the risk of beating a dead horse.....the operative word, so often missed by these holier than thou sycophants is...LEGAL.

We are tired of being preached to and at about the rites of racism when many of us, in fact most of us, do not live our lives subscribing to the tenets of real, true racism. We are tired of the prefix "anti" and the suffixes "ism"and "phobe" and all the land between the two being used by progressives to point a finger at us for daring to have the viewpoint that some Muslims need to be better vetted before coming to our country and for having issues with our young children having to use bathrooms in public and now in our schools where anyone can self-identify to be any gender they choose at any given moment. We are tired of being castigated for having a belief system which puts God first and in doing so, believing in His teachings.

We are tired of the perpetually offended. Liberals are offended by everything. We are tired of walking on eggshells to appease a group of Americans who simply cannot be appeased. I gave up a long time ago trying to figure out why they are so unhappy and never seem pleased with this country which, by all counts, seems to have bent over backwards to give into every whining whim they have uttered.

100% fed up is what the majority of the electorate in this country said 2 weeks ago. This wasn't just a referendum on Hillary Clinton. It was also a referendum on Barack Obama and his far left progressive policies which have made many, many Americans wonder where the hell their country went.

But. The election was a huge repudiation of the whining and the preaching and the looking down the nose at, that we have had to endure for the past 8 years. Good Lord! I had 4 kids who didn't whine as much as most liberals do about everything and anything and Oh! My! God! it just gets so damned old to be preached to and told to and finger wagged to, and THAT is the ultimate reason the play Hamilton, and Brandon Victor Dixon, and all the cast and crew can go pound sand as far as I'm concerned.

When, and if, I need a lecture on how I comport myself, I would hope that it would come from someone who, himself, has more going for him than to tweet questionable comments about "black dudes" and "white chicks" who might drink too much on St. Paddy's Day. Otherwise, you are nothing more than a self-righteous hypocrite and your words fall on deaf ears.

And how diverse and inclusive can anyone be when they are part of a cast and crew which advertises for "non whites" to apply for the play?

Be careful what you wish for, liberals. Because the time is upon us where most of us on the right no longer hear your incessant cacophony of whines and are fairly sure we don't give a damn about them.

We are, quite literally, sick to death of hearing about YOUR problems with US! And we let you know it in the most American, founding fathers way we have. We voted! And we voted in huge numbers to tell you, the progressives in this country, that you are Chicken Little and the sky hasn't fallen on you.......yet.

Tomi Lahren


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    • Sallie Mullinger profile image

      Sallie Mullinger 17 months ago from Ohio

      LOL..8 years of "recovery" and we have the lowest labor force participation since WW II..some say in history. More people on welfare and food stamps than ever before. More PT jobs than ever before. And millons who have simply dropped out of the workplace.

      Yeah. Some recovery!

      Obamacare and the stringent EPA and tax regulations of the Obama Administration cripped job growth in this country and you can call it a recovery if you like. But its pitiful.

    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 17 months ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      It is still a recovery.

    • Sallie Mullinger profile image

      Sallie Mullinger 17 months ago from Ohio

      Oh..and more preaching from the liberal left.

      So. Sick. Of. It.

    • Sallie Mullinger profile image

      Sallie Mullinger 17 months ago from Ohio

      Hardly...but as a progressive, which you obviously are, I would expect no less from you.

      This is the slowest recovery in history! Jobs are still nowhere where they should be and after 8 years you liberals tout success? Proof of the power of Trump to do something to help the economy is the resounding success of Wall Street we have seen for the past week or so.

      Healthcare which cost millions of Americans more than they could ever begin to afford so that the freebies continued for the largest group of welfare recipients in history. Thanks to Obama.

      And liberals/Dems are no longer the party of the working class.Proven, in large part, by the millions of blue collar Democrats who crossed party lines to vote for Trump.

      100% fed up with Barack Obama!

    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 17 months ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Wow. Where to begin? " It was also a referendum on Barack Obama and his far left progressive policies which have made many, many Americans wonder where the hell their country went." Your country got pulled back from the brink of economic ruin. Your country got pulled out of two wars that have raged for a decade and a half for no good reason. Your country got improved by no one being denied health insurance because of a pre-existing condition. Your country got improved - which is what liberals have historically done. And in four years your country will get rescued again, which is what liberals have to do after every Republican president.