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Why I Didn't Vote

Updated on December 14, 2016

My right NOT to vote

I decided to exercise my right NOT to vote this election after voting the last 2 elections. Not only did I not like our choices for president, but I found both of the candidates so pathetic I didn't want to be responsible for either of them winning. Now I know that not voting is a controversial matter, as is flag burning, but all legal under the law. I guess I would say I "leaned towards" democrats but after this election I was left feeling more of an Independent than anything else.

In my opinion the right (Republican Party) is too conservative to the point were I'm concerned that their obsession to "keep things the same" might literally put us back in the Stone Ages. They leave little to no room for growth in our constantly changing society; and I find many of their platforms tend to infringe on the very freedoms this country is supposed to stand for. From racial equality, abortion, economy, healthcare, and student loan debt ect.

My opinion of the left (Democratic Party) isn't much better. This particular party is supposed to represent and stand with "Blue-Collar workers", but with canidates like Hillary Clinton the Democratic Party looks more for "White-Collar workers" than anyone else. Hillary Clinton is a "Pro-Establishment cheerleader" for a failed system that the country at least the 99 percent of it is absolutely sick and tired of. It's no surprise to me that she lost. But like many Americans I didnt think Trump would win.

I like the freedom of being an Independent because you can have conservative and liberal views depending on each particular situation. And your not as caught up in this "cult like" way of thinking when you are part of the two main parties. I find that it's easier to see both points of views liberal and conservative when you are free from bi-partasian garbage. More can be accomplished when your not having to choose sides.

The reasons why I didn't vote

I'm not sure if it's me or was there more mud slinging than usual in this presidential election? And I think we all agree it was one of the longest election season. Another turnoff to me is how long the American presidential campaigning process is. It's a bit obnoxious that we have to endure about a year and a half in most cases of unpolicy related ,name calling, and political ad digs. As if commercials aren't bad enough now we have political ads too all in the name of democracy.... For a year in a half canidates raises millions of dollars in hopes of having a successful campaign to lead them to the presidency. By the time it was time to vote I was mentally, physically, and emotionally too tired to stand in a line to vote for two people I personally didn't think either of them deserved to win.

What made me so tired was the constant "he said, she said", as if they both were not extremely flawed. The personal email server story which was another thing that drained me. Though I agree it should of been spoken about and even investigated that led to an indictment. Let's be perfectly honest any average citizens caught having their own personal email server working for the government would be seeing YEARS in prison. Besides people see that easily by have small amounts of drugs on them... sadly. I do believe it was extremely reckless and sneaky on Hillary's part to have a personal server with no proper security on it. She was practically asking to be hacked. With the lack of security on her server anyone reading "Hacking for dummies" could of hacked her. And the Clinton Foundation is corruption at its finest. And with dozens of foreign countries donating to the foundation makes you wonder what good things does it actually provide? You can't really expect the American people to believe that she is not remotely persuaded to cater to her donors and foreign leaders that have donated millions of dollars to her foundation. Not to say that the Clinton Foundation doesn't do any charity work, but it doesn't do as much as it should.

On the other hand you had a Billionaire running on his "successful business record", which when you do a small amount of research you can find his 6 bankruptcies! And many other failed business ventures. Now I get even the rich can have hard financial times, but he was running casinos....CASINOS. I was told that casinos we "rescession proof" business! Talk about a "rigged system" you can't get more rigged that a casino! It's built by design so that the house almost always wins. Than there is that notorious tape, with the "colorful language". But I feel that the media should of zeroed in on the fact that he stated "I dont even wait". Which implies that he doesn't wait for consent, which would be sexual harassment would it not? Oh but thats right he is a celebrity and according to Trump "celebrities can get away with anything". Which is just absolutely gross conversation for anyone but especially since Trump has daughters of his own.

Another issue I had during the election was the media coverage; as far as the mainstream media is concerned they were ALL convinced that Clinton was going to win. With their bias that they had towards Clinton they left a lot of the American people and the world in the dark about very problematic issues within the Clinton campaign. And with "CNN" claiming that it's "illegal" to read Wikileaks online, and leave it to them to determine what's news worthy made me feel like we were in China or something. The coverage was undeniably bias the difference between how hard they dwelled on stories about Clinton vs. stories about Trump was huge. And the robbery that the DNC did to Senator Bernie Sanders was completely deplorable. Which if it wasn't for Wikileaks it would bearly have made it to the news. I understand that it's contraversal about Wikileaks hacking into the DNC, but I feel that this proves the mainstream media has failed the people if rogue websites have to take matters into their own hands. And it's not like the FBI didn't have the emails at their disposal right? For me Hillary had too much baggage that she caused from her low trustworthy points to habitual lying, playing the blame game on Russia and "Bernie Bros" for her loss is truly incredible. Hillary Clinton lost because of who she is and what she represents; which would be more of the status quo, which the American people are tired of.

I have strong opinions about Trump "Making America Great Again", the "BUILD THE WALL" platform was great pep rally talk,but what it would actually cost and take to build a wall that would be over 2,000 miles long on our southern border isn't going to be easy. The project could take months to years to even happen due to the multiple department that would have to approve it. Let's not forget we are talking about a huge government project and we all should know we have a slow moving government by now. Not to mention how great of an impact immigration has on our economy and our society. Yes every society has their "rotten apples", but to say that all Mexican immigrants are "rapist, and murderers" is just not true. This country was started by immigration and immigration has help build this country. But his estimate about how many "illegal immigrants" are in this country isn't accurate at all. As a matter of fact the number of immigrants coming illegal to the US has dropped considerable due to the fact that Mexico's economy is becoming better. Which means more jobs for their citizens and less of a reason for people to leave Mexico. I understand the need to protect our borders but there is a fence on our southern border it's not wide open like Trump claims. Sure people sneak by, but their is Homeland Security guarding our borders down there. Mexico isn't paying for the wall and "We the People" can't afford to pay for it either!

Highlights of third debate

Dr. Jill Stein (Green party), Gary Johnson(Libertarian party)

Raise of the third parties

Shot out to the other parties that were apart of the presidential election as well. Even though the "Green Party" Dr. Jill Stein and the "Libertarian Party" Gary Johnson had no real chance of winning. They reminded this country that there are other political parties to vote for. DR. Jill Stein was my favorite out of the all of the parties, she made great arguements about the economy,social issues, global warming, and military spending. Where Gary Johnson's Allepo" moment and the weird tounge thing during an interview, made me look way from the Libertarian this election. Though I do like some libertarian view points I particularlly like that they seem to want to focus more on domestic issues than foriegn. Which could potential mean we can stop policing the world under a Libertarian Government. Nothing against Libertarians, but it was the first time I have seen a Libertarian run for office and I didnt think Gary Johnson was a good pick. I definitely want to applaud Jill Stein for her use of "alternative new"s outlets to get her message out. Without news outlets like "RT, and "The Young Turks" online news. I may have never gotten to hear the "Green Parties" point of view. God knows overall the 2016 presidential election was all over the place, and certainly didn't end as mainstream media the critics and many Americans and people around the world thought. But cheers to the Trump supporters for their canidates win; I just really hope that he "makes America great again" in all the right ways. Though considering many of his administration picks we just might end up with the status quo anyways......

Dr. Jill Stein on "The Young Turks"

Gary Johnson on CNN

"Time for Thirds"

Do you think it is time for a third party to emerge?

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