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Why Liberals and Socialist have to lie?

Updated on April 15, 2015

The truth about socialism, and the deceit required!

If you understand the economic system and how the world works, you will find capitalism as the key ingredient for income equality AND opportunity. This takes time to study and research, many can't seem to find the information since it usually requires compiling GDP data, along with understanding all the variables that take place. The reality is, the free market capitalistic system offer the most opportunity for economic advancement and equality of wages. It gets down to understanding that we are created by God, with special gifts and talents, and it is our opportunity to take these talents to the marketplace and be compensated fairly by this. Seems reasonable, then why to Liberals and Socialist not agree with this?

To understand the answer to the question, you have to take a big picture view of the world. As stated, when you look at a socialist program, it is an experiment in social engineering under the premise that they are helping mankind/humanity. The fact when you start seriously asking questions about - why it didn't work, you usually can expect an answer along the lines that they just didn't have the right people running it. See, Socialism is a lie created by liberals who don't believe in factual data, and hate the idea of being challenged. You can always tell what is going on with a socialist, because when you start putting facts on the table, they start to criticize you for questioning them, and they are likely to do the personal attack.

Instead of answering the question, they seem to want to mislead or distort the facts, but most of you are smart enough to do the research. Since you have computers, you can discover the amazing part of capitalism, and how it absolutely trumps any socialist program ever invented.
Capitalism is viewed upon by many as a greedy way the rich take advantage of the poor. If this were true, my question is why do capitalist countries have a higher quality life with a 10 to 1 higher average income.

Can money solve all the problems here? It seems that it is a great mechanism for being able to live in a location that has clean water, good hospitals, and modern conveniences. What a socialist doesn't want you to know, is that in a majority of socialist countries, the income and poverty rates are sickening, especially compared to the poorest countries that have capitalism as the economic system. You have to understand that a socialist wants control over people, they want to dictate what you can have, and what you can't have. Although socialism sounds like a utopia in theory, reality is greed is more prevalent in socialist countries, than it is in capitalistic countries.

Don't believe it? Ask yourself the question. Would I rather trust a congressman or a stockbroker? With a government official, you have no choice and they often raid anything they can get their hands on as far as money. Think social security. Want some facts? When social security was rolled out, there was approximately one recipient per 14 people that were making payments. Because of mismanagement, and because congress keeps adding "other" than retirement recipients, that figure is now 2.3 people per 1 person receiving payments. In contrast, we have a stock broker that A, you don't have to do business with, and B, if they get caught in any type of criminal activity, they go to prison. Where is the equality there? Think about that one.

Many of you won't believe that socialism and liberals aren't in this for control vs. equality. My question is - why raise taxes when it is a known fact that lower tax rates trigger the economy for growth AND federal tax receipts go UP! Then why raise taxes? As the last seven years have proved, higher tax rates along with social programs has led to the average American income to be $4,000 less than it was? If the socialist really wanted to have income equality, and sustained economic growth, the only answer is lower taxes and less government so that opportunity exists. Something more to ask yourself when you think social programs are the answer. The bailout of many companies by government. What happened to that money? Do you know the government spent so much money the first year of the bailouts, that each taxpayer in the United States could have not have had to pay one penny in taxes that year? Instead we were burdened with a huge debt and nothing to show for it. NOW, regarding capitalism AND the trickle down theory. Do you think if 300 million people in the United States would receive an average return of $7,247.53...could have spent that money themselves AND it would have created real demand for products and a growth in employment? You don't have to be a college grad to figure this out!

So why raise taxes? This absolutely doesn't make any sense, but the way a socialist sees it, some people have too much money. I know...what about Warren Buffett and the rest of the liberals in the United States? Here is where you will really find out what these people are about, since they simply are hypocrites. Come on - do you really mean that? Absolutely. The question is - if Warren Buffett is concerned he is too rich and doesn't pay any taxes, is the question ever asked "why don't you just write a big check to the government then?" Do you think the liberals in America, who talk like they want to fix the social problems, do you think they are paying more than their fair share of taxes? If so, why do so many of them find the best accounting personal, and work the tax code to full advantage? It's because they don't really believe it, they just want to protect their wealthy position and make everyone believe they care. Al Gore...he tells us about Global Warming, yet he takes a personal jet everywhere he goes, creating excess carbon emissions that are 10 times what taking the airlines would be. Think he cares?

But what this is really about, is socialism and liberals that have to lie to cover the real motive. As you probably have heard regarding the Obama Health care program, that many of these liberals flat out told the American public they had to lie to get the bill passed? Is that what we want? MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber has made that statement, which fits the venue for any social program...we have to lie about it. When you ask a socialist why the war on poverty has not accomplished anything, the answer is always - huh, it's because we haven't spent enough money on it! Really? Gruber told everyone that they had to hid the data from the scoring CBO (Congressional Budget Office), because the truth is this was going to cost a lot more money than the public was being told, AND THEY KNEW IT! That is why they have to lie, because they know this new law was going to limit healthcare AND raise the price! admitted by the socialist, they had to lie to the stupid American people - to pass the law? This is a common socialist/liberal theme.

What about Solyndra solar? Did it have a business plan that had any merit? Did the product have any demand at the price and technology other words, was it practical? The answers were NO. Yet, the socialist agenda of wanting a product that makes us feel good, was worth ripping off the American taxpayer. This was a private firm, YET they received government loan guarantees because it was a business that the liberals believed in, did anyone in the oil business get any guaranteed loans? No. Was there malice involved with this? Absolutely, as the inner circle KNEW this wasn't a viable business, so lets lie to the American public, because this is what socialism really is - lies about the true intent no matter what the facts are, socialism is all about corruption!

What is DDT? It was a chemical employed to eradicate malaria from the planet. Since liberals hate large chemical companies, they decided to ban it despite the evidence that if it was used properly, there weren't any real problems with hit. Socialism becomes the mechanism for forcing people to live under the rules of government - we know more about this because we are smart and we care. So instead of the facts, we now have a worldwide problem of death by this disease, while Bill Gates believes the solution is to buy nets as the solution for keeping malaria and mosquitoes contained? The reason I bring up Bill Gates, is that here is a liberal that is a socialist, and you see what the results are? That's right, because we care it doesn't matter what the facts are! Killing People - The banning of DDT and radical environmentalists

My point is capitalism trumps socialism, because socialism is nothing but a lie, it does not produce a better economy, and doesn't prosper anyone except the top 1% power elite. Why is this and why don't people understand this? The facts as to the economy get down to this -
You go to work for a company that believes a disparity of wages is not fair, so we are going to pay everyone the same, and we are going to run a business this way. SOUNDS great, similar to how socialism SOUNDS great, but it never works. Why? The question gets down to exceptionalism and the opposite, equality. The fact is society operates from a standpoint of - why should I work harder than the next person IF I don't get paid one cent more than the other person is getting paid? THIS is the problem! The Utopian view is - well, they will be making more money so they will be more motivated. Single mothers won't have to worry about getting by, they will have all they need therefore will show up to work and have a higher output while at work.

I want everyone to make money that provides more than enough income to afford the essentials + the good things in life. But, when everyone realizes that I don't have to do anything more than I am to get the same amount of pay, what happens? You don't have the hard working think outside the box types that make a difference. Without incentives, people aren't going to excel at becoming better and more efficient. Ever been to the DMV? The only pay increase they see is with tenor, nothing to do with how many customers they serve. And that is why socialism fails, as William Bradford (the Pilgrims and the Mayflower) discovered. The social experiment with communal style governance, led to the brink of starvation. Once they decided to allow the capitalistic approach to selling excess crops in the community, they had more food than they knew what to do with! Read the journals you socialist!!! Quit denying the truth.

And that is why socialist economies don't work, as there are no incentives for productivity, so everyone in society just quits trying to innovate and bring their best talents to the table...because it doesn't reward them as individuals. What socialist don't want to admit, is that under capitalism, specifically the United States, capitalism has raised the standard of living throughout the world via the strength of the economy that is able to provide relief for many socialist countries. Why is it that the world's wealth owes over 51% of the total wealth to the United States and the capitalistic system? It's because it works.

I rest my case!


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    • Saty Simplistic profile image

      Satish 2 years ago from Chennai

      Yes Mike, you're right, By giving equal opportunity in terms of work and education will definitely promote equality. But free market capitalism has one big disadvantage. The seller can keep increasing the price once the consumers starts depending on it. wouldn't it stop new business people or beginners to lose?

      I'll tell you an example. Lets take an example, just assume we both are engaged in same business. We both are manufacturing same product with similar quality. But you're a wealthy men and I'm not wealthier like you. Lets say the cost of manufacturing the product is $10 and selling price is $12. If you wish to destroy my existence, you can reduce the selling price to as low as $5 because you can handle the loss. Whereas I can't do that. Consumers will prefer your product obviously and I will lost my business and investment. Once I disappeared, you can increase the cost to $20. Only rich people will be in the business. Did you got my point?

    • Miks7 profile image

      Mike Dempsey 2 years ago from Sioux Falls SD


      That is why I look at Liberals as socialist, as they all want to social engineer and experiment with "groups" of people. Sure, life isn't fair but in reality, most of the time it is the individual who is responsible for their lives.

      Trying to provide society with an equal RIGHT to everything, can never be accomplished, but this is what liberals think is possible, therefore they fall into the socialist agenda to make the rest of society conform to lowering their own status, instead of looking at the victims and saying that the only way out is for them to make the commitment to changing their lifestyle and thinking to become one that is successful.

      I agree, a way to make equality work is the goal, but the only way to do so is with free market capitalism. When you say equality, you should be inferring that opportunity is equality because if you are thinking everything should be equal regardless of the person, then what are we saying? Equal opportunities mean if you put the effort into your life, that yes, you have equality in advancement of social status, income, prosperity, and success.

    • Saty Simplistic profile image

      Satish 2 years ago from Chennai

      I'm shocked! Are they mad?

      It is not fair to blame the families for inequality. Without families and cordial relationships, humans would turn wild animals. I completely oppose this kind of ideology.

      Families are the only source where one can learn love, sharing and living for one another. Without that, world would collapse. Humanity would be completely eliminated among people.

      Mike, I understand why you're insisting on opposing socialism. You're right. But somehow we need a new kind of system which creates equality.

    • Miks7 profile image

      Mike Dempsey 2 years ago from Sioux Falls SD

      You have to understand the mindset of the liberals and socialist...they think in terms of how to make it even. What we end up with, is yeah, everyone is even at the price of lowering our standard of living.

      In other words, instead of bringing everyone UP as in the exceptional and how capitalism brings out the best in everyone, socialist and liberals like to bring people DOWN to a certain level under the guise of "fairness". Understand, socialism and liberalism is to point out any "unfair" advantage, because they see society as everything needing to be equal.

      But that is what competition does, it RAISES the level and PRODUCES, either in a product or the person. I was just reading how the liberals think that reading to children at bedtime is "unfair" to the people who have families that aren't families! So...why not promote the family environment as the most favorable way to raise your children, but instead the liberals want society to ACCEPT behavior that we know doesn't work as well. And that is why they can't be trusted in their ideas, and their socialist views!

      Read this story, it will show you how socialist want the world to be, and why we can't trust these hacks to tell us what is good for us!

    • Saty Simplistic profile image

      Satish 2 years ago from Chennai

      Actually Mike, I don't have any conspiracy theories. I'm not even intended to support socialism. And I do understand the reality. In today's world, the mindset and motives of the masses is so narrow. They don't have self realization of their responsibilities in this world. A system like capitalism is being successful in triggering inventions and innovations. Of course, the CEOs have worked hard but that doesn't mean that they are superior.

      Why we need a competition? Why one have to prove that he is better than others? Domination just creates inequality.

      I call it brainwashing because most of the time the negative effects are hidden in advertisements. Mostly exaggerated. Everybody is good, they works hard, thinks in their own way. Unfortunately their thinking and work might not be profitable.

      I strongly believe every being is good. They are part of this world and they have equal share on everything in this world.

      I still don't want to collect all the money from CEOs and give it to the government. I don't want to replace capitalism with socialism. I was just looking forward for a new era. New evolution. A new system where every human being is equally fed with food, knowledge, health, employment, happiness and luxury.

      What kind of conspiracy is hidden in my context? I don't want to destroy this system. I was just expecting a new system correcting the flaws in this system. That's how we all have evolved. The world has witnessed lot of systems. Dynasties, socialism, capitalism etc.

      It might happen or it might not happen. But what's wrong with my ideas? I'm sure that you do have a very good insight on world economics. I also know how much these CEO's are contributing to world economy. I'm not against them. I'm just against inequality. So I respect your replies matching the realities. But I get it.. reality... yes, my views are too far from reality...

      I still wish a new system would evolve.... :-)

    • Miks7 profile image

      Mike Dempsey 2 years ago from Sioux Falls SD

      I think you have a serious misconception of CEO's of companies. The generalization makes it difficult to dissect, but many CEO's are very well educated and worked very hard to get to their position. In a competitive marketplace...and there is always competition, you must be good.

      IF you took the money of all the CEO's in the United States, you could run the government approximately 9 days! Your distortion evolves around the real reason for the wars, and it isn't profitability but of power by governments. The free market is made to prosper those people, whereby socialism is to control the people.

      Advertising isn't brainwashing, even the weak get that.

      After reading your last response, I don't think you get it as you are more of a conspiracy theorist, and not a reality study.

    • Saty Simplistic profile image

      Satish 2 years ago from Chennai

      Your point about the farmer or employee fighting against the CEO...what about the problem with the government? Much easier fight against a CEO than the government owning the land.

      Point agreed. It is almost impossible to raise against the government. Like CEOs, political leaders are equally selfish.

      I can't agree that very few people among the CEOs are controlling things. Every CEO's first priority is to make more money and dominate the workers. There might be very few non profit companies around the world that shares the profit equally and treats the people equally. If you oppose dictatorship in the government, How come you can accept it in your company? I don't get the logic.

      Everybody works, I strongly believe that employees are more talented, dedicated and works more hours than the CEOs. But whereas CEOs gets paid massive salaries and bonuses. Please don't say that it is their talent that they have become CEOs. It's all money and that is dictatorship.

      Productivity? Yes we need productivity but not by killing people. Many wars over the years are fought for profit and money. For example, In Iraq, the war was largely funded by oil barons, and it was private firms who handled most of the security after the initial invasion. In Libya, western forces intervened when the civil war caused oil supplies to be cut off. They only sided with the rebels because they thought they were the most likely to win. In Iran, military intervention is being threatened over the blocking of trading routes to transport oil.

      In socialism, the have ideologies to brainwash the people and make them fools. In capitalism, they call it advertising to fool the people. They have separate department who works on the tempting factors of the people and makes them "Goats" for their prey.

      Unfortunately, your answer to move on to another job to escape from CEO who takes advantage is impossible for people whose livelihood depends on them. Particularly, world which still has heavy competition for a job (artificially created competition by these big companies with the invention of machines). I'm not blaming the machines, but the dictators who owns it. Every invention is meant to make the life of mankind easy, safe and happy. Not to benefit these dictators.

      Farm equipments are good? But it is not invented by companies to help the farmers. It was intended to help these dictators to further flourish.

      My opinion on these invention. They are targeted for the rich. used by some of the people who works for rich and supports rich. No invention is accessible to the needy.

      I'll never recommend socialism. But I'm 100% sure that capitalism is intended for the following..

      1. Dictatorship

      2. Inequality

      3. Selfishness and death of love for mankind.

      4. Cheating, mind-washing and making the people idiots.

      5. Giving the opportunity to these dictators to destroy the nature by polluting and consuming the natural resource.

      6. Death of innocent people who are not needed by these dictators. (Unemployed)

      7. Excessive resources to wealth people and they can use it, waste it or share it only to those who they decide.


    • Miks7 profile image

      Mike Dempsey 2 years ago from Sioux Falls SD

      Your point about the farmer or employee fighting against the CEO...what about the problem with the government? Much easier fight against a CEO than the government owning the land.

      I am not sure you are completely getting my point. VERY few people actually control anything, it's not like anyone is sitting in a room and controlling gas prices or gas output. That is what makes capitalism unique.

      Have you ever heard of the saying "necessity is the mother of invention"? This is how capitalist make their money, but satisfying a need in society. Your CEO wants to maximize the return on investment, and isn't holding anyone down. Your probably viewing things from a non-modern approach to society, and that would be something along the lines of the innovation and the consequences of such modern technology.

      The example would be farm equipment - good or bad? In the case of it eliminating peoples work on the farm, yes it takes that away. However, the volume and increase in production is such that it actually will create more jobs in the long run. Machinery needs people to operate it, people to fix it, and people to supply the consumables to operate the machinery. By LIMITING people to work in the fields, is an absolute no way out of poverty type thinking.

      Productivity is what it is all about, finding that NICHE whereby a product can be produced at a profit AND people find that is solves a need is how the free market works. So when you view a life with a utopian view, you need to does on prosper with this? How do we keep people employed, with a higher wage than ever before, and with opportunity to excel? The answer is capitalism. is not a finite value, and in the economy the velocity of money is a measurement of how much money is turned over in hands per day. The higher this figure, means more commerce and actual economic growth is taking place.

      Unfortunately my only answer to the CEO who is taking advantage of the worker, is to move on to another job. Keep moving up by proving yourself, growing internally to what you are doing things you didn't think you could do, and you will have a much better life as you challenge yourself to grow and go after that life which is more than is available in the current situation.

    • Saty Simplistic profile image

      Satish 2 years ago from Chennai

      Exactly! they are small percentage of population who are smart, lucky and greed on money.

      I think you still didn't got my point. I'm not in favor of socialism or socialist programs. They would do exactly like you said.

      I believe that system must be responsible for each and every lives in this world. An individual cannot fight against the system which favors a specific group of people.

      Do you think it is fair to blame the helpless? How can any employee or farmer fight against the CEO or landlord if he depends on them for survival?

      Everyday 47 farmers in India die because of poverty. Do you think they're lazy?

      A system should create opportunities. I mean right opportunities. Population doesn't matter. The world has more place to accommodate. The system should give them the opportunity. We can't let the people die just like that. Is it fair? They are human lives.

    • Miks7 profile image

      Mike Dempsey 2 years ago from Sioux Falls SD

      Billionairs aren't the problem, you need to get off that as they are only a small, small, small, small, small percentage of the population and if you took every nickle from them and put it into socialist programs, they would fund it for less then 30 days and the money would be gone.

      Try looking at government, society needs to function on a platform of opportunity, capitalism will get it there. As far as the starving of children and other depressing news....hey, we all have to be responsible for our lives. Bringing children into an overpopulated society with zero opportunity isn't anyone's fault but the parents - get it!

    • Saty Simplistic profile image

      Satish 2 years ago from Chennai


      Yes, advertising plays a vital role in triggering innovation and advancement in capitalism. Companies wants to attract and convince the customers to choose its product not its competitors product. What happens to the competitor then? If the competitor failed, the hard work, valuable lifetime of the employees will also fail. Why do we need such kind of system?

      Let it be one public manufacturing company which approves and implements all the scientific advancements. A news is more than enough to let the people know about the product. Advertisements doesn't ensure the quality, they just attract the customers. What's the point in it?

      I still want make my point clear. Capitalism is better than socialism. But it is not perfect. If socialism is poison, capitalism is just a slow poison. We need a new system which ensures equality, advancement and happiness among the masses.

      If we don't have a perfect system, we need to create it. There is no point in supporting the system which is not perfect.

      I'll put is simply. The total money existing in this world is estimated around $3.5 trillion dollars. And the world is expecting the world's trillionaires in just twenty years.

      This is where capitalism is leading us. If three people can take all the money, then how would the people survive without money? Do you want them to die?

      This is what happening in many countries. Even in India, we have billionaire like Mukesh Ambani. And half of the population of the country just got half a dollar per day to survive. Thousands of poor commits suicide and children die in hunger. I'm witnessing this in my country. I appreciate the hard work, smartness and business intelligence of billionaires but they should not be allowed to take up all the money. I don't know whether I'm right or wrong. But I don't want my brothers and sisters in any part of the world to starve and die. Everybody works, let everyone get equal money. The smart people and achievers gets the appreciations, honors and awards they deserve.

    • Miks7 profile image

      Mike Dempsey 2 years ago from Sioux Falls SD

      Saty Simplistic,

      Advertising....we need that, as it advances the innovation because without any sales, you don't have anything sold. Without a product that is involved in the economic process, you don't have employement and wages to earn.

      You have to ask the question about life...what is it's purpose after all. The answer is that you have desires and that pursuing your dreams is something that makes you the person you are, your identity. Accomplishments are part of the enjoyment of life, and the pursuit of happiness is essential to that end.

      But when we get down to socialism Vs. capitalism, the more interesting angle is the political side of why these two systems are very different. Capitalism requires a limited tinkering by the government, else it becomes a socialist type system and the economy slows down. When the Constitution was conceived, the purpose of the document was to limit government and the power of government, it was supposed to insure that the people living under this government, had the freedom of choice.

      See, the founders of the country KNEW what oppression was, that is why they sailed across the Atlantic Ocean not knowing what was on the other side. Once they established a government, they KNEW what human nature was, so they wanted to make sure a president couldn't be elected into office, and DECIDE that elections were no longer required! Sound familiar? This is what IGNORING the Constitution is all about, and what is partially happening under this current president.

    • Saty Simplistic profile image

      Satish 2 years ago from Chennai

      Mike, When it comes to Socialism Vs Capitalism, I totally agree with you. I can't deny the fact that the jerk socialists will start dictating the lives of the masses. I take your side.

      Whether it is capitalism or socialism, initially it was considered impossible to implement. But both proved its impact for many years. The concept I put forth might seem impossible but when majority of the masses can make it work.

      Lets live in capitalism but what's wrong in spreading these ideas? One day the world might turn perfect.

      I know that I'm sounding fairy tale. But I'm sure that things will not remain pleasant if the capitalism keeps making kings. The day is not too far where they will start dictating the lives of masses.

      Already they are doing this indirectly. Political parties needs these people support to advertise and campaign.

      I certainly believe that by eliminating the unwanted industries (like advertising, branding) and filling the gab between the cost of manufacturing and retail cost, we can balance between the productivity. And 3 hours a day might work.

      Do you think that switching jobs for fare salary will work? Did you got the fare share finally? Will everyone get that? How about the person who can survive without a job? They are indirectly slaves.

      I agree that socialism sucks. capitalism is doing better for now. But it will reveal its true color soon.

      Thanks for your patience.

      I rest my arguments too :)

    • Miks7 profile image

      Mike Dempsey 2 years ago from Sioux Falls SD

      Saty Simplistic,

      Although it would be nice in a perfect world, none of the concepts you put forth will work.

      My concern is the "billionair/millionair" as the person who controls peoples lives. I would rather have to deal with someone that cannot DICTATE I buy the product, such as the socialist that has the authority to LIMIT your choices.

      Lets look at life and figure out what our role is in society. We all have dreams and desires that we want in life, if that is you want to work in a library, then perfect - be happy and enjoy your role because it is in your heart and you choose to do so because you see the library as a wonderful way for people to do research, check out books to read, etc. However, know the limits! You aren't going to become rich, and that is what YOUR choice is about. be wealthy you have to WANT more and therefore you are willing to pay the price to obtain it. Rich people...sure, they are out there, but do you know 95% of the millionaire's in the United States weren't millionaire's 25 years ago?

      I agree that greed is something that is a little un-equal because the worker is doing the work, and the employee that is making them the money isn't getting their fair share, so what to do? If you feel this way, the only option is to jump to the next job and keep climbing the ladder that way. I have had 10 different jobs in 20 years, but I wanted to work for someone who treated and paid me a fair wage, so if the conditions weren't there, I was willing to search for my next opportunity.

      The problem with the 3 hour work day is doesn't increase employment. You have to understand that wealth is built around productivity. You need to have the output to satisfy the price point that people will buy the product. Lets say that a hairdresser only works 3 hours per day for 5 days. So..the theory is 4 hairdressers are now employed instead of just one. The problem is - the price of a haircut/style would be $100. What you get is black market stuff...because people are willing to do the work in their basement to people who are more apt to value the service at $ does anyone win?

      Europe has tried this for many years, specifically France who has tried to tackle the unemployment with shorter work weeks with the same thought...less unemployment. The problem is, the business who manufactured products outsourced the production to be competitive, while some business just closed because they couldn't afford to stay in business.

      But lets get back to socialism Vs. capitalism. The basic argument is which system brings a higher quality of life to the masses? Sure, some people may be rich jerks, but 20 to 1, people that live in a capitalistic environment live a much higher quality of life. To have a capitalist economy, you also have to have a democratic style government, that is by the people and for the people. Once you have the ELITE snobs running the show, these jerkoffs don't give a rats crap for any of the 95% other people, and the standard of living goes down, choices of products and services goes down, and the economy stagnates.

      This has been proven in over 1,700 years of history! The innovation and exceptionalism in the product and services FOR the people is what capitalism is all about. It is what has worked every time it is tried. As stated, the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock TRIED the social experiment and almost died. By incentivising and allowing people to "get ahead" by applying their skills and brains to the problem, they have prospered.

      I rest my case :)

    • Saty Simplistic profile image

      Satish 2 years ago from Chennai


      Yes, I totally agree with you that capitalism induced excellent innovations than socialism. But I don't think that we can just conclude the ideas based on results. We should also look into hidden factors for the failure of socialism and success of capitalism. And there is an alarming need to check where those factors leads us.

      In my view, socialism failed because of

      1. Greed - Greed for money, power and leadership destroyed the purpose of socialism. I certainly believe that you'll agree that the idea behind socialism is equality. But this greed for power and leadership stopped this socialists to think about innovations. What if the socialism preached the need for innovation and smart ideas. That would have changed everything.

      2. Selfishness - The capitalism is all about selfishness. 'YOU WORK FOR YOURSELF'/ 'MY MONEY, I INVEST ON YOU' 'YOU WORK, YOU'LL GET PAID'/ 'WHETHER LOSS OR GAIN, I NEED MY SALARY' / 'HONORED BY MONEY, RESPECTED FOR MONEY, THREATENED BY MONEY'. Everything is money. There is no humanity or social concern. The rich gets richer and poor gets poorer.

      Can't you see that the billionaires are treated like kings, served like kings and gets special attention. Even hospitals will not treat a human who can't afford health insurance. There is lot like this.

      Money decides everything. Do you think that is good?

      Just imagine where the system is leading us. Let us assume you're a billionaire and I'm just an ordinary men. You'll invest your money and makes profit ten times. I will be paid an average salary where that would be spent completely for products manufactured by billionaires like you. You'll keep increasing your billions and I'll keep spending my salary to you.

      Machines! Technology!

      Yes, I'll come to this point. There is a vast growth of machines and technologies because it favored these billionaires. It helped them to make more money. It helped them to cut short the number of employees. It helped them to stop paying salary for more employees and which means he can save more money.

      If you research into how these billionaires were growing every decade, you can get my idea.

      To conclude, I still don't believe that socialism will work in this selfish world filled with people without lateral thoughts. But I'm sure that capitalism will create kings and salves.

      I have an opinion to stop this.

      1. There should be no private sectors. Everything should be a public property. A system needs to be designed which will makes sure everyone works and paid the same money as everyone else. Those who have health complications and cannot work should be given treatment, food and shelter for free.

      Children should be fed till they attain a certain age to work. Every education should be free. The working hours should not exceed 3 hours per day and they should be accommodated near working place. Every service should be on first come first served basis.

      And more importantly, there should be no leaders, masters, owners and kings. Everybody is JUST HUMAN!

      Human species will share love, happiness and all the gifts of nature without any fight or competition.

      Mike, I know how impossible my thoughts are but I really worried about the inequality and influence of money in day to day life. I love each and every humans around this world. I wish this world would turn a better place to live.

    • Miks7 profile image

      Mike Dempsey 3 years ago from Sioux Falls SD


      That is why capitalism trumps a socialist/communist government every time. If you look at poverty rates, death at an early age, socialist countries are five times worse than the capitalist countries. Even considering the environment and pollution, capitalistic countries pollute far less than most socialist countries.

      The bottom line is, capitalism is an economic system that promotes innovation from a standpoint of bettering peoples lives. Look at all the technology in modern medicine, they didn't come from Cuba! I know, Cuba is communist, and although healthcare is FREE, do you want bloody towels from someone else used during your surgery? May want to ask about that truth!

      Although capitalism isn't perfect...yes, greed weighs in at times, but when you look at the world, and contrast the capitalistic countries to ones that support a socialist viewpoint, you have less productivity, less income, earlier death rates, etc. Most of the continent of Africa is socialist/communist regimes...and yet, they have all these natural resources and the government won't let capitalism in.

      To exploit the earth? No, to use a mechanism for developing a business climate that provides employment, that creates a tax base so that public parks and areas are available to all. When you have these elements, the people prosper. What we have seen for 1,700 years under tyranny and Socialism/Communism/Marxism is exploitation of people who are born in poverty, and die early in poverty.

      Look it up, it is all out there if you Google it...all the facts and data support my response.

    • Saty Simplistic profile image

      Satish 3 years ago from Chennai

      I certainly believe that innovators and achievers should not be rewarded by money. They should be recognized, respected and appreciated like any other human being. And I also believe that it is a basic responsibility of any species in this world to commit itself for the improvement of the species. Even animals have the urge to protect its species. Don't they? Incentives for responsibilities? It will further increase the inequality and diversity among the people.