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Why Obama Became the US President

Updated on July 16, 2009

Barack Obama 44th President of the United States

Before I say anything let me clear up a few things. I have no political affiliations with any US political party. I am indifferent to the fact that who becomes the US President and their policies have implications on me.

The reason why I am writing on this subject is that world history is full of inaccuracies for the reason that it was primarily written by biased people who were either affected positively or negatively by a personality which changed their entire image of that person. Only an unaffected outsider can give an unbiased view which I will try to give.

The best example of the current US Presidential situation can be of a huge airliner. This airplane is out on a long journey. Till now the flight was comfortable for the passengers and they all had enjoyed it. The passengers were some very important people who mattered a lot to the airline company.

The flight lands for refueling. The report for the next bound is not very good. The flight is expected to encounter a lot of turbulence and a huge storm is also expected. But the flight has to go on. Till now that airplane was being flown by the company’s most favorite pilot who the company does not want to be reprimanded. They do have an alternate pilot who they don’t personally like and would not like him or anyone with similar credentials to join their company in future. So they decide to put him in place. This way they will be able to get two objectives.

1.       Get rid of that pilot for good after a short flight.

2.       Never ever again employ a pilot with similar credentials.

Now the flight takes off with the new pilot onboard. He sees the situation once the flight as taken off and there is no way to turn back. He asks ground crew for help and support. They give him best available options which are suited for the situation but are not very pleasant for the passengers.

The passengers feel sick and complaint against the pilot. What they don’t know is that if there was another pilot he would have to take similar steps to reach the next bound, as there were no other alternatives for him to exercise. This flight is still airborne and the pilot has no idea if the plane has sufficient fuel or he has to crash land somewhere in the middle of nowhere. So he keeps trying his best to reach the destination.

In case of US President Barack Obama, one thing is clear. The previous president George W. Bush did hand him over at the edge of a visible political tornado. The economy was ready to hit its lowest. Foreign relations were at their worst. Allies were turning into enemies in Europe and the Gulf. Internal crisis were ready to burst out.

Had the elections been scheduled a year later, the Bush administration would have probably done the same what Obama is doing.

What I feel people of USA should understand is that Obama is nothing like the president Gaddafi of Libya or the Shah of Jordan. The latter two have the power to make or break any policy at any time. The US President always has a pre prepared mandate to follow. His main advisors are not people who walked from a cotton field, but guys who have been doing the same things for earlier governments as well. USA does not change policies at the whims of one individual who is in power. The fact is, like most of the developed countries across the world, USA is no different. It has its backstage players and policy makers who never change. They are the ones who actually run the country and that is why there is hardly any change in US political stance internationally.

The reason why Obama was placed at this point is a very bitter pill to swallow. The king makers found this as a very opportune moment to get over with the issue of having a US president who was not white. Racial discrimination does exist and this is very hard for people to accept. But with Obama in chair at this point in time no political party will ever nominate a non white candidate to run for this seat.

Has anyone ever questioned why was he nominated by his party and who were the deciding people? Were they black or white? Why at this point in time was a black man nominated to be the US President? The questions which are being raised against Obama’s legitimacy as an immigrant, weren’t his credentials scrutinized by the Democratic Party earlier? As a member of Illinois Senate for three terms was he ever challenged for being not a patriot? These are the issues which should be considered before anyone should point a finger at him.

Everyone must realize that in the not so far in the past, USA had a president who took Americans to somebody else’s war in the Gulf. By design his son again created war hysteria in the US Public. Wars have a knack of pushing nations backwards. Counter development always takes place as a false picture is presented to the masses. This bubble is only busted by someone else and that is when the gear is changed from reverse to forward. At this point people realize that they have stopped moving and accuse the current regime for their wrong doings. In fact a lot of energy and resources are needed to reverse the process in the positive direction. But first the previous harmful process has to be stopped. Newer relations and pacts are required to be created. Those who supported the previous wrong actions need to be denounced or corrected. But once the mirrors projecting fake images are broken and the ugly true picture becomes visible people do flinch. But the bitter pill has to be swallowed to cure the old disease.


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      Owais Siddiqui 8 years ago

      Sure thing Aabi

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      aabi 8 years ago

      read mine.... i write weekly for the blog The Citizen's Trust