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Why People Hate?

Updated on January 25, 2014

What is Hate?

Many people love to hate. They hate other religions, other nations, other political parties, other people......

What is hate? It is nothing but extreme dislike about 'other' individuals or groups.

According to psychologists, hate is a state of ego which want to destroy unhappiness and anger towards others. Many times, it remains not just an emotion, but becomes a psychological problem.

Extreme hate by a person or group can lead to unrest in society and both the groups get isolated.

Some Reasons Behind Hatred

Why they hate?

I have found many reasons for this behavior of people. Here I am giving the most common reasons which make people to hate.

Jealousy: Jealousy is the most common reason for hating others. Many people do not like other people or anything that is not related to them, but is superior to them. Superiority of others creates inferiority complex in some people. This inferiority complex makes them to hate the superiors.

Enmity: Enmity is another common reason which forces people to hate. Many people can not live without enemy. They find see enemies everywhere and select some of them to hate. The enemies may be individuals, or communities, teams, nations etc.

Disdain: Many people suffer from Superiority complex. They love all their own things extremely, like their country, their state, their language, their race, their people etc. They always disregard others and hate them. But such people themselves become victim of hatred by others.

Exploitation: Some people or communities live on exploiting others. Such people become victims of hatred by others.

Taught to hate: This is one more reason I have observed. People are taught to hate by politicians, communal organizations, community and even by parents and teachers.

Ignorance: If other ignore, ignored people start to hate

-Mahavir Sanglikar


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  • jainismus profile image

    Mahaveer Sanglikar 4 years ago from Pune, India

    Great analysis, Au fait.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  • Au fait profile image

    C E Clark 4 years ago from North Texas

    Other than ignorance, I would say one strong reason people hate is in order to fit in. There is a very strong desire in some people to fit in with the people who happen to be around them. They feel more confident and comfortable as part of a group. This begins early in life. I'm sure you understand how cliques or gangs work. People feel good belonging to a group, and will do what is needed to become and remain a member without questioning if the requirements are right. The group can just as well be a particular religion or a particular political party as to be a clique or a gang or even a cult.

    Many group leaders go out of their way to persuade/convince (brainwash really) people into believing their group is best. Church leaders will tell members continually that they are the only true church of God and they are the only people who are truly saved, etc. They set people up to look down on other people who are not members of the that church. They even control their membership to where they look down on other members if those members aren't doing exactly what the church leader says they should be doing or thinking.

    It is a form of manipulation and control to assure as much as possible that people join their church, political party, or whatever, and remain members. People give up their ability to think for themselves in these situations -- if they ever had that ability.

    Group think carries a high cost for society in that these people often become bigots in the sense that they look down on anyone who doesn't agree with them or their group or what they believe to be the accepted belief or attitude about something.

    Often these people are programmed to believe it is wrong even to listen to anything different from what they believe. One of my step-daughters once told me that she wouldn't even read literature from other churches than her own because it was evil. She learned that from her church leader who was controlling her in an effort to keep her and her weekly tithes in his church. I told her if anyone told me I couldn't read a particular book or other writing, that would be the first thing I would do -- read the forbidden book -- to see what they were trying to prevent me from knowing. My step-daughter didn't appreciate my attitude! ;)

    So many people who claim to think for themselves do in fact group think like the Borg of Star Trek fame. They think what they are told to think and do not even seem to realize they are doing it. That is my idea of low intelligence and ignorance. Some people are more prone to manipulation than others. I personally believe it is due to intelligence quotient. Not their fault they were born with a simple mind, but it does a lot of harm in our society just the same.

    Some of the people simple minded people want to impress may be great manipulators. Lots of people are actually employed to be manipulators in the case of politics, for example. It is their purpose to persuade as many people as possible to believe whatever they tell them in an effort to get votes for candidates of their political party. Those people who are less intelligent seem to be the more gullible to accepting whatever they are told that is negative about one party and good about the other. Sometimes these people are convinced to do things that are actually harmful to themselves and people generally, and do not even realize it in their zeal to belong and once their minds are under the control of their lead manipulator. It never occurs to them to research the various accusations to see if they are true. Very often when they bother to research they look for sources that agree with them and reject even listening or reading anything different. As a result they never learn to look below the surface of what they believe.

    We have all heard the maxim, "Never judge a book by its cover," yet people judge things they know nothing about all the time, basing their judgment and opinion on what amounts to gossip. They never question what they are told because they want to fit in with the person(s) telling them untruths and misinformation. They want to believe the worst about people who are different from themselves as proof that they are themselves right and anyone different is therefore wrong. They are even hurting themselves and are so ignorant they don't realize it.

    In research one must be careful to judge their sources carefully as I have pointed out in one of my hubs and as I sometimes say in comments and other places. Most people don't know how to do research and so doing it may not help them because they will only focus on sources that agree with them. The possibility that they may be wrong is beyond their cognitive ablity.

    Sometimes hate is a tradition in some families, neighborhoods or communities. A person's grandparents hated people who were different in one or more ways, their parents hated likewise, and so they hate too, without question as to why. Sometimes they have a bad experience with a person who is different and then they make the assumption that all persons with the same physical traits (or other traits) are the same.

    There are many reasons why people hate, but they mostly come down to ignorance -- superstition, and fear of the unknown. People who hate tend to fear (and distrust and find contemptuous) education, and education is often the remedy for hate.

  • jainismus profile image

    Mahaveer Sanglikar 5 years ago from Pune, India


    You are right. Thank you for sharing your views.

  • delmer47 profile image

    delmer47 6 years ago from Nebraska

    People hate what they fear...

  • Erin Boggs1 profile image

    Erin Boggs1 6 years ago from Western Maryland

    I have to agree with everyone. I think people should try to learn compassion and always try to understand what they don't know. An open mind thinks more clearly

  • embee77 profile image

    embee77 6 years ago

    I think you're all right. Plus I think people hate because of difference. Most of us can't get our heads around the fact that just because we think something, doesn't make it right. Humility is the way to go. I have a hub on this subject which you might enjoy. Thanks for writing. Nice job.

  • the bunco squad profile image

    the bunco squad 6 years ago from Savannah GA

    In my experience people hate in others what they are within themselves at heart.

  • htarticchio profile image

    htarticchio 6 years ago

    similar to Indie's response, hate is not the opposite of love but rather love that has been rejected. Many times hate is also taught...but it all stems back to a desire for something one is not recieving

  • IndiePharm profile image

    IndiePharm 6 years ago from Niš, Serbia

    People mostly hate because of love. Like atheists exist because of religion, haters exist because love is spread around. Someone hasn't felt love or care at all, and so, because of grief, negative energy is radiating. For instance, if you beat a dog constantly, the dog would bite other people, not knowing where those persons are able to show love. Hate and love are like jin and jang.