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How Society Can Become Corrupted To The Core.

Updated on May 9, 2012

We are going to do an insightful study into corruption, from yesterday and today. We do not know how this article is going to end, as usual.

In the Beginning...

We can picture this caveman bringing back home (the cave Inn), a big chunk of a teen mamooth's 'beefy' ribs , shared with his neighbor from another cave. What was the feeling? Both shared the adrenaline of killing this gigantic prehistoric mastodon. The emotional smile and the saliva segregated, gave way to the first brotherhood clan. Just picture that kid in grammar school when he scores a touch down, and his friends come huddling close to celebrate. That was a celebration of human nature at its best. All seemed normal and kind of epic. But human nature, unfortunately, or society per se, is prone to get corrupted when the situation arise.

Society as of today...

Checking our feeding and knews we find somewthing: Think of this woman doctor (Physician with a PhD) who is 36 by now. She has had all that she wanted. Her student loan was paid off in 2006. House is laid, and her hectic schedule keeps her going non stop. Her life at medical school was always on the fast lane, move away Dr. Doogie Houser!.

Love life was not so lucky. Males over 35 were already taken or... became the player of the day. Why are we talking about her as an example? Just to let you know that something is wrong with this Country!

An unfolding true story:

Let's call her Shannon...

Shannon is on her way to work on her 8 cylinder 4x4 Sequoia TOYOTA.

On the other side of town:

Maria is a 71 years old immigrant...


Happened to leave her twin sister's house, and decided to walk home, refusing to bother her niece's good willing to... take her back home, which was just six blocks away...

Clash of Cultures:

Maria is about to cross a red ligth at a hospital's corner side. Meanwhile, Shannon is late for work. She was supposed to punch in at 8:30 p.m. was already 3 minutes late, on this Cinco de Mayo Saturday. Maria didn't mind crossing because she didn't see anything... or anyone driving nearby. Wrong!

Shannon was half a block away coming at a fast speed and makes the tragic right turn on that corner at... 35 miles/hr.

The surveillance camera records Maria getting hit on her left side hip and is thrown feets away. Shannon desperately gets out of her car. She was just near her working place. Maria is semi conscious and sees all redish. Shannon tries to find Maria's family on her cell. Shannon is screaming on her 911 call, bringing the attention of half of the paramedics of the city. Fire department and the grand Marshall arrive. Maria became concious, and hears her son on the other side of the line, "Yes... yes... my rib.... I can't..." Mark, her son realized that his mom was in deep trouble, and decided to look for her.

The Hospital Triage area, 2 hours later

Maria is seen like thousands of immigrants that mostly didn't have insurance and was not even supposed to be in this country anyway. The diagnosis? Traumatic concussion and Hematoma on the side of the body; a swollen arm is treated with minor care. She's gotta leave the premises no matter what! "Can you afford the stay at the Hospital?" Told her, an oriental triage Nurse, and even the Eastern European graduate Doctor wrapped a quick bandage around her elbow and wrist. She claimed that her pain was worsening, but...

What is wrong with the picture?

  • Since we can be anywhere at any time, we can tell you for sure that: Shannon used her influences to get (rid) the victim away from the Hospital.
  • Maria is just a simple person and could not endanger this promising Doctor's career.
  • This has been done before with intimidation as shown by some cops.

Maria and her grand daughter
Maria and her grand daughter | Source

Our Own Interview with Maria

We decided to visit Maria at the Hospital: Room 6216, sixth floor, at 'that Hospital.'

Lord: Hi Maria! What happened?

Maria: Terrible! Doctors wanted to get me out on Saturday after midnight and my family fought it. Today at 7 p.m. I'm going to have an elbow surgery. My life was saved by the this cooking Pot that I was carrying with me.

Lord: Nurses and social workers are acting weird around us. Do you think they were trying to cover their traces?

(A social worker and another nurse come in to ask questions as well...)

Maria: I have three broken ribs and my elbow is shattered. My lawyer is on hisw way, and my family is mad. What... where is the medical moral and ethics of today?

Lord: Maria you are just one case that came to light. You ever wonder why the Fire department has a certain profile of a prospective candidate? We don't think your son will ever pass the test. More 'reliable candidates' will be chosen...!

Maria: I used to cook for 'them' at an Italian Restaurant; even for different Mayors and now I see why minorities hate the 'principles' of this country.

Lord: I see that you will get a good amount of money Maria!

Maria: I just want to help my kids and family. To the last day before the accident I was working at the restaurant, but now all this happened. What a mother's day for me!


We leave the room, and on the elevator we happen to see a doctor kind of fondling and kissing a young nurse assistant. As we pass the main admission desk, we notice a black young woman who is in pain, and probably in labor. Her hubby seemed to be out of work or unemployed, and tries so hard to get his documents together. The staff looks at the future mommy like she just came to bother their fine day.


Corruption to its finest

This was just the tip of the Iceber behind the 'Lehman Brother's' of today. This is just a ranting to create awareness about Corruption. Now... is not the end of the month, just to make sure I don't get a ticket when I'm on my way to work. You know? Our cops, they need some extra income! That 'quota' is getting on our nerves sometimes. Mostly they get hold of poor minorities on their way to work. Seen it with our own eyes.

Nice to know that Blackwater, the corrupt vendetta group from the Bush Administration change its name to the softer, 'Alumni Association.' Sounds professional by the way, fellow contractors!.

We are happy to see that our friends at Great Waste MGMT are going green. Can they share their monopoly? Sure not! They do it better than any Union AFL-CIO Brotherhood. We better get going... the ranting is over!


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  • Lord De Cross profile imageAUTHOR

    Joseph De Cross 

    9 years ago from New York

    Hi TillsonTitan. The problem is deeper than any one might think. Corruption is a way of living, and no one can deny it.

  • tillsontitan profile image

    Mary Craig 

    9 years ago from New York

    How sad that a story like that can ever need to be told! What has happened to society? Is money everything? It goes beyond corruption to indifference.

    Voted up and interesting.

  • Lord De Cross profile imageAUTHOR

    Joseph De Cross 

    9 years ago from New York

    Thanks Curiad,

    Deceiving and so insidious as you said. Much appreciated for your stopping by

    Cardisa, There are millions unheard stories. You should know how bad can be overseas. Been all over and seen almost all. Thanks for reading our little ranting

  • Cardisa profile image

    Carolee Samuda 

    9 years ago from Jamaica

    Corruption is everywhere Lord. The bad men are getting out of jail and the innocent are going to rot. This is only one story come to light as you put it, can you imagine the thousands and maybe millions that go unheard of?

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Well said Lord, The corruption is insidious.


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