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Why Sustainable?

Updated on January 10, 2012

The good and the bad news

When was the last time you realized that our planet is our only shared home? No matter your answer, the following will give you some important background information. Although we are able to find planets like planet earth, we still are far from reaching them. So for us and our children and possible also our grandchildren have to stay on this planet. No choice, no alternative, no matter how many times you move or wherever you are: Planet earth is our only home for now. No matter you see it as a limitation or luxury, this is just one of those facts everyone has in common.

We are living in a time of global warming and slinking natural resources. It is obvious that CO2 levels are increasing and weather circumstances are getting more extreme. Unfortunately, only scientists unanimously agree that climate change is a fact. And their current focus is shifting towards what we can do in terms of mitigating actions. Although other factors play a role, the human influence is huge when you count up; livestock, factories and destroyed nature for all type of reasons.Resources are getting sooner or later rare, including clean water. Oil is the most famous for this discussion because it is an easy to understand example. But how often do we think about the many other things that the planet possesses? For example beautiful coral riffs to enjoy or to mention rainforest that includes plants that could provide breakthrough medicine. If this was only happing to your home and yard, wouldn’t that be sad?Good you are not scared by what you have red so far because there is a way more positive side to this story. The good news is certainly as impressive as the bad news and, unfortunately, often given less attention. The good part is that for several generations people already realize that something needs to change. And the best thing is thate these changes are currently made on mass scale. All thanks to a growing number of people from our generation that really wants a more sustainable world and takes action towards this. Also employers and companies embrace the feeling good, if not cool, factor of sustainability. Even governments are taking steps although popularity (read votes) wins from wisdom.Victories have been made by having volunteers, consumers, producers and governments working together. Perfect examples of what has been reached are the reduction of toxic rain and closing the ozone gap. But what do you think of the air pollution a few centuries ago in the age of early industralization? These places have become much cleaner and are mostly still improving today. People made an effort by each taking their responsibility and take the actions within their reach. Some of them results in direct changes like with environmental laws and organizing protests, others are indirect like economic reasons and technology advancements. All small steps and all building blocks that have been made add up together made a big difference. As long we do not go back in time it will still do as an investment for multiple generations ahead us. The given examples show that the opposite can be reached. It will be a matter of more small steps and contributions to reach a true sustainable planet. It is a long journey but we, the people, will get there and you can join this journey today with the contributions you are able to make for so far you haven’t done this already.The web is one resource richer with, the ultimate place for sharing information about living sustainable. Live is for sharing: What have you shared today?

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    • WikiTainable profile image

      WikiTainable 6 years ago

      Thanks Sabrani! You are absolutely right. :-)

      Nancy, you made my day! Great minds think alike and (drums here) therefore was created. There is no limit on topics and everybody is able to contribute. We just getting started, so 2011 we are low on articles, but expect somewhere in 2012 quite some insights, tips and information to make for those who want to make their live more sustainable.

    • Nancy Owens profile image

      Nancy Owens 6 years ago from USA

      We hear a lot about sustainability in the news. I'm wondering if you could create a hub with instructions for steps we can take to incorporate it in our daily lives.

    • sabrani44 profile image

      sabrani44 6 years ago

      Great article. It is really important to live a sustainable life, and not use all of Earth's natural resources.