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Why The Trump Era is Over

Updated on June 20, 2019

Why the Trump Era is Over

The Trump TV Rerun

How many times can you watch a TV rerun before you have memorized every word of the script? That is why the Trump Era is over.

Nothing New to See Here But a Worn Out Trump Script

There is nothing new to see here. He has nothing new to put out there he has not already regurgitated ad infinitum ad nauseum.

His script is old and worn out and Americans have moved on. As tiresome and exhausting as the Trump mechanisms have been, there always comes a time when his reruns are so boring you cannot bring yourself to watch another episode without vomiting.

The Pause That Refreshes

In essence, the 2020 election has become a refreshing major distraction away from the tawdry, gutter slime daily infestation of the biggest faker of the century. Ponzi is rolling in his grave over Trump's ability to con others and live like the world class grifter he is.

The Trump Fallout

But, there is fallout for a whole lot of his supporters. When you hear lie after lie out of his mouth, you just go conveniently deaf and know not a word out of his mouth can be trusted to be fact or truth.

Never has any dictator wannabe like Trump not been responsible for dirtying more reputations, sullying more career professionals or dragging them into the mud.

As sooner as the bloom fell off Trump's rose, some very courageous Americans refused to lower themselves to his level. Those who have will never be trusted by other Americans, nor will it be easy for them to find jobs anywhere but in the same cesspools of corruption as their jobs with Trump.

A New Day Begins

It is a pleasure not to feel any need to pay attention to the Celebrity TV host/Rock Star wannabe in the White House. We know his days are growing short as we reach November 2020.

While he may think he can rerun the election rigging of 2016, that too is already old and easy to spot.

For example, he recently held a rally in Orlando. Those of us with friends and relatives in Orlando know that his claim that 20,000 people showed up to hear him speak is another of his boring, tedious exaggerations.

What he did was get his techies to alter a crowd from another video and change the colors to red on shirts and hats to make it appear they were there to hear him. That's called the "DEEP FAKE" where a video makes it appear the way they want it to.

Russian Hackers, GRT, Guccifer 2 and Wikileaks - Gone

Thanks to 18 months of deep investigative reporting that proved Russians meddled in the 2016 election, all of us are taking steps to protect the 2020 election. We can spot a Russian hacker the minute they start posting.

And we will brook no more right wing distortions, deflections or reinterpretations of our laws and Constitution. That too is old and worn out.

More importantly is that our states are passing laws to protect our state election results with laws that will hand the winner of the popular vote the state's electoral college votes. That's just one of the ways states are working to ensure the Trump Era is over and done.

Keep Our Eyes on the Prize

When you consider the quality levels of those running in opposition to Trump, you see why the days of his strutting like a rabid dog on debate stages scares no one. His lack of intelligence precedes him and his total ineptitude has done him in.

So for voters, they can feel free to go ahead and listen to as many of Trump's opponents until they come down to a front runner they know will beat Trump hands down. And the roster of opponents is quite impressive. Both from an intelligence level and from the level of experience in government.

Never again can we allow people who have NO connection to national security, the military, education or finance to run government departments according to a tyrant's demands.

We'll keep our eyes on the prize and one way or another, 2021 will be one of the most refreshing, interesting new eras for all Americans.

Our young people deserve a government they can trust. Not one they have to second guess at the double talk and double meanings. Or the secrecy that applies only to the Trump Era cabinet that makes sure every other American's business has no right to privacy.

Considerations for 2020

Taking the spotlight off Trump and his flunkies allows all of us to stay focused on what we feel will be most important to the needs of our country. The country cannot remain divided by ideologues who know full well their ideology is self serving, selfish and totally exclusive based on annual income.

Things to consider for a candidate in 2020 include:

1. The state of the country's economy you believe it is in

2. The military aggression that benefits only military industrialists in for profit wars

3. The advancement of education for our children

4. Restoring voting rights

5. Restoring human rights of immigrants and their children

6. Restoring women's rights

7. Ending corporate welfare that benefits no one but the 1% billionaires

8. Funding infrastructure

9. Seeing to it federal funding is dispersed fairly and equitably among ALL states

10. Restoring unity and downplaying partisanship that has so badly divided the country.

This means the candidates you choose must choose policies and platforms with an overloaded dish that will require attention and repair thanks to the destructiveness of the Trump Era.

The Trump Era is Over and It's Time to Move Forward, Onward and Upward

No matter what age Americans may be, no one aspires to live as if they have no responsibility to the society they live in. No one wants to live the life of a grifter who buys things and then refuses to pay for them. No one wants to live as if they were tumbled out of the bottom of the porn industry.

The entire point of human existence is to move forward, onward and upward. The time is now. Onward American Voters Marching Off to War against those who seek to destroy our freedoms and democracy.


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