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Why Unions are Bad

Updated on May 4, 2009

People who have never had the “pleasure” of working for a unionized company probably don’t know much about them. Well I have had the pleasure of working for two union based companies, Kroger and UPS. Thank God I worked for them while I was young so that I would never do it again. Now I was young and naïve when I worked for King Soopers so I’m going to talk about my experience at UPS. I started UPS in April of 2007 and got a job as a loader. My job consisted of packages coming down a belt that the sorters would push down the appropriate chutes. Now… this was definitely some physically demanding work. You had to read the packages to make sure that they were in the correct trailer then build a wall with a small backfill for the smaller packages. Now I worked my ass off the entire time I was at that job and my supervisor knew it. I was paid, initially, $8.50 per hour and got a 50 cent after a month then a dollar more after a year. I was on a one month probationary period before I was FORCED to join the union. Then I had to pay $50 per week up to $350 which was automatically deducted from my paycheck as my “initiation fee.” Keep in mind I worked about 4-5 hours per day Monday through Friday as a part time job while I was going to school so my paychecks were about $120 to $160. Now, because I was working so hard and could handle more work, I would get the most difficult trailers. By difficult I mean difficult I was running trailer to trailer stacking packages as fast and sturdy as possible.

Now you’d think since you are working harder and more efficiently than the other employees you’d get paid more right? Wrong. Quite a few people, but one in particular, would be lazy about their work and get the easy trailers because of it. In any other job, they wouldn’t get any hours or they’d be fired, but thanks to the good old union, that’s impossible. UPS can’t fire an employee based on work ethic. They can only be fired if they screw up royally… at least 3 times, and even then it’s a huge hassle to get rid of them because the union is “legal representation” so they won’t let them get fired. The Teamsters Union screwed over me “the genuinely hard worker” and UPS. No matter how hard I worked, there wasn’t a chance of me getting a promotion or raise over anyone else because it’s all based on seniority, not work ethic. Now where’s the incentive in that? I paid $20 per month for union dues which is just BS in my opinion because I didn’t need the union to protect me from anything. As long as you’re a hard worker, UPS isn’t going to fire you over nothing. Now little to my knowledge about those “union dues” was that a portion of it was going to Hilary Clinton for President. They were lobbying for her and not that it’s a huge amount but $2.00 out of the union dues were going to her every month… My hard earned money. Back during World War 1 and 2, Unions had a purpose. We now have laws about how many hours you can work and stuff like that. Unions aren’t needed anymore. They protect the lazy worker and prevent the hard worker from moving up and getting what they deserve. I’m sick of it.


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    • Marcelo Guadiana profile image

      Marcelo Guadiana 13 months ago

    • profile image

      Bobs your Unkle 2 years ago

      Ya ...

    • profile image

      skeeter 2 years ago

      Well i'll be darned if you didn't just further prove my point there billome. I have a lot to say, but I can see that it's not even worth wasting my time with.

    • profile image

      billome 2 years ago

      Skeeter, The IBEW here and many other places (Not sure if all) make you get an associates degree while you're an apprentice, Plus the apprenticeship itself is schooling. So I'd say they have some kind of education, maybe that escaped your feeble mind. As to you paying $30,000 to get a foot in the door, I'll call balderdash. Plus if you had that amount of money to "buy" a career, you picked electrician? I call bullshit again. So possibly you drank the beer and forgot about it so now you have to pick up the cans:)

    • profile image

      skeeter 2 years ago

      I had nothing against unions until I started with IBEW a year ago. I've never encountered such a lazy, self entitled bunch of men in my life. And they have the drug and alcohol problems to go right along with it. One of the worst work environments I have seen in my lifetime. No organization, no communication and just plain a** do not want to work attitude. Most women could outwork these neanderthals. Can't wait to get out and get back to doing some real work again. The sad thing is, I have spent $30,000 just to get a foot in the door and spend my day picking up beer cans after a bunch of ***holes with no education.

    • profile image

      monolo 2 years ago

      Dam bro 2007? You'd be a driver now making 100k a year right now. I'm pretty sure whatever your doing now you don't even male half of that I got hired in 2008 almost at 20an hour with 1 more year to go driver

    • profile image

      Thinker 3 years ago

      You sir are a moron!!

    • profile image

      none 3 years ago


    • profile image

      Austin 3 years ago

      To be honest I work as a union painter and so far it has been way better than a non union job I earn double than what people who do the same thing make and on top of it all i have amazing benefits and a 120000 year pension

    • profile image

      Kitten 3 years ago

      My employer is mandating flu vaccines. I wish I had a union to fight them.

    • profile image

      Mrs.Allen 3 years ago


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    • profile image

      john 3 years ago

      got to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard....... if you hated unions why go work for a company that had one?? oh yea...cus the pay was better than at walmart.... or burger king.... THATS WHY STUPID!!! .... I swear... some people don't have the brains god gave them.. I cant help but just be mystified at how stupid people think about unions....I am a steward and the only part of scabs that brings me joy is how they come begging and crawling to me as the are getting fired...and watching them leave know I could help...but wont...... good bye

    • profile image

      Normalraybush 3 years ago

      Just got in! I works my ass off and will keep doing my pace. The union will help protect me and I'm a pretty hard worker. Where's the point to this story? Stop whining hillybilly

    • profile image

      Justin Mason 3 years ago

      I'm a labormen of 563 I enjoy and respect my union. I'm 23 and yes i did get grandfathered into my career as a journeyman Laborer, but I slaved in the oilfields of north dakota to get that respect from them. They have lined me up with amazing jobs from road work, to power plants, and opened me up to the whole usa and even canada sometimes through the companies i've been connected with since being union. I choose what jobs I want and take the time off when I can and want. My income right now from working union I've been pulling 8000 a month after tax its like 12000 before tax.

    • profile image

      eugene 3 years ago

      People that say "unions had their purpose, but now we have labor laws" are showing their ignorance. Do you not realize that the unions are the ones that lobbied for those labor laws, and just as soon as there are no unions, those labor laws are going to go right out the window?

    • profile image

      Johnny Ultra 4 years ago

      I've worked in a Union (AT&T) for 19 Years and my father was a 15 year UAW GM employee, and we shared similar experiences when we were younger, so I don't want to criticize you. But as the years of "hard work" start to kick in and your body and the demands of the Business increase with time, you start to have an appreciation for the pay and benefits that we "Union Members have". See that wage is an honest living wage that a Collective Bargaining Unit negotiate's every 3-5 years so its a priviledge to come into a very competitive company like UPS or ATT, which are private companies that must remain Ultra productive to exist, ( They are the industry's top companies respectivly). If you still feel like your hard work wont get you a promotion or you feel you deserve more, then please explain how the Union has keep you from realizing your potential? By paying you more and having better benefits than DHL or FED EX? UPS pays better than the Post Office and they pay very well,( Also Union). Unions have there good and there bad, but there existence and my involvement with them through this very rough economic time has caused many companies to cut any way it can, ethically, and not, hard working or not, it did not matter. Ive seen many people fired and layed off with no recourse. The Union could make sure its justified, and with even that we saw many of our co-workers with 20-30 walked off company property.

    • profile image

      Tony 4 years ago

      I have a company which was organized by union dirty tactics card based certification. I have 12 employees working for me. I will now be forced to use union labor. Most of my work is out of town usually traveling (300 to 400 km. away. It will be cheaper for me to hire from the local hall and just take my key guys out of town. Now the guys who have families mortgages and car payments will be unemployed. How is it fair to them they never wanted the union they liked their job. Now they will have no job because the union just took there job away. Where are their rights in all of this. Oh by the way the three guys who signed cards still have no work. They have been kicked out of the union because they were out of work unemployment ran out and could not afford to pay the non working dues required by the union. I guess that's the thanks they get.

    • profile image

      Joel 4 years ago

      UPS and Kroger Union?!?!? Try joining a REAL union.. Ironworkers, pipe fitters, plumbers, carpenter, etc.... UPS AND KROGER.... HAHHHAHAHA

    • profile image

      Billome 4 years ago

      I love coming back to this page and reading the dross of the masses. UPS is a union shop. Most of the new hires are part time, with very few exceptions. So you took a part time job at a union shop, pay your dues(literally and metaphorically.) Or go find a different job that's going to supposedly be better... You show me a business without nepotism and I'll say that they make rainbows and unicorns there. Grow up people. "Look at Detroit," as if that shows why unions are bad. Are we speaking of the hundreds of thousands of poor people who have nothing to do with UAW, or are we talking about the mismanagement of funds over a half a century, or that the state cut state shared revenue by almost 50% over the last 4 years, or maybe we're talking about how 'the big three' make a lot of their products in mexico and over seas to save money whilst laying off more and more people(Just to compete with the millions of foreign cars sold that most of you whiners are buying) Once again do some damn research before you spout off with vague slander. Oh America makes inferior products, yet you dump your paychecks at sinholes like Walmart. You have zero pride, you would rather tear down what others have than to reach for the same heights. You want to make this country better, quit whining about unions. You want some cons to leaving your union and becoming management Vince? First and foremost, once you become management and are no longer in the union you can lose your job at any moment for any reason. Secondly, I'd look into your 'better' pension, a lot of the time they are not. I have zero qualms with people working non union, nor leaving unions for 'better' jobs. I detest people who leave a union job to do the same thing for less money, or less benefits. There is a reason why most union workers believe in unions and will stay pro union until they die, it's a fair wage and a better way of life. Why would you not want to fight for more money, why would you not stand up to corporations making hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars off of the blood, sweat, and tears of the working class? If you believe in true capitalism then you believe in slavery. The owners will take every penny off of you and give you food and shelter. Yes master. End rant!

    • profile image

      Slade 4 years ago

      I worked part time at UPS as a Loader, for spare money to save college money for my kids. I was no spring chicken, but in great shape.

      Loading tractor trailers full of walls of boxes is not a cake walk by any means. No matter how tough you are, you are going to run out of energy by at some point, especially if your trailer gets hit with 200 boxes of 65 pound bricks. I worked like a dog, all for $8.50 an hour, LESS my forced Union initiation fee, LESS my monthly dues. Net, my first month, I slaved away like a mutant ninja turtle for less than $5.00 an hour take home. First four weeks I took home less then $100 for working like a rabid dog.

      Unions are great if you are making a career and want/need the benefits. For the rest of us, it makes a horrible part time job even worse by milking even more of our meager hourly wage into the Union funnel. I'd NEVER do it again. I'm better off working at FedEx where they don't force you to give part of your hard earned kid's college money to a Union. Ridiculous that a part timer is FORCED to pay Union Initiation Fees and Dues. It should be an OPTION for part timers.

    • profile image

      Mike T Mason 4 years ago

      I was assaulted by a carpenters union from Los Angeles at my job in Irvine (Orange County Ca.). It was a horrible beating and I thought I was being stabbed as they thrust their picket sign handles in to my side and punched and kicked me. As I pulled myself on to the tractor I was operating they pulled me back to the ground, tearing my shoulder out.

      This union traveled from another county to harass a company on our job that previousely used them on their Los Angeles jobs. My crew did not "steal" their jobs, we started the job from the beginning. IT WAS OURS! we supported our families by working on this job. We were happy to work there and were happy with our pay.

      I am now in a law suit with the union and am experiencing "first hand" the Despicable tactics that their lawyers use to protect the thugs that physically abused (much to their pleasure) me.

      I have it all on video from cell phones and even the unions own cameras. I am looking for advice or just a similar story from anyone who may have experienced anything like this. I am also looking for any other forums that discuss similar occurrences. Thank You in advance.

    • profile image

      Union 4 years ago

      Unions suck the life out of companies. Companies should be responsible for keeping employees. Now days if they are not treating ppl right, then ppl will not work for them. If you are uneducated and couldn't graduate high school then that is your fault and you should either better yourself or worry about being fired. My mother was in that situation and after 12 years of working for a company and being paid well. Would I expect the company to go under to protect my mom's and other's jobs and support their larger salary, HELL NO. My grandpa is pro union, has a retirement from the iron worker union, in the day he was right for his reason of safety. All I ever see is this union wants more money or this hours or blah BS and nothing over safety. OSHA requires saftey now. Unions are not needed to regulate saftey. I work for an electric company (THANK GOD NON UNION) they treat us right. Our brothers in the distribution side of business are union and can't seem to keep employees. They leave and can't hire more. Young ppl don't want to work for a union. We see the reason for not wanting it. We mostly try to educate ourselves. and We shouldnt't have to pay someone else to watch our backs. If we lose our job we can find more.

    • profile image

      union 4 years ago

      Saw a guy that worked there 40 years The owner did not even thank the guy Just told management to put an add in the paper And the numerous other bus I saw him pull like cutting our med ins We had to pay out of pocket Tried having some shady investment company come in and deduct our checks for 401k Which later on everyone found out he would have made money off our investments Thank god for unions

    • profile image

      union owns 4 years ago

      I have worked union and none union jobs I'll never work a non union job ever again When I was younger I worked on cars at dealerships I watched the greedy Jew owner who mind u inharted his buisness from his daddy And had no clue to what was going on come in once a month with his nose stuck up in the air cry in broke all the time as the shop made record profits Every month it was the same sobb story The place isn't making money blah blah blah No sick days After ten years get a measley 3 weeks vacation Trying to cut peoples pay Claim in everyone made to much Started payin us twice a month Not hi weekly but twice a month

      Sent us a letter head basically saying I don't care when our bills are due If we where played durin the weekend The checks would not clear till Friday

    • profile image

      onion hater 4 years ago

      In 1967 I got out of the Navy and went to work for NCR in Dayton, Ohio. I worked for NCR for a couple years and was getting regular raises and loved working there. Some workers decided they wanted to unionize so they took a vote and the union vote won. Shortly thereafter I refused to join the union and was made to join anyway and dues were taken out of my pay without my consent. The union then went on strike and a picket line was set up. The first day I crossed the picket line because I wanted to work and I had a wife and child to support. My boss told me I wasn't allowed to work due to the picket line and they couldn't guarantee my safety so I had to go home. The strike lasted a little over 4 weeks and I have to sell and pawn most of my possessions in order to live. What the union settled for would have take me a couple years just to make up for what I lost during the strike!!! I went back down to the Navy recruiter and rejoined the Navy and went back in at my original rank. Within a couple of years NCR closed up in Dayton and all the ones that still worked there lost their jobs. Now NCR is gone and all the NCR buildings are torn down and jobs gone. I retired from the Navy after 23 years and have a retirement income and full medical care. Thank god the military didn't unionize or I'd have nothing. The unions destroyed many companies and cost thousands of jobs [look at Detroit and the car companies]!!!!! The unions had their place at one time and helped people, but not now. They are more harm then good!!!

    • profile image

      vince 4 years ago

      so i want to leave a union do not have much use for them i find it does make alot of workers lazy ok here s the twist i work for a company that is unionized if i decide to leave union they will hire me back as management same wages better pension it works for me will not have union tell me when i can work how many hrs etc i have worked for my employer long time and trust them to live up to promises made i would have same position as a foreman i have a great relationship with the guys that work under me what are the problems i might have doing this

    • profile image

      Ike 4 years ago

      UAW,NEED NOT say anymore,Unions give employees a Career,not a month to month job!

    • profile image

      lol 4 years ago

      i love the people who comment and never worked there, teamsters are another institution all there looking to do is make money, think about it if we go on strike the highers ups in the teamsters are still going to be people paid while the people who actually work in the hubs will not

    • profile image

      rudad5 5 years ago

      i work for ups and quite a few of us are being ignord by our top stewards. its been three years since i have filed a greivance because they just ignor us anyways. its funny paying union dues for a union that will not help us so we compromise and work it out with management.

    • profile image

      elnetotaca 5 years ago

      Well, I work for the carpenters union, I am an apprentice and yes, I work my ass off, at lunch break I am so ready to go to home and go to bed.

      But, the pay is really good $21.35 per hour(when there is work!!!)

      maybe you guys work for the wrong unions

    • FrankWarringon profile image

      FrankWarringon 5 years ago

      You wrote this article in 2007. I was making the same as you in 1987 at UPS and forced to join the Teamsters Union as well. So, you pay your union dues but make the same as I did 20 years later. You wrote a great article and brought back some memories as to why I refuse to ever join a union.

    • profile image

      Billome 5 years ago

      Unions are bad because you slander the president? Who has absolutely no power to make laws, taxes, government programs or anything else that you think he can do? Good way to get your point across...Jackwagon. Also. Protection in the workplace is a must. If employers are allowed to do as they please, most of the country could possibly be making minimum wage with no health benefits nor pensions. Pure capitalism is what most people think they believe in. Yet, if you give big business even more power have fun reaping the benefits of the poor house. Misinformation and lack of unity has turned the dream of America into a nightmare. Wake up and view the truth with your own eyes and research, Stop believing Fox News or any other extremely biased media. Yet the rich love sheep, so keep letting them shear you.

    • profile image

      mike 5 years ago

      I just spoke with a union guy to see about getting my co-workers involved in and vote in a union. I am anti striking anti raping the company's earning.

      But I am in a gas tanker driver position and have had enough with having no protection at work, at a wim the company can increase our cost to health care and lower our wage.

      I make 18 bux an hour hauling a Haz-mat product sure we have raises set up but the max wage is 21.50 after 10 years being here...

      these wages are the same as the 90's and I am fine with these wages but am tired of giving up the 20-30$ range of money that this industry should earn

      $14 an hour for cdl training

      $ 1 an hour for tanker traning

      $ 3 an hour of hazmat training

      $ 2 an hour for TWIC Access

      $5 an hour for hazmat conditions.

      this is minimum at best what I did oh not to mention the half a million miles I've earned in 5 years clean from any violation except the ones california nit pics for.

      but again I am fine with 18.50 per hour but just want to go forward not backwards. swift took 2 cents a mile due to the recession time and an old timer said they did the same in the 90's he said we never got that back.

      i don't want that.

      i think the union would be good?

    • profile image

      UPS Sorter 5 years ago

      All I have to say is WOW you are dumb. Maybe maybe if you actually stuck with the job you would realize that if you were the hard worker you say you were there was much room for promotions. Yes, it is based on seniority, but they aren't going to give promotions to workers who don't do anything. You are ridiculous and judgemental I'm not even going to waste my time typing the rest of my defense. I don't think you deserve my time.

    • profile image

      DustinC 5 years ago

      Wow, I cannot believe the ignorance in these comments. Let's just take handouts and vote for osama. Those guys that have succesful business don't deserve their money, I'm entitled to their money.. For some reason. No way will I ever try to be innovative or start a business because if I'm a success, I'll just have to give it all away. Even the playingfield! Take money from those who have earned it through harder work than most are willing to do and then give it to me!

      P.S. That's what you all sound like. Idiots.

    • profile image

      Jeremy 5 years ago

      Those against unions are against their own best interests.

    • profile image

      unionyes 5 years ago

      Unions are definitely good. It was your choice to pay all of that money for your son's college. In doing so you helped pay the University's football coach's multi-million dollar salary and the state of the art recreation facilities complete with jacuzzi and masseurs. And let us not forget the climbing rock wall and other over the top attractions used to entice students to enroll in that particular University over another. You could get the same degree online for much less. Your money was paid to the 1% rich. You wanted your son to be better than a high school dropout. Kids dropout for many different reasons, not simply because they are stupid or lazy. They may have problems at home that you can't imagine. Sorry to disappoint you but your son is not necessarily better or smarter than a high school dropout. Big companies have the money and need to pay their workers a fair share. Unions make them do just that. UNIONS EVEN THE PLAYING FIELD for those of us who do not have 180,000 to pay to the 1% for membership in the "College Degree Club".

    • profile image

      Union Methodology 5 years ago

      In my opinion, union do hurt business and job creation. More so in the northeastern region. I recently attended an expo in Baltimore, rumors were going around about next year's expo moving to Philly. I asked one of the expo coordinator's while registering about it. She said, "There is no way the expo organizers could afford to move it to Philly." They wanted ~6 times the price to hold the expo at the Philly convention center. Here is why:

      - In Balt., expo workers setup their own computers. Not the IBEW, that she said would take more than twice as long to do in Philly.

      - In Philly, expo vendors are not allowed to plug anything in on the floor. Need a union electrician. Even to plug a laptop in.

      - In Philly, expo vendors are not allowed to unload their pickup trucks and trailers with the goods they are bringing to the show to demo and sell. Labors must do that for you. Not in Balt.

      Just a few examples. How does this hurt Philly. I spent 3k on hotel rooms in Balt for the week, 800 in food, 400 in the local bars, and ~400 in parking fees. Philly's local economy lost this money due to not being competitive in the market. AC is the same way.

      As for the guys bashing Walmart for their sucky work practices, I know that, and freely choose not to work their.

      Should a high school drop-out installing bumper bolts at GM make 60k a year. While my kid with 180K in education loans, work for 40k. Skilled versus unskilled in some cases.

    • profile image

      Mark 5 years ago


    • profile image

      douglascott 5 years ago

      Man i would love for you to work for me. I would totally exploit the crap out of you and i would give you lots of responsibility for less money no joke. You are the exact candidate that when your old and usless i can fire you. When can you make an appointment to sign up?

    • profile image

      jim 5 years ago

      I have been in a local for 15 years. Because of the economy I have worked 2 months in the last 3 1/2 years. Here is what I have to say about my union. They have an emergency sub fund for us, I still have my health insurance for my family. People may think unions are blood sucking but in times of need they are there for you.

    • profile image

      sis in law 5 years ago

      Here is my biggest problem with unions. My brother in law joined the sheet metal union and it was great, they paid for his training and his journeymen's card. ow he gets laid off for months at a time and he can't find employment elsewhere ever using the skills he learned unless he wants a huge fine. Also for all unions if the union reps decide they are anger at the company you have to strike if you're in agreement or not. True I myself have not been a member or a union but I grew up around them. At my non union retail jobs i can cross train and not get bored with the same tasks every day. The law protects me and I am offered great insurance. I may have to pay for my insurance but it's cheaper than most union dues. If I do my job I don't

    • profile image

      Rich local 104 5 years ago

      Try working for a nonunion company and see how much they pay per hour versus union jobs!!! I make very descent pay for what I do in my union shop job!!!

    • profile image

      Dave 5 years ago

      Lazy people get promoted whether you're in a union or not. If you work at walmart or something, you'll find lazy people who don't deserve to work there. In a union, at least you get a raise. I see people who are in their 40's, working hard for minimum wage, and only get pay increases when the minimum wage goes up! At least in a union you have job security, pay raises and good insurance. I'd rather work for UPS and do back-breaking labor than work in a supermarket making minimum wage the rest of my life.

    • profile image

      UnionBuster 5 years ago


      You may have missed the whole point of my anecdotal story.

      As I mentioned

      "The electrical unions used to be considered the local brother hood of electricians. Now it is the international brotherhood of electricians"

      This is an example of the cancer. Although it was a snap shot from 30 years ago the canecer is still alive and has made the USA uncompetitive inside and outside of our boarders. My whole point was that we must remove the cancer before we can get better or atleast keep it contained. If a company wants to be union than so be it but it should not be forced into government slavery just to do business. Also it was to point out that good workers become poor workers when they have no skin in the the game. Such as doing a good job at your best pace in order to move up or just keep your job.

      A job is not a right but an earned position and when you tell someone that they cant be fired if they suck then you make a poor inefficient employee who works for the union not the company. Then you multiply that and it becomes a country or world of inefficient companies with workers that are more concerned about the union than the company or its products.

    • profile image

      It's_coming_soon 5 years ago

      When china takes over then what will your unions do then....oh yeah nothing because everyone will have to work our butts off for ten cents a hour. This is what's wrong with America....why are we wasting out time talking about unions when we should come together and find a way how to get back to the good ole days. Everyone thinks in different ways! But we all think about one time....making more money and making products cheaper. I don't care that a union worker will make $200 more a year because that person will pay $350 that year to get a union member.

    • profile image

      exacerbated 5 years ago

      Hey db, I'm glad that you shared a link that was well written. Yet, it is still opinionated propaganda.

    • profile image

      db 5 years ago

      the issue is much greater than all of you are willing to admit. it's not about one lazy worker, or pensions, or health benefits. the problems with unions are widespread and cancerous. it is similar to how the government when allowed to be large and all encompassing becomes a cancer on the people.

      read for yourself some truly intelligent arguments against unions before you decide. taking one anecdotal story and forming an opinion is not going to help matters. the issue is not determined by your experience in a union or the experience of someone you know. the issue here is how unions are effecting the entire economic and social sectors of our country as a whole.

    • profile image

      UnionBuster 5 years ago

      I am almost 50 and started in construction right out of high school. Yes I know should have gone to college. However at 18 I was an electrician for non-union shop and worked hard.

      A long time friend of mine decided to go union at one point and everything he said about the pay, benefits etc sounded like a good idea. I really started to consider doing the same but then came the truth. My friend went to work as a union boy and decided to work his ass off to get ahead. That’s the way he had learned to do things in the real world. Just as it should be.

      One day he was given his work orders for the day and completed them within a couple of hours. BAD MISTAKE!! When he came to his leader to proudly ask for some more work to do he was severely chastised. “Boy when we give you a job you make it last all day”. He was also told to never carry anymore tools then he needed for that moment. “Boy you better not let me see you with all your tools in your belt”. He was told to go get a tool each time he needed it. Now this was a multi story building so each time he needed a different screw driver etc he had to go to the 1st floor and get it. This is how you make a 2 hour job last all day. After hearing this I decided to stay away from unions. I could see even at a very young age that the unions would only hold me back.

      Now let’s fast forward 30 some odd years. He finally gave up on unions and is currently working for a non union company and had to relearn his work ethic. As for me I continued to work hard and learn how to be efficient in my trade. This ultimately led me to open my own company and apply what I learned about hard work and efficiency. I have been in business now for almost 20 years and continue to feed my family. If I at 20 years old would have decided to go union I would be so screwed right now and would not have learned how to stand on my own 2 feet.

      Now don’t get me wrong I know a few (very few) hard working union guys but that’s because they know the truth and they are looking for a way out of the union stranglehold.

      They have serious problems with the strong arm tactics and the mobster mentality of their unions not to mention the socialistic points of view their union continues to spew.

      One of them told me how much it pisses him off to be told who to vote for and what to think.

      Bottom line is that unions create a non-efficient worker and I use the word worker loosely. They give these people a sense of entitlement not a sense of pride. They make companies bow to their demands and eventually in some cases collapse what was once a good company.

      Last point people should worry about. The electrical unions used to be considered the local brother hood of electricians. Now it is the international brotherhood of electricians. This should scare the hell out of real Americans that don’t want international influence in their Town, City, State or Country.

      Trust me call a non union company if you need the job done at a competitive price and done on time without all the drama that comes with using a union company.

      "Give Me Freedom Or Give Me Death" These are not just words. They really mean something. These words are what made us a great country and hopefully will make us GREAT again.

    • profile image

      Ninja 5 years ago

      We would not have what we have if we didn't have a union to stand behind us. We are retired now for about ten yrs and they are still helping us. These big companies are greedy and all they want is more money. They do not care about you their employees. Big example WALMART.

    • profile image

      Richard Foster 5 years ago

      My word, as I was reading your story about why unions sucked, alls I could picture is how crappy of an employ you must have been. Kids, I'm sorry to inform you but it's as plain as the nose on your face. When you are young with no experience you are almost useless. You will get the crappy jobs, that is so the hard workers move up and the worthless ones move out. Nobody owes you anything, you have to EARN IT!!!! Unions put money towards campaigns in order to ensure the candidate that would be elected is someone who is labor friendly and supports employees safety and helps a person make a better life for himself or herself. In most cases only pennies on the dollar goes to any support of a candidate and you have to sign a release of that donation or its not legal. Your argument against unions and how bad they are is so misleading.

    • profile image

      Danny 5 years ago

      The only experience I've ever had with a union is through the Teamsters Canada union and "El Presidente" Bill Brehl. Mr. Brehl is a joke of a leader, and the union is also a laughing matter. All they care about is the paycheck that they get from union dues taken from hard workers who spent their whole lives actually accomplishing something and putting in years of manual labor; something, which I imagine no one in that Teamsters Canada union knows a single thing about. They routinely lose files, have union reps call in sick when a meeting is scheduled and use every single excuse in the book to get out of actually helping their union members. Then when you call them on their bullshit they act like the steroid-riddled punk who used to pick on the smaller kids in high school to feel all macho about themselves. What a waste of space Teamsters Canada is!

    • profile image

      Billome 5 years ago

      The main reasons companies outsource is to pay less in wages, under three dollars an hour in mexico and under one dollar an hour in china. Another is to avoid U.S. taxes, other countries are giving tax breaks so the companies save even more money. Then when they ship their products back to the U.S. the tariffs are pennies on the dollar compared to what the U.S. is charged to export. The companies also do not have to pay things like medicare, FICA, or social security. Nor do they pay the unemployment % off the top of their earnings. But yes, lets blame the unions because Corporations want to pay less and make more money. Misinformation is the downfall of the common man. Stop blaming unions, and the president, and which ever political party you do not back. Start blaming yourself, for believing that these are the causes to your strife. Yes yes, Congress passes the laws (not the president, for you other fools) but congress is the lapdog of Big Business, and Big Business wants money, not rational beings. So they infuse the media with propaganda, and Americans swallow it and ask for more. Yet, everyone needs a comfort zone. So if your only comfort in life is to blame Unions for your troubles, Stay in the dark and keep spouting your troglodyte nonsense to anyone who will listen.

    • profile image

      unioniron4life 5 years ago

      Some people should not be able to bread. Rats complain more then proud union members. Every single person I have talked to who "was once a union member"(never a journeymen) has ALWAYS been a lummy p.o.s. and has always put the blame for their failure in life on someone else. You rats are somethin else...

    • profile image

      jdog 5 years ago

      I continue to hear people talk about how union workers are not lazy... etc. As a trucker I travel all over the US and one of my biggest issues is picking up or delivering at union based companies. (Mostly northeastern states.) 9AM start unloading. 10AM 15min break. 11:45AM lunch 2pm start working 3:15 break. 4pm off. Union worker's disgust me, they are trained to be lazy. That's why so many people moved south. Yes I did go to college.

    • profile image

      Heather 5 years ago

      Unions had their place and time. These days greed is what pushes unions to demand more money. Fantastic - but think about it, I mean really think about it. If you forced a company to raise your pay and benefits, you force them to raise the cost of the product/service they are selling. That in turn forces the comsumer (aka YOU) to pay more for that product/service. Think about this for the 3 vendors or suppliers that aid in that product or service also having to do the same to meet their union demands... it's a vicious cycle created by union greed for more.

      These days the general public has a case of "entitlement" which fuels greed, which would explain why people are going bankrupt left right and centre because they don't take accountability in their own life. They blame everyone else and feel that they are entitled to the same as Joe next door, even though Joe works 10x harder and says nothing.

      As an employer, I run a shop full of integrity, provide quality service, professionalism. I pay a good wage, provide training and ensure employee safety at all times. If a union comes here, I'll shut down immediately, not meant as a threat, just a fact. I've worked for a union when I was 20 and naïve and you're right - they do suck and protect the lazy, "entitled" sector.

    • profile image

      Matty 5 years ago

      You people are nuts.

      Do you have any idea how the middle class was built in this country? It was through cooperation between capitol, management AND labor. That solidified the middle class and made it prosper. Today we have a different situation where even poor people support your right to work for a lower wage. Where they support a businesses right to not compensate their workers (who, by the way, make their bosses their huge paychecks) a living wage.

      The era of cooperation has been replaced by capitol being taxed at ever lower rates (15% is too low, it must be lowered so we can create more jobs, even though the jobs we said we'd create over the last 30 years since our unearned income has been taxed at lower and lower rates haven't appeared), by management expecting an ever larger slice of the corporate pie (tens of millions in compensation for just ONE ceo, or one chairman, quarterly bonuses in the millions of dollars), and by capitol and management blaming all of their problems on the cost of labor. The worst thing is when working class people stick up for capitol or management who will never miss a chance to screw you. When managers who do less than slacking workers are compensated in the millions you have the nerve to complain about a labor union?

    • profile image

      Sheetmetal worker/upser 5 years ago

      If you cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen and I worked for ups for 5 yrs and YOU had the OPTION to join if you wanted you weren't forced to do it so hes lying plus any job you go to is gonna put more of a workload on you if they can see that you can handle more and UNIONS ARE GREAT!!! To me it just sounds like you are one of the lazy people that always wine about everybody else instead of goin and getting another job nobody made you stay there and ohh did ups pay for you to go to school I bet you they did so don't bad mouth ups or unions!!!!!

    • profile image

      hardworkingmom 5 years ago

      Everyone "claiming" to work for Unions on here are so warped. How come none of your stories or facts make sense? Why is it they all clash? Is the Union really this backwards? It must be, as this one woman says it is there for the parts of the country who weren't smart enough to go to college and get themselves a degree with a REAL job. You can say us real working americans are 'rich" etc, be hateful if you need to be. But let me also tell you to think before you open your mouth because we "rich folk" worked hard to get ourselves where we are at. We didn't get easy starts like you pro-Union people does. We make more money than you because we earn it. You should realize that we don't just pay out in taxes, we get bills that force us to also pay small "fees" here and there for all of your benefits you apply for because you claim to be so poor. What a joke. Your welcome for the free heat I bought you last winter! You can't compare our tax dollars to yours, and if you do it is your own fault for not getting a real job in the first place. And UPS doesn't stand for Union, because of that one comment I guess Unions also hire undergraduates who never finished high school as well? You can't even begin to trash me, people. I've lived on my own since I was 15 and I have ALWAYS had a job. I grew up on a farm, there is not a single day in my life I have NOT worked my butt off or had a break. I got pregnant and while pregnant I went to college and graduated with flying colors because I tried and I succeeded, I also did this while working full time. My job then wasn't easy, and being pregnant didn't help, but I still did it. I didn't sit here on a website complaining about it. When my baby was here I was able to quit my old job and start my new dream career and now make ten times more than I've ever made my entire life. And you know what? i got here, but I never once worked for any Union . . . PERIOD. So tell me the Union is better, go ahead. I will just gladly disagree with you and go on living my life NOT miserable like a Union worker.

    • profile image

      shleestack! 5 years ago

      idk anything about unions but i got fired for false "employee, customer" complaints. i was there for 9 months started on part time and for showing such "great work ethic" as they put it they put me to full time within a week. well i would work 12-15 hr days as a newbee while EVERYONE except the GM would only work up to 9hrs, well after about my fourth month there the boss started ignoring me for my counts and for keys that only he could do and when he wasnt ignoring me he was yelling at me in front of customers, he had a few meetings with me on days when the union stuard wasn't working and he would tell me things like be invisible and stop drinkn mountain dew and just say hi and bye to ppl, well i did what he said except for the dew but it seemd like he was tryn to make me quit, but when i got fired my union stuard didn't defend me or even say anything during my termination, i don't know anything about unions but i KNOW THIS SHIT AINT RIGHT!!!!!

    • profile image

      lonepoet 5 years ago

      Its nice to know they care about their workers... except at 12pm when we all take an hour lunch at the same time... and after 5pm when were closed.... and on the weekends... and holidays... but any other time care... unless we can pay you off so you don't make a big deal...

    • profile image

      cal 5 years ago

      In Canada unions are Not Optional. Maybe some but none that I've heard of. Pretty creepy huh?

    • profile image

      jordan m c 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Jennifer 5 years ago

      I also worked for UPS, but back when unions were strong. Then ( 25 years ago), I made $10.15 hr. Put myself though college with that money. We can always complain about something. At the time I did not like the union. That is until one supervisor said that women could not do the job and harassed me. I contacted the union and they made sure I was dealt with fairly. No special treatment...They stood next to my supervisor and timed me just like he did. I was just as fast and did just as good of a job as any guy did. ( I was the only woman on his crew) He was required to to take a class on harassment. He later apologized for his treatment of me and I worked well with him for another 2 years. He had never seen a women do that job. Yes some rules are stupid. But that doesn't make unions bad.

    • profile image

      Kuehnau 5 years ago

      Work in retail for a few years and then you'll know what working outside of a union is really like. I busted my ass for Walmart for three years before I was terminated under questionable circumstances after I filed a complaint about a shift manager. There was no one there to back me up, there was no one there to help me, I was SOL.

      I worked at Walmart for 3 years and I made $8.45, a friend of mine works at Walmart and has been there for 6 years now and he makes under $10.00 an hour. Don't let Walmart fool you, on average most retail employees only get around $0.15 for raises a year.

      You can sit there and argue that unions don't have a purpose and protect the lazy people, but in my own experiences, the lazy people are protected anyways. Walmart had tons of people that simply showed up and didn't do their jobs, but they kept them around because they were "good with the customers".

      The fact of the matter is, don't worry about the other person, you worry about yourself and one one else, it's that simple. Who cares about the other person? Quite frankly, it isn't your business anyways.

      Right now I work with a union, I get paid close to $11.00 an hour right now and every three months I get a $0.30 raise. They offer great health care, double over time, paid vacation and even free, on site health care. You'd never get those sorts of benefits outside of a union unless you were a CEO.

    • profile image

      charlene 5 years ago

      How about when the union lets the people you have to answer to jion the same union you are in what does that tell you. They call the shots on when they want to follow union rules and everyone you go to passes the buck. You can't trust your shop stuard because they run back to everyone and tell them what you are doing and when you call the union rep they sound all tuff but really don't help. Example someone is messing with the time cards like crossing out the times when you punch out and hand write in another time making you lose time. Everyone you go to say"they can't do that" but do nothing to help you look into it. Ihave no faith in the union.

    • profile image

      Gary 5 years ago

      Unions might not be perfect but they are often the only form of protection many workers have from exploitation by powerful corporations

    • profile image

      Limey 5 years ago

      When a Union Rep is caught sleeping at his desk-what kind of example does this set for the other pro union workers? That watching NetFlixs ALL day is a better option, at least your awake!

      How can the labor union protect people like this with a clear conscious? The original deployment of such an organization was to protect workers from extreme hours & conditions. How extreme is the work place now in some of these companies that the ability to sleep & watch movies all day?

    • profile image

      Cal 5 years ago

      maybe your boss has a hair across his ass because you're a lazy worker. Unions aren't necessary, they create their own conflict to justify their existence (and your dues). I worked an entire month for the union last year. They spent it on pamphlets, a new parking spot for the union rep, and unfiring two stellar individuals who thought it would be funny to drive to work drunk and operate (drive) extremely heavy equipment around their fellow union workers. I thank the union for good workers to go unrecognized in lieu of waiting one's turn and for the lazy wokers allowed to poison the environment and create tension. How is it that i didn't have the choice to opt out of the union?? Oh, I am Canadian and proudly not in a Union (now). I think every unionized worker should think for themselves. Question what their dues are spent on. Unless you're lazy because then it's money well spent.

    • profile image

      jim 6 years ago

      unions are good no matter what you say,next time you go to work,and your boss has a hair across his ass thank the union because with out it you would be gone,no recourse next time you get fired first thing a lawyer will say do you have a contract,right there is why you need a union.

    • profile image

      unionburned 6 years ago

      unions are only as good as their locals.i came from a highly unionized state (where i plied my trade beside union and nonunion folks alike- No hassle ever from the union)Then i moved to a supposedly Right-to-Work state: where low and behold- i could only get work in my trade by joining the local.

      Flash forward ten years-never any insurance coverage- any injury had to be paid out of pocket because the local wouldn't cover-Only way a woman could get aHead was to give a little-or alot, which usually ended up with all the b-wigs GF's an ol ladies gettin the prime gigs- i speak up- they don't like this & freeze me out-but they can't -i've gotten to far up the ladder by sheer hard work alone(plus more'n thity years exp.)

      Then...i find out that lil good ol boys local never even SENT my appy to the international-thus DEFRAUDING me for ten years (an makin a HUGE joke out of this fact behind my back)When i call em on their fraud- they turn around and slander and defame me and my reputation-not to mention destroying my sons hope of following in the family trade-all because a bunch of trustafarian frat boys wanted to play at being union thugs-How're those FEDERAL CHARGES workin out for ya there guys?Hope youse get the bunk next to Madoff)!

      One has only to look at USDOL criminal charges goin back about ten or fifteen years to see that unions aren't on the side of workers-union execs are the only ones makin big bucks (for themselves). An here they've seemingly got it all sewn up-because in a Right to Work state-there ain't agency or entity legal or otherwise-that;ll take on great and powerful UNION-pay no attention to the thug behind the curtain...oh,MR Iron Worker union guy-you ain't gettin paid enough=i got a better rate to go up 90'!

    • profile image

      NYC Const 6 years ago

      Just to give you an additional prospective. I work for a union construction company in NYC. The type of work is street and road construction. A union laborer is paid $38.34 per hour in addition to this my company has to pay a union stamp of $31.50 per hour. So the total paid for a union laborer per hour is $38.34 to the employee + $31.50 to the union = $69.84 per hour.

      As an employer there is both benefits and negatives:

      Some of the benefits are:

      The stamp per hour pays for the employees pension and health insurance which is provided by the union.

      Employees know exactly what they are paid and raises are set in the union contract.

      This forces the union workers to have a pension so when they retire they are still paid well through there pension.

      Some of the negatives:

      The last few years the economy has suffered yet every year the wages and benefits increased about 7.5% per year.

      I am sure for the employees that could plan their own retirement and pay their own health insurance they would be much better off being paid $69.84 per and paying the cost of insurance and retirement themselves.

      Some additional info:

      Jobs are not guaranteed and if I want to fire somebody I can just fire them and there is nothing the union will do about it so this forces the workers not to be lazy.

    • profile image

      robert 6 years ago

      i was an oil man working as swamper and driver for the rigs etc.. BUSTING MY HUMP FREEZING MY ARSE AT -40C and now i am a union member and dam proud of it. i work my 40 hrs and get paid good wages for the top notch work i do. my job is secured and i can retire at 55 if i felt like it HA !! ..LIVE BETTER WORK UNION !!!

    • profile image

      Steve 6 years ago

      Lol. Glad to be Canadian All you anti union Americans make me sick talking about lazy people not being able to get fired. Well I hope you arm gets cut off and your non union employer fires your ass because your disabled. Non union supporters reminds me of the mexicans they are all thrying to undercut each other to be the cheapest guys working I'd rather be a starving and unemployed than make profits for greed and when I work fir a unfare wage it jeers the otherguys making a fare wage. No one fights for fare wages they just try to undercut the next guy a bunch of minions fighting minions well greed gets richer because there is always another American or Mexican doing a cheaper job A race to the bottom no wonder minimum wage never goes up Sorry for the bad spelling and grammer Im just a dumb millwright but I made 92,000 which I think is a fare wage considering where I live a place where people have pride so the non union plants suffer from large turnover and lack Of skill because no one wants to work for fuck all

    • profile image

      unionsbreedlifers 6 years ago

      im paying union dues and im not even in the union yet, i wonder what they traded off for the extra coin. yeah im proud to be in a union, if it weren't for them the warehouse i work at would have a ratio of 20-80% full/part-timers instead of this reasonable 50/50.gotta hand it to the union, i just have to work a little overtime to pay for it. oh, we're being sent home early again, looks like i'll just have to try a little harder to get those 44 hours in. how come the union members keep bitching about how things used to be, i thought shit gets better with age?

    • profile image

      chell 6 years ago

      I work for ups and after one month i got a 1$ raise. this is my very first job and for the first 6 weeks i had union dues taken out but they dont take them out anymore. ups is probably the most fun and easiest work ive ever done. coming from a 5'2 115 pound 18 year old girl.

    • profile image

      proud to be a union member 6 years ago

      @let the people decide... wtf r u even talking about??? u have no clue as to what u r talking about... my dues have never and will never be deducted from my paycheck... we either go to the union hall to pay our dues, mail in a check to pay our dues, or pay it online... but you can have the option to have ur dues deducted from ur paychecks that what u dont pay late... if a worker is out of work, all they have to do is call the hall and let them know the situation as to y they cant pay their dues... and they will gladly pay it for u... excellent work, u have no clue what excellent work is... these non union workers have no where near the level of skill a union worker has

    • profile image

      Let the people decide 6 years ago

      If unions are so good, don't require employers to deduct the dues from the pay check. Allow the workers to remit dues by writing a check. Then the union membership themselves will speak as to the value they receive from a particular union.

      I also find it funny how the union leadership pays itself so much money that they are in the 1%, and convince their membership they are looking out for them. If they reduced their annual salary to even $100,00, they could actually reduce the union dues.

      I have hired electricians, builders, and plumbers to do work on my property. I always hired non-union small business owners who have provided excellent work. Hire people with their name on the company truck. You'll likely get excellent service.

    • profile image

      proud union worker 6 years ago

      Good thing u didn't join the IBEW... what's so skilled about a sparkie? All they do is pull wire and bend conduit...

      I worked as a non-union sheet metal worker for several years... i started off making 10 an hour... when i left i was making 15... keep in mind i was running my own jobs with a company truck and gas card and i wasn't making shit... i had horrible health insurance and the scab owner didn't offer vision or dental, just medical... i had no pension or 401... i would be lucky enough to get raise when i asked... work quality was horrible and when it came to working steadily, id be sitting at home a day or 2 cause work was slow for us... i had enough... went behind the owners back and went to apply for the sheet metal workers union in l.a.... got a letter for my test date and passed it... i was interviewed in front of the committee and handed me a packet and welcomed me into the union... best decision of my life... when i joined, a 1st year apprentice with no skill or knowledge of the trade started off at $18 and some change... i loved it... not to mention the raise we get every 6 months... joining the union was the best career move ive ever made... not only for myself but for my family

      Now all this talk about us being lazy and what not... i don't know what the fuck yall r talking about... I work for the 2nd largest mechanical contractor on the west coast and 3rd in the US... i work on some of the biggest jobs around from dodger stadium, staples center, all of l.a. live, and the new addition to LAX aiport, so best believe any slackers we have working for us will get handed their 2 checks right away... we don't tolerate laziness... maybe if ur part of the Teamsters Union, but not in the building trades union... so fuck off with all these bullshit rumors and lies u scabs come up with

    • profile image

      Regular Guy 6 years ago

      Luckily I had family members in unions.. mostly IBEW and steel workers. I did not go to college because it wasn't for me. I was luckily born with a talent in electronics so it worked out for me. I tried joining the IBEW but when I took the test (which was easy) and saw the qualilty of people applying for the job i never returned their calls. I know that was stuck-up of me but o well I grew up to have pride in my job and myself. but whatever I didn't have a salty taste in my mouth about unions until I starting working with my current company.

      The company that I work for is non-union and no employee will ever vote for it. Hard workers are rewarded, promotions can be every year (large promotions) if you work your ass off and lack of work are terminated imediatley. unions say non - union companies don't take car of employees.. but i have the same no cost insurance, was able to but my girlfriend on my medical (no-marriage) have a company car i take home, they pay my utilities, and profit share every year. with more benefits. I can work 2 hours but get paid 8 and able to gain overtime pay after 8 hours. and i've only been here for 3 years.

      so besides my AWSOME benefits... they reason I hate unions is when I had to travel to Atlantic city I had some products going in at one of their casinos which would take me 45 mins by myself to install and train employees. But since I was in atlantic city I cannot do anything. The unions had to take 4 people to move a table, 2 people to drill a hole in the table, and 3 guys to run the wires. But due to their manditory breaks, taking forever to think about how to do it, and other bullshitting around it took 4 hours to get it built then i still had to train the employees how operate it.

      after everything was all said and done, their work/skills was pathectic, the quality was shitty like one of our new hires. now I refuse to travel their and now the company hired a guy just for the purpose of putting up with the unions bullshit.

      Yes not all unions are bad... and yes they did do great things in the beginning.. but now are useless.. you keep talking about walmart and mcdonalds, etc but those are jobs for people who didn't make the right choices. why does a person who decided to drop out of school and still to this day do nothing to better themselves deserve awsome pay?

      and lastly when a union bashes my girl because shes non union at kaiser that just shows unions don't care about people.. they care for there dues.. acording to them my girl is stealing their jobs... Sorry she was able to get a job that pays more than your union does without having to join a union.

      but unions will never go away... their just as big and evil as the corporations they fight... the only real workers today are the middle class non-unions, we are the one who start businesses, work, pay for our future and stimulate the economy. OUR pension arent being bailed out, WE arent lobbying politicians, WE arent creating bills to only benefit us, WE don't protect criminals, WE DON"T TAKE MONEY FROM OUR KIDS EDUCATION FUNDING.

    • profile image

      BS Condolensces 6 years ago

      BS, sorry to hear about the loss of your father. Hopefully, he was not defined by his job. It is clear he could not hold down a steady job for various reasons. Hopefully he passed many of the useful life skills learned down to his family. Maybe you could move to another country to see if your luck can improve elsewhere. Companies are not in the business of providing jobs or healthcare, they are in business to make money. If you want to support yourself, best bet is to invent something or start your own business. I thank my dad (who was a disabled American Veteran) for giving me the work ethic to perform and deliver results.

      Buy AMERICAN!!!

    • profile image

      BS 6 years ago

      Eulogy for Robert Staudt

      There’s something about my father that you may not know – he’s a folk hero of labor. You see, once he started working, he didn’t stop his whole life. He liked making things, he liked doing things right, he was persistent until the task was complete. But let’s not kid ourselves, the real reason he kept on working was because of his family. He did for me, my brother, and my mom. No matter how tough things got, he kept on working, he kept on working.

      For 12 years he put windows together, but then there was a strike, he stood on a picket line, and unfortunately the company shut down. Now, the big wigs of that company are set for life, they get to drink fancy wine and eat juicy steak every day. They get together sometimes and discuss art, philosophy, act all intellectual, but they give no thought to a man who gets a $400 lump sum as his pension for 12 years of labor. My father takes that money, buys a freezer from Sears and he kept on working, he kept on working.

      He did some roofing, layed pipes, mowed lawns, collected cans off the side of the road, couldn’t find a steady job for over three years. Then one Christmas Eve, the phone rings, my mother takes a message, it’s about a job he applied for. My dad gets home, calls em back, and do you know what they say? “Sorry, we’re not hiring”. The next day, my dad is shoveling a neighbor’s sidewalk for ten bucks. He kept on working, he kept on working.

      Later, he finally gets a steady job making pliers. And sometimes he gets written warnings for not making rate. You see, the management thinks men are machines, they’re not allowed to have a bad day, not allowed to have feelings. My dad laughs to himself cause he knows that someday, the company will replace all men with machines, and when they break there’ll be nobody to fix em. My dad signs those written warnings without saying a word and he kept on working, he kept on working.

      One day he saw a man get crushed to death by a machine – the company enjoys skimping on safety features. OSHA fined the company $78,500 but that don’t mean anything, a man’s family is pained forever. Of course the company contested the fine. No one’s sure if it was upheld or not, they don’t mention things like that in the local paper, no reason to hurt the company’s reputation. My father thought about Perry everyday for the rest of his life and he kept on working, he kept on working.

      Another time he hurt his back at work. The doctor gave him pills that made him drowsy. He should have been able to stay home and recover. But it was more cost effective for the company to make him sit in a cage and do nothing. But that’s not all, here’s the dirty trick – if he fell asleep from the prescribed medication that made him drowsy, he’d be fired. And the company zookeeper, pardon me, I mean nurse, would come around every once in a while to mock him, pardon me, I mean check on him. He was treated like an animal but he kept on working, he kept on working.

      A new contract vote is up. There’s rumors of layoffs, people are scared. This contract is not a very fair one at all to the workers. Healthcare goes up a gazillion percent. Benefits are reduced to crumbs. They should go on strike but people are scared, they wanna keep their jobs, they don’t really have a choice. Sadly, this is happening everywhere, it seems no one has a choice anymore. My dad was 53 years old, he didn’t have a choice, he voted “Yes” and he kept on working, he kept on working.

      Then this Christmas Eve, my dad gets a letter. He’s very upset, almost in tears. The letter says he lost his unemployment appeal and has to pay back over $2000. This is a lot of money for a man making $9.81 per hour after 21 years of service. How’s he gonna pay, will he lose the house, should he pawn his father’s watch – I can horridly imagine the thoughts that may have gone through my father’s mind. Some official in some agency makes a decision with no reflection of how it may alter a family’s life. My father dies Christmas morning.

      But guess what, and I know you’re gonna find this hard to believe, but he kept on working, he kept on working.

      You see, Santa Klaus has a lot of houses to visit and it’s impossible for him to get to them all. So he has to contract some of the work out to angels – they can fly ya know. My father got hired. His territory was Northwestern PA. His job was to place coal in the stockings of all the bad people. And there are lots of bad people and my dad knows who they are. So he kept on working, he kept on working.

      Thanks dad.

    • profile image

      Non-union 6 years ago

      Unions are a joke! I worked in one for 7 years just to see all of the above. I have seen no skill at all from guys that can get a bid based on seniority not skill. But then you can have a skilled guy that is real good. Because he has been there for 30 years. In that 30 years he should have been fired for calling sick 5 to 6 times a year, or taking 30 minute breaks when they should be 10 minutes.

      Unions pay operators more cause its considered skilled work. There is no such thing as an operator in the union! They are all attendants, if something happen s they call maintance.

      Maintenance mechanics were good 30 years ago now they can't keep up with the times! But they still have a job, why? Because the union keeps them around.

      Union dues are 2 and half times your hourly rate. On a 25$ an hour job that 62.50 a month.

      I pay less than that for better insurance than them.

      Union pension is no money out of pocket. But 30 years from now it will only pay for a cardboard box on the side of the road. At least my 401k and free profit sharing is growing everyday!


    • profile image

      michigan 6 years ago

      To those of you who hate unions: why did you accept employment initially with a Union company? And why don't you quit that Union company and go to work for a non-Union company, if you think the non-Union company is so great?

    • profile image

      Um....Yeah 6 years ago

      The Unions get paid to "protect". It's more of a greed thing I think. Someone was complaining about the whole 99% thing and how unions level the income playing field. All of your union bosses are a part of the 1% that doesn't pay their fare share of the taxes. They are constantly trying to get new members, constantly lobbying lawmakers to change the laws that prevent employees from companies like Fedex from unionizing. Just trying to line their pockets. I've been working for fedex for 9 years (I've believed unions suck for much longer) I make $19+ an hour, If i'd worked for UPS for the same amount of time I'd probably still be a package handler making $13 an hour and I'd be stuck where I was living before because there are restrictions on your ability to transfer. No issues with the non-union jobs I've had for the last 20 years. I've got a 401k and a PENSION, a non-union PENSION. All I have to do is work, earn my money then all the money gets deposited into my account. None of it goes to the union/lobby

    • profile image

      I.W. Local # 3 6 years ago

      I am a union ironworker when you nonunion workers can work 200 feet in the air on steel beams 8 inches wide or smaller covered in snow and ice then u can call me lazy or say the $30.38 per hour i make is too much.

    • profile image

      Nolan 6 years ago

      Union Supporters; You are all sponges. Of course you think that Unions protect all people. They protect YOU with benefits, while filling you're empty skulls with myths about it protecting all. You know why this is possible? Most of you are uneducated, and in all honestly, for lack of being politically correct...just plain dumb. I find it amusing that you can actually believe that Unions care for non-union workers??? It's funny, because most of you morons are probably self-proclaimed, "Republicans." I know this, because you like to hunt, like the military, and are probably racist. Yet, you do not realize that Republicans value the work ethic and never ending potential of one's self. Do you know realize that Union leaders are continuously in someone's pocket? How else do you explain being able to have 4 guys watch 1 man do a job, and all be paid good money for it? And P.S. "yourmom," who wrote like 14 months ago. You're post seems like a monkey did a tap dance on your keyboard for your post. No wonder why our country is in such bad shape. It's uneducated plebeians like yourself that drain us hard working individuals, who paid for their progress, dry. Union sponges; Get a friggin clue.

    • profile image

      Jason 6 years ago

      Well I've worked union here in Alberta , Canada and make 170,000 a year and only work mabey 8 months a year and local 146 boilermakers has one of the greatest pension plans here. I can retire at 55 and get my 6000 a month! From what I see is only slugs and losers that can't do a days job complain because the union does not want them! So to all you winers suck it up princess!

    • profile image

      Jason 6 years ago

      Unions are designed to protect everyone! That could be a two sided blade. If the employee is a screw up, why should they be kept on as an employee? Our entire economy is going in the hole, because the good worker can't get a job.... The job is occupied by some unskilled lazy people.

      As a manager, it's simple. I give you money, and you do a job for me.... Now, you have a union that says, give the money to the employee even though he doesn't do a good job... To add insult to injury the employee will give me money monthly, and the company has to give me money on top of that. Now depending on their seniority you have even have to promote the lazy worker!

      I may talk slow, but I'm not that stupid. Unions have one purpose. To make themselves and their higher "management" wealthy. Where does the money go? A slush fund? A golf tournament? They don't protect employees. If an employee is injured there are all sorts of different government agencies that will jump to help.... Ones who worry about their job security, are the ones that are lazy. If you're a hard worker and are working for a reputable company, then you should have no problems. But If you're working for Al's company Ltd. who happens to be a pissed off guy that didn't make it in the real world, then you need to go to school and educate yourself in making better decisions as to who YOU pick as the employer.

      What's sad, is that there are some real lazy people (including people in this very post) who argue that the union is good..... There IS NOTHING good about a union. People need to wake up and see that the union no longer has any authority. Read your CBAs people, it's a photocopy of we now have which is the law!

    • profile image

      jimi 6 years ago

      im workin at ups now and couldn't agree more! all the union backers don't understand what its like to work there and watch what really goes on. i want my money, not the unions, mine!

    • profile image

      UnitedWeBargainDividedWeBeg 6 years ago

      Bunch of greedy scabs and rats! We organize to survive. Jobs are going overseas cause the CEO's and corporate conglomerates only care about the bottom line. If they cared about American workers,companies would pay better wages thus eliminating the need for collective bargaining. Unions stand up against unregulated wage slavery, and that is why we still need them. Unions are the ones who won the 40 hour work week and the eight hour day...Oh and time and a half for overtime. The government didn't give us these rights, we had to fight for them, fight the damn corporations tooth and nail, strike after strike. The unions won all this for the ungrateful American white collar paper pushers using computers with too much institutional education and no experience. google search the Ludlow massacre...

    • profile image

      joel 6 years ago

      Haha nonsense unions are just like lawyers... Blood sucking monsters!!! No matter how you look at it , its not worth it! They come at you with "job security" but really you can still get fired it just takes an extra step! People modern laws will protect you now! Unions are not needed!

    • profile image

      Rob1963 6 years ago

      Get an education. Get a job (or start a business). Work hard. Be responsible. Buy insurance. Save some money. Retire Wealthy. It's not rocket science but it requires hard work and sacrifice. If we all followed these guidelines our world would be a very prosperous place. Imagine if we all paid the same percentage of our income in tax.

      Many of us fail to understand that you are being paid to be a safe and productive part of a team. If you wish to make more money then ,BEFORE you take the job,find out if this career will pay you what you wish to earn. If you want to spend your life bolting part a to part b then don't expect to make much more then a casual worker in China makes. Sooner or later your job will disappear, union or non-union. You may have a few more years of bolting parts working for a union, but the reality is your skill is not worth much and the enevitable will occur. The market will decide what your work ethic and skills are worth and even massive auto-makers can only survive so long if overpaying employees. Sure the Government can help for awhile but sooner or later people (taxpayers) start to realize they are subsidizing your inflated wage.

      The wonderful benefit of living in a free country is that we are able to make decisions that can fulfill our future dreams. Too many people are demanding that our employer,government and fellow citizens fulfill their dreams for them. Istead of blaming this recession on "wall street" , "the rich" "big mean corporations" , exercise your right to decide your own future and refer to paragragh 1 in this comment.

    • profile image

      N Kirby Best 6 years ago

      Ask yourselves how many jobs have been lost because companies have moved out of the USA due to Unions and the costs created by them?

    • profile image

      Tyson 6 years ago

      I work somewhere where you start at 11.83 ab hour. We are very short of people, but since there is better money else where no one WANTS to work there. Also since we are in a union they can't give out any better minimum wage. I'm sure if they really needed people they would pay better buutttttt they can't! If you drove 1 hour away to another city doin the exact same work they start at 18 dollars an hour because they are not in a union. Also because they aren't payin us enough there is a lazy work ethic. If they payed us better everyone there would work their buts off

    • profile image

      Relic 6 years ago

      unions would not have been so bad if they were optional. The fact that you either join or you cannot work is simply wrong. If unions are truly so great, people will join willingly, the fact that it is not the case already states that there is a lack of confidence, as in "not so great". Let people choose, those that want to join and pay the dues for these "protections" and "benefits", let them, but those that do not want these "protections" and "benefits", they should be allowed to as well.

    • profile image

      Myiqhigherthanyours 6 years ago

      I love how all the pro Union people defend the Union to Walmart and Mcdonald jobs.. losers!!!! Yet, everyone of them have to defend or make known they are not lazy workers, however, the also include the fact if they make noise or don't perform well they could lose their job. With the Union they are protected... Two words morons...Detroit Michigan,,, go visit and see how thriving this once a very powerful and fruitful city is doing now....THANKS TO YOUR UNIONS!!!! I do very well now but I haven't always. I've worked my share of hard labor jobs, but because i'm not lazy and I have fair intelligence I am proud to say Mcdonalds has never been on my previous employers inquiry or Wal-Mart. They are jobs for retired people and High School kids. That tells me the ones defending the Union were lazy from the get go.... I laugh my ass off at all of you trying to defend the Union, because it is very obvious you aren't smart enough to know you DON'T PS. I wish I could talk to all the Union lovers in 10 years when their pensions are broke and they are looking for another Union.

    • profile image

      The Reality Checker 6 years ago

      The Rich people must love you. So you made 8.50 and got two raises in a year. Without the Union know what you'd be getting. Hears a hint minium wage and if you didn't like it all well. Complain to much and they would have fired you got your buddies involved they would have found some other jobless person to do it instead. With Unions you have a voice. No Union no rights. And I know I've work at none Union jobs you make waves you lose job.

    • profile image

      MIke 6 years ago

      I have driven a truck for twenty years and have always worked safe and never been in a union.

      Union workers are lazy, overpaid crybabies...they get the best pay, the best benefits and the best retirement and yet they whine and complain and always bad mouth the companies they work for.

      Union workers are worthless, at my job I load, unload, drive, make inside deliveries, drive the forklift and whatever else needs to be done.

      at a union dock there is one person to load, one to unload and another one to put freight away and another one to drive...

    • profile image

      JonnyBgoode 6 years ago

      @iamjustsaying...I agree with most of what you say. The bottom line is you really have to look out for number one. If you are a union guy so be it. You no better than non-union. If you are non-union and will NEVER be union that is fine too. You are also no better that union. At the end of the day you have to feel good about what you do and how you do it. Taking care of you and family comes first.

      The issue I have is the union posts claiming non-union folks are not as good. We just landed a job in a union state and these union workers are all about what they have to do and only that. Tell them to do something outside there scope and they let you know. Tell them you want more productivity and they say that they are putting out what is in their scope. I understand the idea. But I think the idea has become lost.