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Why Vegans Are Annoying

Updated on January 5, 2020
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why are vegans annoying. what makes them annoying. not all vegans are annoying. dont make me be a part of your identity.


Before people go crazy on me

Let me introduce myself first before people call me names and such. I used to be a vegetarian from 2013-2017 and a vegan from 2017-2018, but stopped since my diet wasn't to good for my health. The vegan diet wasn't the problem, but I am just not good at cooking, so my diet was based on bread and veggies. And I am also allergic to fruits and nuts, which is also extremely bad, if you are a vegan.

Also, my current girlfriend, who I have been dating for over a year now, is also vegan. And I mostly eat vegan food, whenever I am with her. Not because she expects it of me, but because I care for her.

Reasons why a lot of Vegans are annoying.

I am living in Tokyo, Japan right now and my girlfriend from Germany came over to visit me. Japan is known to be very vegan unfriendly, because most of Japans food is based on fish, egg and meat. A lot of Japanese people don't even really know what veganism is and there have been cases, where Japanese chefs feel offended, when people order dishes, but without certain ingrediences in them. For instance, a friend of mine once tried to order a dish with egg in it, but he wanted it without the egg. He told that to the waitress, who was capable of speaking English, but she was confused. The conversation kind of went like this:

Friend: I would like to order X, but without egg please.

Waitress: So you don't want this dish?

Friend: No, I just don't want the egg in it.

Waitress: So you don't want it??

Friend: No, I just want to have this dish, but without egg.

Waitress: What is wrong with the egg?

Friend: ...

Of course, this doesn't happen everywhere and people in Japan are getting more used to veganism and such, since it is becoming more popular everywhere and a lot of tourists from overseas travel to Japan, but it is still a big issue here.

Anyways, my girlfriend arrived on christmas, she already looked up some vegan restaurants in Tokyo ( there aren't too many, even though Tokyo is probably one of the best cities to eat food at) and we basically went out to eat vegan food daily. It's not a big issue for me to only eat vegan food, because I am used to it and I basically support anyone in their beliefs, as long as they don't harm people. But being vegan in Tokyo was really annoying and seeing the people in these vegan restaurants was probably even worse. Japan is known for its kind people, whenever you seek for help and ask a Japanese person, they do everything they can to help you. Sometimes they even help you, if you just look like you need help. That also applies in other areas, like being silent on trains, waiting in qeues, being respectful of each other, basically not behaving like a total douchebag anywhere. But that wasn't the case in most of these vegan restaurants.

Vegan restaurants are mostly visited by tourists in Japan and just being in most of these restaurants, was a dissapointing experience. The food was mostly delicious, fair for the price and expected for the location, but how most of the foreign customers were behaving, was one the worst things I have experienced in my Japan stay. Those vegan people were complaining about the quality of the food, about the portion sizes, about the prices and almost everything. Also, there is this app for vegans, which is called Happycow, where almost all vegan places in different cities are enlisted and people can write reviews and some of the reviews from vegans are beyond respectless. Today I went to a British pub in Shibuya, where they serve vegan pizza and almost every single review on the app was 1-2 stars. Vegans were complaining about the price of the pizza, the taste and the size. Some of them even wrote, that they were going to complain in the pub about the food, because it wasn't what they had wished for.

How can people expect 5 star food from a 2 star place? Like, I don't go to McDonalds and expect to eat the best food of my life. All I want it some food in me and thats it. So I don't go to a British pub in Japan to eat a 5 star vegan meal. The expectation that some of these vegans have, is beyond my understanding.

Another issue which I have with most vegans, is there passion to be special. Most of them are only vegan, because they want to receive a special treatment and want recognition. You experience that feeling, when vegans introduce themselves to you and the 3rd thing they say about themselves is, that they are vegan. I don't mind if you are vegan and live like it, but don't insist on me being apart of your veganism. If you want to go out with me to a BBQ and insist that your veggies are cooked seperately, then go screw yourself. If you try to convince everyone that veganism is better than any other way of living, go screw yourself again.

Don't get me wrong. I don't think that all vegans are annoying, as I stated before, my girlfriend is vegan and I love her, but since veganism has become very main stream, a lot of people are vegan for the wrong reason. Those vegans and their way of being vegan, make my life more annoying, because I have to deal with their beliefs and stupitidy. Be vegan for the right reason, be that way for yourself and do it independetly. And don't be a douche to chefs and restaurants, because things don't fit to your weird standards.


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