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Why are we here, on Earth?

Updated on September 28, 2012

The writer had to ask the question, why are we here? That is, why are we here on Earth? This is because of an incident that happened while the writer was traveling with other passengers. Their bus was stopped by a military man without any reason and their driver was ordered to park while other vehicles were allowed to drive on freely. The passengers felt bad because they did not understand why their journey was hindered. They were allowed to continue on their journey after about 5 minutes delay or more. Then after about 10 minutes of drive, they saw an accident that just happened (A mark and a long bus) and about three of the victims died at the spot while some were injured and others were unharmed. One of the victims was so severed that his abdominal contents could be seen and his waist was cut.

It was at point that the passengers recalled that one of the vehicle involved in the accident was among those that passed their bus when they were delayed. The passengers also realized that the delay might have helped them to avoid being the victims of an accident so they thanked God for he works in a mysterious way.

. They also knew that it would have been any of them. That is, it can happen to anyone. The victims were almost close to their destination yet it happened when they least expected it. That is why the writer wondered and asked, why are we here on earth if we can depart when we least expected.

Many people have died but the truth is that we all have a reason for being here on Earth. We have a part to play here on earth and we have already played some part.

However, it seems most people do not play any part in human history because the world is like a stage and we, as actors, play different roles. There are major characters and minor character, just as in a movie. There are also those that do not have any major or minor role yet they are necessary in the making of a movie.

Some people can be actors only in their family in that they are concern about the well-being of their family while some people have families but they are so selfish or unreasonable that they care little or not at all for their children, wives, and others. That is all they care about is their self. We also have people that take care of, not only their families, but that of others. That is they made the problems of others, their own problems. We also have those that act on the state level, or national level. Then we have those that act on the world stage. These are the people that make decisions that can affect world history. Most of these people also act in the state and national stages. They are not only the politician because they are some individuals that made their way to national and world stages. These includes those individual that fought for a redefinition of human right, justice, end to slavery, religious tolerance among many other global or national issues.

Some people let others give them a role in life while others choose their own role in this human drama. Whatever maybe the case and when we depart unexpectedly, we can only be remembered by the role we played here on Earth and at the stage we played. It is because of this fact that some people are only remembered and known in their family while others are known in their nation and even across other nations. It is also important for us to realize that the role we play in life can affect others either positively or negatively.

Therefore since we all have a role to play in life, no matter how small, what matters most is how well we play the role and if it is really the role we want to play and the stage we play our role. That is why we are here, on the stage, and it is better we know it while we are still alive because only few men has the power and the ability to know what happens even when they are proclaimed dead.


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