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Why do people prefer to watch Tv instead of reading a good book or growing themselves personally?

Updated on June 9, 2009

This is written in response to a fellow hubber on the above question in Latest Hub Requests .

 How many people like to read?  Or take a class at a community college? Or commute back and forth to a campus to take classes for personal development?

Not many!  Why is that?

There are many reasons and sometimes, it’s personal or it’s a personality thing (some personality like to relax  and take it easy), but there are a few reasons why it’s easier to plop oneself  in front of the television:

1. You have a long day’s work.

Your boss is cranky and lousy, always barking orders and not cutting you any slack. You get home, you just want to “vegetate.” You don’t have to deal with orders or fulfilling someone’s desire, you want to be in charge. You can flick to any channel, watch whatever you fancy and eat your popcorn at the same time. You rule! Your television blares and you don’t even have to interact. Simple as that—minimum input and maximum satisfaction.

So, point 1: I get to relax—my brain doesn’t need any more stimulation. And don’t you dare call me a slouch.

2. Reading is such a slow process.

Why read when you can rent a DVD or the latest video and watch the story line unfold? Who wants to stretch the brain and read pages of words, set your brain on the “imagine this, imagine that,” mode of operation. It’s too stressful to those adverse to reading.

Point 2: I hate reading and reading requires too much effort. Who still reads anyway, in this fast-paced instant web access world?

Reading is Not Your Thing.
Reading is Not Your Thing.

3.  Reading is not your thing. 

Some people like to read, some don’t.  Maybe, you’re born with a severe case of reading allergy.  Books put you to sleep.  You would rather be surfing-- your bummer stick reads—or sky-diving.  Reading is too sedentary, too low-key…too safe.  Pass!

Point 3:  I don’t like to read, period.

4.  Personal Growth is time-consuming. 

Who has time for personal growth?  You have mouths to feed, bills to pay, emails to read, hubs to write, dates to go to and you name it—everybody has something to do.  Life is busy and life is relentless—personal growth can wait.  

Point  4:  Personal growth is for those with time to spare.   I’m too busy trying to make some serious money.

5.  Personal Growth is too involved. 

Going to classes may not be that bad—after all, you get to learn something you’re interested in.  But that’s not it. Classes often involved homework or some type of time investment.  Who can afford that?  You have a full-time job and you need to socialize.

Point 4:  Leave me alone.  I don’t have time.

5.  Personal Growth Brings You Out of the Comfort Zone. 

So you want to learn how to be a better finance manager of your own assets.  There is a class at the community college—maybe a one-night thing.  You look at it, felt tempted but give it up.  You think about the favorite program you’ll be missing.  American Idol, Survivor,  House and you absolutely want to know if Kyle XY is going to get back with Amanda.  You give it a pass.

Point 5:  I’m a happening kind of person.  I want to be where the action is.

Of course, there can be many more reasons why reading is not a popular engagement.  Non-readers are not lesser human beings.  They have skills, too—like running the Boston Marathon (though runners can be readers too) or spray-painting their race car.

I, for one, am a reader and a compulsive personal development person.  I like to take classes and torture myself with learning.  In fact, I learned about Hub Pages and how you can make money on an online class on Writing for the Internet Markets.

If you’re doing well with Hub Pages, holler out some tips.  And I’ll be reading.



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  • anglnwu profile image

    anglnwu 8 years ago

    nay, it' amazing what books can do for us, and that's one reason, why i love to read. Sometimes, they affect me so much i think about it for days. I'm glad you came to visit and to share your thoughts. Enjoy your tv...

  • profile image

    nay 8 years ago

    I loved reading until one day I was reading a really sad book that made me cry for weeks so now I watch T.v for 1 hour Instead of reading which I get a lot more information from it.

  • profile image

    hhaary 8 years ago

    coz u can watch it free online

  • anglnwu profile image

    anglnwu 8 years ago

    Thanks for stopping by, Shimoda. It's good that you're starting your kids off on a good note--no TV--very daring, I must say! I've known families who do that and are doing just fine without a TV. In fact, their kids have found more worthwhile channels of using their time, for instance, reading and music.

    Way to go!

  • profile image

    Shimoda 8 years ago

    I got into the habit of watching tv dailiy when my kids were little. 'd but them to bed and sit in front of the big shiny box until I fell asleep. A couple of years ago I bought my own pub so was working every evening and had no time for tv but it did become my 'free' babysitter for a while there.

    Splitting up with my husband has meant another huge change and I made the concious decicion not to get a tv - it's been a few months now and I've found that the kids and I spend a lot more time together playing, reading or just talking. We don't miss it at all and they get to keep up with the latest soap gossip or movies when they go visit with their Dad.

  • anglnwu profile image

    anglnwu 8 years ago

    Dottie, I really appreciate you taking the time to comment on this. I love tv, actually--not sitcoms but shows like American Idol, Survivor and the Amazing Race. I find that good bonding time with my newly fledged teenager. How else do we get them to talk?

    That aside, I love to read--I said it again. At the moment, I'm actually taking 2 different classes--you're right, there's no rigtht time to take classes--just take them, and time schedule will just adjust itself.

    See you around in hubs!

  • Dottie1 profile image

    Dottie1 8 years ago from MA, USA

    Hi anglnwu,

    I was feeling pretty good there until I read that I'd be thinking about my favorite program that I would be missing "American Idol" guilty! Ever since I was a little girl I never watched hardly any t.v. for certain I would never be the one to turn the set on. Three years ago my daughter then in High School asked me to watch one show a week with her and I cringed because I do not like sitting still to watch t.v. but I thought it was a good idea to sit with her and spend some time because life gets busy and I seemed to be spending less time with her. So American Idol was the common t.v. bond and now I'm hooked. As a matter of fact I just got finished watching it! lol

    In regards to your comment about people being too busy to personally develop, I found the best time to do it is when your busy. It is the best time to do that inner work because you realize how much you fight against yourself, at least I do! You can learn from that! Thumbs up to you on a great and meaningful hub!