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How Immigrants Helped Build Our Country

Updated on April 28, 2017

Why Immigrants Flee to America

In the 1800's ALL of our ancestors migrated to America, to have a better life for their families and that is why we are here today. They were welcomed and sought out as a means of building our future, the United States of America.

Today illegal immigrants have seemed to become a menace to most. I mean really why should they be allowed to come here? People assume that illegal's get free healthcare, free money, food stamps and total assistance from our government. Well my friends this is farther from the truth.

In order for any person to get any kind of assistance you must have a valid social security card, which they can not obtain, proper identification to prove you are a resident here, which they can not obtain and a legal address, which immigrants do not provide for fear of getting deported.

At one time in our history, these same people that we do not want here, came here to help make our nation what it is today. If anyone is robbing the government of money it is us.

How is that you ask? Because at least one if five people collectiong social security disability is not diabled but they are getting free money. Women who collect welfare and food stamps, when their signifcant other makes more than enough money to support the family, but he is not mentioned in an interview. People who constantly go to the ER, have no insurance and don't pay the bill. Drug dealers collecting big bucks and not paying one bit of tax on that money they are killing people with. It's not the immigrants that are hurting us it is WE that are hurting us.

If you have ever been to a third world country and see the poverty they live in, you can almost, if your human see why they want to live here. They did not choose to live in those countries. I have visited many third world countries and it is not a pretty sight that is for sure.

I by no means think we should just open the boarders and let people just free roam, however hating people for wanting a better life is not right nor is it educated to assume that our government takes care of them.

If that is the case then none of us have a right to be here because our ancestors migrated here from all over the world to make a better life for their families and were at one time illegal immigrants. If it wasn't for our ancestors, where would you be right now.

Living in south Florida and working with immigrants I have learned this. They are some of the hardest working people that ever existed. They come here on a visa and do not want to go back for fear of not being able to return. Now they are on constant watch for people to round them up and be deported because their visa has expired.

They never got free healthcare, free money, or free housing. They stayed with relatives who took care of them with their own money.

So before you start pointing fingers and saying things like immigrants get everything for free and they are taking from us, the real answer is they don't.

Everyone deserves to have a good life. Hating people for wanting that is not going to solve the problem.

Immigration History

Settlers Took the Indians Land

We should be proud of ourselves that we migrated to the United States and stole land from the Indians who were already living here. Christopher Columbus was greedy and the Indians were so giving, he took advantage of the situation. If anyone should be ashamed to be an immigrant, it should be our ancestors.

They came here and took over all the land. Then built up our beautiful country off of greed and hate. We complain about helping refugees but just remember it could be you. It could have been any of us born in another country suffering.

Why We Should Help Refugees

Refugees migrate to many countries and ours because they are living in horror of daily war, death and starvation.

The United States of America was built on values and promises of being the land of the free. We should always be ready to help those who live in horrible conditions. It could be any of us having to live in a desert with no shelter, food or medical care.

They watch their families die daily and the bodies are just piled on top of each other. They pray for help and we have to listen. It is this great country that was made to help people. Imagine your child laying across your lap, starving and sick. Would you be able to look at them when in fact you could do nothing to help them? I couldn't.

Your Ancestors

Immigration Reform

Living in South Florida, I witnessed first hand immigrants and their fears of being deported. I don't feel that criminals should be allowed to stay here but those who are not at risk, should be allowed to apply for citizenship so that they can be legal.

Many illegal immigrants do jobs that none of us want to do. They don't sit around and expect us to take care of them. They are hard working people and deserve a chance to live in this great melting pot called America.

Adults that were brought here as children, should not be forced to be deported because this is the only home they know. They are not aware of the devastation in their countries and should not have to find out. They went to school here, have worked here and have been upstanding citizens so why punish them.

Let immigration reform be a help not a hindrance for those who want to live here.


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