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Why Does Ted Cruz Want to Abolish (End) the Irs?

Updated on June 14, 2020

Abolish the IRS - Why?

Ted Cruz wants to abolish or get rid of the IRS - For most Conservative Politicians, paying as few, or ideally no taxes ever, seems to be a lifetime goal no matter what it costs to achieve that goal.

What is the purpose(s) of abolishing the IRS?

Mr. Boehner, Let this cat out of the bag when he said "WE ARE GOING TO REPEAL OBAMA CARE!"

Is it the fact that the IRS has a huge role in implementing 'The Affordable Care Act' (i.e. Obama Care?)

After having tried and failed 37 times, or is it 57 times? I guess the, ones who want to be President will keep on trying until one of them succeeds and that will be the one that will be the nominee, but after so many failed attempts you would think they would just give up and let it stand as a Democrat's achievement.

The Cat is Out Of The Bag

You let the cat out of the bag
You let the cat out of the bag | Source

Abolish the IRS "NOW"

Institute a 'Flat Tax,' Why?

Abolish the IRS in lieu of a Flat Tax? How fair would a 'Flat Tax' be?

An example with a twenty percent flat tax. One man earns ten thousand a year, and would pay two thousand in tax. The two thousand dollars could mean the difference of paying rent for a roof over his head, putting food on the table or paying for medication.

Another man's income is ten million dollars and he would pay two million in tax. He could not possible miss the two million. It would not affect his life situation, or change his life style in any way.

Questions Mr. Cruz, if you abolish the IRS and institute 'YOUR' flat tax.

  • Where did you come up with the 'Flat Tax' idea, from Herman Cane's 999?
  • Who will collect your flat tax?
  • Who will get paid?
  • Who will pay your salary, or will all the flat tax go into your coffers or super PAC?
  • What about FEMA? I heard or read somewhere that you voted against Hurricane Sandy relief.
  • Who will pay the government employees? I am sure you would not want to share the flat tax. Boy, talk about making the government smaller.
  • Who will pay our Judicial system? Another Ah-ha moment, you can get rid all three of President Obama's Judicial appointees. Or can you?
  • What about Education? Oh that is right, a voucher system, Public Education: Defund Public Schools. Did you get that Idea from Rick Perry?

Governor Bobby Jindal, of Louisiana got his way and last fall public schools got vouchers to go to private schools. Scott Walker jumped on that band wagon.

Bet the rich love that, the poor children get to go to the same schools with the rich people's children. Rich people who pay for the private schools so their children don't have to associate with the public school children, and now the poor people's children and public school children get vouchers.

How long will the vouchers last Mr. Cruz, until public schools are defunct?

And you Mr. Cruz don't have to pay 'Union Teachers' wages.

Does Mr. Cruz want to de-fund our Military?

To abolish The IRS, is equal to abolishing our Military.

Before my research for this hub, if I had been asked, "What does the IRS do with our tax monies?" I would have said: "fund our infrastructure," i.e. building roads, bridges and funding education. And I think that most people would say the same thing or maybe say they don't know.

Questions, Mr. Cruz:

  • Do you not know that the Military is funded by the IRS? It is part of the budget, You should know that, but do you?
  • What about Military Personnel?
  • What about Veterans' Benefits? This one is sure to make George W. happy, see photo below.
  • Do you, Mr. Cruz really want to shut down our defense, Department of Defense that is?
  • What about Homeland Security?
  • What about International Security
  • And NASA, you want to defund NASA? Of course NASA has been sliced thin?
  • What about the State Department?
  • Where does our Tax Monies Really go?
  • Do you know who funds the Budget?
  • If we had the Paul Ryan budget, would you still want to #Abolish the IRS?
  • Ah Ha another goody, Interest on the National Debt. (This would serve to make President Obama look bad if the interest on the National Debt was not paid.)
  • Is the 'Global War on Terror' not funded by our national budget?
  • Do you, Mr. Cruz want to be responsible for our President defaulting on funding the War on Terror?
  • And you want to abolish the IRS Mr. Cruz?

The budget funds all branches of the U.S. military: the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.


George W. Bush said he does not care about wounded veterans.  Did he ever?
George W. Bush said he does not care about wounded veterans. Did he ever? | Source

Who else is Jumping on his Band Wagon?

Libertarian-nominee for President 2012, Gary Johnson, who use to be the Republican Governor of New Mexico? And Ron Paul, another want to be President.

Ron Paul

Republicans are trying to Abolish the IRS

Eviscerate (Gut) Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Social Security: Another pet project that will be accomplished if the IRS is abolished. Eviscerate Social Security.

From its inception, conservatives have sought and fought to end Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Social Security's Trust Fund was collected separately (i.e. FICA tax). Conservatives wanted it co-mingled, so it could be used for other "THINGS," but President Clinton, during his term in office, put it in what was called a 'Lock Box' to be used for its intended purpose, to pay its benefit recipients.

Benefit Recipients are people who paid into Social Security all their/our working lives, Insurance against becoming destitute when we retire.

When George W. Bush got deposited on the deposed President's seat, he took the Social Security surplus to fund his private war in Iraq. And, I guess it never got returned to the 'Lock Box,' because I read recently that the income tax and FICA tax have been co-mingled. I guess this is to make it easier to Eviscerate, or to be used for Pork.

As my good friend 'Aunt Jimi' says: "Is this Voldemort thinking?" Abolish the IRS and get rid of all three of the social programs? And get rid of Obama Care.

Questions, Mr. Cruz

  • Do you pay into Social Security Mr. Cruz?
  • Do you have a benefit package?
  • Do you have a retirement package?
  • If you could abolish the IRS Mr. Cruz, would it cut your high dollar salary?
  • Would it cut you benefits? It would cut my Social Security. But you would not care about that would you Mr. Cruz?

Is the made-up IRS scandal used as a Stratagem: i.e. a clever ruse or scheme that is designed to deceive others or achieve a goal, (abolish 'The IRS?')

This would really be a feather in your cap. Right Mr. Cruz?

To abolish the IRS would also end all three entitlement programs or at least cripple them.

Some people have such a hatred for our Government they can't wait to become a part of it, so they can cut out benefits for people they consider unworthy.

Are you one of those people Mr.Cruz?

I think I answered my own question, "Why Does Ted Cruz Want To Abolish (end) The IRS?"

  1. Repeal The Affordable Care Act, (Obama Care)
  2. Eviscerate Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.
  3. Bust the Teachers Unions
  4. Hold President Obama responsible for the de-funded War on Terror.

I keep hearing the word IMPEACH Obama.

If you could impeach President Obama, added to your list above of thing to get rid of during your childish destructive tantrums, then we would have President Joe Biden as an incumbent in 2016, thereby making it more likely he would be our next President. You Might want to re-think the impeachment Idea.

Are there any Conservatives out there, who are not rich and can afford to have their Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid cut?

The War Resisters League spends a lot of time, energy and money to create this resource. Please credit when using.

Anyone out there who does not agree with Ted Cruz?

Anyone out there, other than me who does not agree with Ted Cruz?

Let me hear from you, leave a comment below.

© 2013 Shyron E Shenko


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