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Why is the MIC gobbling up all our money?

Updated on May 4, 2015
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Jess McFarland is a lifetime Connecticut resident, musician and political science student, with a different perspective on the world.

Where does the money go?

Overall spending in 2009
Overall spending in 2009
Discretionary spending proposal for 2015
Discretionary spending proposal for 2015

Bucks for Bombs

It has always been said that America is most economically sound when we're involved in a war. I'll debunk that fallacy in a moment. The Military Industrial Complex in the USA has become a juggernaut that must be continuously fed to keep money in the pockets of Billionaires, CEO's and greedy politicians. It's just the way it's always been because we were taught to believe the bull.

Now, here's the debunking part; of the last 235 years that the United States has been a country (ending with 2011), we have been at war 209 years total between all actions. But, weren't there bad times in there too? Of course there were. So that argument goes right out the window. It is all designed to keep the war machine turning and the profits continuing for the upper 1%.

Read 'em and weep
Read 'em and weep
The bull taking US by the horns
The bull taking US by the horns

Every time you go away, you take a piece of me with you

Let's examine what these war times really do accomplish. We already know about the profiteering of the "ruling class". But, what are the realistic costs of these wars? Most wars are created by the MIC to (supposedly) liberate countries that are being attacked by outside forces (or that have "Weapons of Mass Destruction". Remember that line?) So in we go, ignoring the very first cost; American lives. You can't put a dollar figure on the young lives cut severely short by war. There is no price tag. It's simply too much. Our sons and daughters should be finishing high school or starting college, not being sent to die for a foreign nation that doesn't even really need our help. In fact, some of that money that the MIC is stealing from our pockets could go toward making colleges more affordable for low to middle income students instead of saddling them with debt for the better part of their lives. College has been made accessible to the rich and prohibitive for the "poor". But, that's another hub in the making.

Now we come to cost number 2. We go in to "help an ally" win their "freedom" and become capitalistic (like we have the right to tell a country they should operate on the same principles that we are failing miserably at). The war (finally) ends after umpteen years, and now, we are the hated ones. No gratitude, no trade agreements, and, most importantly, no capitalism. A giant fail for us. We look like the world's bullies, sticking our collective noses where they don't belong. If that's the way it's going to be, let them hate us for not helping. It's cheaper. But the MIC could never let that happen. They'd have to give up their golf weekends, their Ferraris, their offshore bank accounts, and, maybe (gasp) actually have to pay taxes!

Army STRONG? Hardly.
Army STRONG? Hardly.
This is what military spending SHOULD be doing. Taking care of the ones who make it possible for them to make the horrendous profits.
This is what military spending SHOULD be doing. Taking care of the ones who make it possible for them to make the horrendous profits.

Why have we gotten here?

We, as Americans (not liberals and conservatives) have allowed this to happen. We have gotten lazy. We don't want to interrupt our viewing of Survivor or Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (there's some real intellectual entertainment!) in order to look beyond the mistruths the corporate controlled media wants us to believe. And we swallow every bit of it. We are drones, serving the 1%, and we're being led willingly to the slaughter. At one time, people actually did their homework before choosing a Congressman/Senator/President and voted for the one they wanted to win that office. There was limited campaigning on TV or in the newspapers. The uber riche didn't spend millions (billions?) on getting their own candidate elected. A persons vote actually counted. Yes, it's true! It really happened that way. Was there corruption? Of course there was. It is, unfortunately, human nature. But we ignored it, not because we were stupid, but because we knew it was done in backroom dealings that didn't necessarily affect us, or did and turned out for the best we could hope for. That didn't change until the mid to late 60's.

Now, getting someone to actually look into how their representatives have voted on important issues, in unbiased sources, is like asking them to point a gun at their heads and pull the trigger. If it's not on the Internet, then it must be a lie, right? President Eisenhower knew what was coming, way back in the very early 60's:

In the 50's we already knew it was coming
In the 50's we already knew it was coming
FZ knew where we were headed, too
FZ knew where we were headed, too

We have to take off the blinders

We cannot continue putting our heads in the sand about the MIC. Government is not controlled by the American people; it is controlled by these ruthless profiteers. The Koch's, Cheney and Haliburton, The Rothschildes (look them up; do some homework for a change) and all the other disgustingly rich asses who dictate our lives so that we can become their next cheap labor. I certainly don't want to be a robot, do you?


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      3 years ago

      Heckuva good job. I sure aptiacrepe it.


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