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Charities, Fundraisers & Suffering in the World

Updated on April 2, 2015
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Why is there suffering in the world?

I was very young when I first pondered on the thought of, "Why is there suffering in the world?" My early thoughts started, when at the young age of nine, I found myself with extreme cramping in my stomach to the point that I couldn't walk. Little did I know at the time, that it was my first bout with the side affects of having a menstrual period. Each year after, it only got worse with age and nothing seemed to help, until one day in my mid twenties a doctor told me, "Now that you are pregnant, you won't experience severe cramps like you once did." He was right, I didn't have as many problems physically after one, two, three and four pregnancies. A move to a warmer climate, also helped immensely.

So with all the suffering I experienced as a child who vomited, ached, moaned and sometimes screamed because of the wrenching pain for hours, I had my moments where I was angry at this God some called, "good." How could a good God allow suffering in my small world? And why did Eve have to take the stupid apple anyway?

After reading biblical scripture for a number of years, I still haven't found an answer that would bring 100 percent peace and understanding for me, but I can reason somewhat that in this life, suffering has to exist for many reasons including: building one's character, motivating one to fulfill a calling on his or her life, and for others to change circumstances and people around them. As humans, we just can't do things the easy way!  We have to go around the straight and narrow path; rather than walk on it, because well it's just not fun, cool, convenient, or whatever other reason we come up with. We have to go to the far corner of the garden to eat of the tree; rather than, be satisfied with the goodness we already have (ie. cheating, drunkenness, lying, stealing, etc.) Some of us have to get knocked upside the head in order to do the right thing! So suffering will always exist as long as we have hard-headed humans!

You see, we live in a world that chooses suffering before pleasure whether we know it or not. Think of how many times you have heard someone say, "Feel the pain...You can't get ahead without going through some can't appreciate the good in life without going through some bad. You don't know what peace is without going through a storm."

So if you or I don't experience the negative in life, we just can't appreciate the positive--at least that's what our actions say about us whether we choose to agree or not. It would be nice to live in a world that doesn't have problems and according to the Bible, there will come a time of peace. But until that time, we must endure!  We can't very well walk around with our heads buried in the sand or locked up in a closet thinking that we can somehow prevent ourselves and children from suffering.

The truth is no matter what we do, there will always be something that will test our emotions. We wouldn't be human if we didn't go through trials. As long as we live amongst individuals and groups who don't agree to love one another, to create peace and allow prosperity for all, then we will suffer. However, we can control how we will react to suffering when it comes on our doorstep. For some of us, the God whom we pray to will give us the peace that surpasses all understanding if only we would ask.

So if you are a believer, you know to strap on your spiritual body armor, for we are indeed living in the last days!

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Why Bother Helping the Sick, Shut-In, Needy?

Those of us who believe in a Creator know that we live in a sinful world. We also know that our Creator (who some call Jesus, God, Lord or Holy Spirit) doesn't interfere with our free will.

Daily we are given a choice to be the solution or the problem in our society. Some life experiences are beyond man's control while others are definitely orchestrated by humans and/or spirits.

So why should any one of us bother helping those who are affected by circumstance whether they were guilty of them or not? Why ask why?

It should be second nature that we help one another, but too often we are overwhelmed with our own circumstances that we don't bother to think about helping anyone else but ourselves and family. It isn't any wonder that when we are in need no one bothers to come to our rescue. We live in a society that doesn't always believe it is better to give than to receive (except of course on certain holidays or when one wants to look good in front of the lights and cameras.)

We must remind one another that there are those less fortunate than we who could use the things we no longer need or want. From small electronics that are hidden away in our cabinets to nice outfits or suits stored away in the back of closets, there is someone who needs what you have and they don't have the money to pay for these items.

Parents everywhere are always in need of something to help their children. So why not give? Why not purchase some medicine for the sick? Why not call or visit the person who can't manage to walk outside? Why not leave some money anonymously somewhere for someone to find? Most of all, why not pray to your Creator to lead you to the right person to assist?

Sometimes we help the wrong individuals and groups, because we are in such a rush to get them out of our hair. Not everyone who approaches us needs help just because they look dirty and smell. Some people are beyond help and giving them money so they can buy yet another drink of alcohol or take another hit of drugs is not helping. If anything, there is an evil that lures in and around some people that actually uses them to help kill the lost and confused.

We are here on this earth but for a short time, so we might as well do the best we can for self, family and most of all strangers. You never know when you are entertaining angels, so open up that drawer, door, box and your heart and just give.

May you be blessed for all the good that you do!

Fundraising Tips

Examples of Bad Charities


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