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Anti Muslim Racism and The Media

Updated on May 26, 2020
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. Ahmad Waseem Khan Wattoo is a writer who lives in Pakistan.I hope you find the advice in my articles useful.


Why Muslims are Always Subjugated, Why?

In 609, when a person named Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) announced his prophet hood, from that time people started snubbing Muslims. People of Mecca started hating followers of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) but it was mercy of Allah that Muslims grew and went on growing. Hatred was at its peak but Muslims didn’t even care about that and started conquering world with the name of Allah. Muslims under the command and leadership of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) started their expeditions and world came under their feet. What was the reason behind those handful Muslims who used to fight against 10 times larger, powerful and resourceful troops? The fact of their victory was their blind faith in Allah, their union under flag of Islam and believe in Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), a mentor and a leader, who gave such faith, courage, determination and a destination of life here after which took Islam from streets of Mecca to round the world.

Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) made a group of persons who were ready to offer their lives in the name of Allah. They were always on their toes to offer their lives and assets to others Muslim brothers. A very beautiful example of that time when Muslims of Mecca migrated to Medina but they were without necessaries of life with them. Their Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) create a new example of brotherhood by making brothers one local and one migrated. They locals shared their complete assets with their brother even if they have two wives they offered one of them to his brother. This was the actual brotherhood and union and this union later on became a strength and world had to accept this,


Muslim Rulers

In different eras, different Muslim rulers ruled over the world and during their tenure they were just, pious and peace lover irrespective they face a harsh and tough situation and they have to take sound decisions. World knew this fact very well if Muslims unite then they will become a power which can never be negated. So, due to this reason, in any part of world, a brutality, cruelty is breaking on the Muslims in order to curb their power. Muslims are always ignored and treated with iron fist whether it is Kashmir or Palestine, India or Burma. Muslims in different countries were assassinated like Bhuto in Pakistan, Shah Faisal in Saudi Arabia, Muamar Qadafi in Libya and Sadaam Hussain in Iraq. These all were the powerful leaders of all times but were not given time to nurture their countries. Anyhow story doesn’t end here, world is more harsh towards Muslims. If you have beard as Muslim then you are a terrorist but if it is for fashion purposes then it is fine. Why there is duplicitous world.

Saddam Hussein Sentenced to Death by Hanging

Lack of Union

Why Muslims are always suppressed and snubbed. It is not only because of non-Muslims invasion but also due to lack of their union. About 58 countries are Muslims in the world and they are not united. Even those are not united on the issues like Kashmir, Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Iran etc. Palestine is surrounded by Muslim countries but unfortunately no one OS ready to take stand for him and in this case Palestine is suffering from last many decades. Same is the case with Kashmir, though Pakistan is taking stand but still it could be supported by all Muslims countries but only Turkey is taking stand with Pakistan on Kashmir Issue. Powerful Muslim country like Saudi Arabia hesitate to utter a sympathetic word for Palestine and Kashmir which is actually dismal and worrying situation.

In 2016, Saudi Arabia felt the need of army which should be in coalition with all Muslim countries so that rights of Muslims should be protected. So at the end of 2016 an army was formed called Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition and initially 34 Muslim countries participated and later on number reached to 41 and its command was give of retire army chief of Pakistan General Raheel Sharif. In the start it was a good decision but later on it was cleared that this coalition was just to secure the borders of Saudi Arabia and nothing else. Muslims from all over the world were very hopeful but get disappointed when they didn’t get any response from their side.

Anti Muslim Racism and The Media


Kuala Lumpur Summit and Role of Saudi Arabia

Few days back three Muslim countries Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia decided to unite on different of issues related to Islam. In this regard a meeting was called for three heads of states but this was not acceptable to America and rest of the world. SO America tried to stop Pakistan but couldn’t attained his goals. So for this purpose help of Saudi was taken and Pakistan was threatened to expel its labour from Saudi Arabia if Pakistan participate in this meeting. So about 4 million Pakistanis were going to be withdrawn from Saudi Arabia. At this crucial moment, Pakistan had to step back and took a hard decision not to participate in this meeting. So, Muslims were blackmailed by the Muslims and image of Muslims once again came up to non-Muslims that they can easily be divided. This was the duplicitous behavior of Saudi Arabia which Muslims of whole world had to face. When Muslim countries are not united then Muslims are always subjugated.

Ahmad Waseem Khan Wattoo

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan Backs out of Kuala Lumpur Summit

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