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I'm Not Giving In

Updated on June 25, 2009

Somebody Stop The World, I'm Dizzy!

It seems like Mr. Obama has everything on his mind but saving America and its Economy. Why, I ask myself, do we need to worry about two guys or two girls hooking up. Personally I think being "gay" or whatever you want to call it is the biggest cop out in the history of the sexes. They still have a high number of break ups and even a higher number of aids cases butt there is a huge amount of dollars backing them because the powers to be want to destroy the marriage theory. They darn sure can't have kids, so whats the point. Please someone tell me if you have another theory.

Our kids are flunking school even though the grading schedule has been dropped to allow even the dumbest and don't give a damn to pass. Even at that we have the lowest number of kids passing high school in the history of the US. Kinda embarrassing you would think. But still it gets no ones attention in our government. They would rather save a mouse or build a bridge that goes no where than put our tax money to work in the school system.

They say the guns in Mexico are coming from the US and are knocking on doors in the southwest wanting to see their guns and serial numbers. Wait a minute, do you think this is really about guns in Mexico? I surely don't! If they are so worried about securing a nation why are they not worried about Korea blowing us off the map and not wasting time with Mexico and this BS thing about the weapons. You know that's a crock of crap and so do I.

They want to ad emissions on the new cars and burden them with raising the mileage by a certain year. Is this about selling cars or closing down our market? I think about closing the market because now is not the time to be throwing money to the wind. What do you think?

Our couples that have had the balls to get married and have children the right way, and have tried to be good parents have no support of the Christian Organizations or the Government in the US, like, say, any other religion out there and I am ashamed of that fact. Where are our so called Religious Leaders and the government officials that are supposed to follow and back up the beliefs and constitution on which this country was founded. Billy Graham is not the only leader we have had and they need to show their faces and open their mouths for the cause. Our leaders preaching in glass houses are hiding behind yellow shawls.

Where is the NAACP. I thought they were the advancement of something. Can you tell me what. I don't see them helping the first young black with their pants down past their ass and flunking school. Where are their leaders. Packing their bank accounts maybe? I thought with Obama making president they would come out and shine but they haven't, have they?

The man smokes but is going to take care of the "children" by screwing with the labels on the packs and getting rid of their advertisements on the signs around the ball fields that help keep some of the youngsters in uniforms. Give me a break. Why does he not stop Hollywood from lighting up in the movies? Parents smoking and movies are two of the most dominant reasons kids smoke. Because that's just another fa-sad that makes Mr. Obama into a national hero, or that's what he thinks. He could care less who smokes and who doesn't. You don't see him putting them down, do you? But as usual he apologizing again for not being a prime example. He apologizes an awful lot, don't you think? That would the prime example for our kids. But he does not have the guts to put them down. I guess with all the parties he has to go to he has to smoke with hie booze to be cool. That's another question. Why does he not go to war with the booze industry? I know the numbers are huge on the innocent people that have died from drunk drivers!

Our president is trying to be an international celebrity. Trying to grab an international piece of the pie and he's only the president. When he realizes what his job is, it's going be to late. His priorities are definitely in the wrong place unless he just wants to live high on the hog till the US is no more. He's well on his way and so are we!

Today the issue on the big screen was about Michael Jackson dying not about our soldiers who have lost their lives in Iraq or Afghanistan, any kids that have lost their lives to gang action, or murders that have taken the lives of our youth, but about this pedophile that paid 40 million dollars to shut up a family when he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Where is the reporting on issues we need to know about instead of empty paragraphs, pretty ladies, and stupid questions? The media has their noses so far up Obama's butt, they could give him a play by play on his prostate gland and that's not where they are supposed to be, is it?

It's sad what a powerful country has become behind this sniveling, apologizing, I won't show my birth certificate because I'm so arrogant I don't have to, president, who calls himself a man and thinks the world should fall at his feet. Somebody better wake up and take hold of the situation. It's out of hand.


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    • profile image

      ginosblog 8 years ago

      Why allow either one to marry. They can't have kids, either one, so why can't they do whatever they have to do and call it something else instead of just trying to spoil the folk that have followed the marriage ideal for so long and whats so important about calling it marriage. Are they so stupid that they can't come up with their own name for joint associations that they have to call it a marriage? Its not a marriage it's a union.

    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 8 years ago from San Francisco

      Gay men might have a much higher number of breakups than heterosexuals (have no statistics to prove this, nor do you, but that is my impression) but lesbians have heterosexuals beat by a mile. So if you want to look at long-lasting, loving relationships, we should allow lesbians to marry and not heterosexuals or gay men. Right?