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Wierd Does Not Mean Bad

Updated on March 14, 2011

Why do we judge people who are profoundly different so harshly?

 Have you ever been at a party. or some kind of gathering, noticed that weird cousin Frank is there? And was you're knee jerk reaction, "Oh, God, why did Bernie invite him!? He's so weird!"? If so, you're not alone. Many of us are this way and, if you talk to people long enough, you'll find that most of them have some weird friend or relative. I don't mean just slightly different, but profoundly so, like the 'crazy couple' , who dance together with lampshades on their heads at parties, embarrassing friends and family.

We all know celebrities like this. With the passing of Michael Jackson, his whole persona was discussed in the media. And the important thing that I noticed, was that, despite his strange ways, he was a good person. He was among the largest of donors to charitable causes. He never did anything evil or despicable, despite what one might 'read' from the two molestation trials, and he inspired a whole generation of talented people to pursue their own dreams.

Chances are, if you look beyond some one's 'weirdness', you'll often find a fun and loving human being. But unfortunately, the weirdness cancels all the rest out for so many people. When this happens, people will often dismiss that person in different ways, without giving them a chance to fit in.

Also, many people are actually afraid of those who aren't afraid to be themselves, as many so-called 'wierd' people are.

Perhaps those who are afraid have shortcomings that they don't want to admit to themselves or are afraid others will see, and the 'weird' person's ways brings them all up to the person who is afraid, making them resent the 'weird' person.

What people should try to do, is look beyond the so-called 'weirdness' and try to see the rest of the person. I'm not saying that you'll automatically like this person. Some weird people are indeed obnoxious in some way, but many, if not most, aren't, and their 'weird' ways are not harmful to others. Oftentimes, they are also far less likely to resent you for being so different from them!

Oh, and one other thing. That crazy couple that everyone thinks of as 'two weird peas in a pod'? Well, I've noticed that these types of couples look to me to have more fun, and never get divorced! Interesting, hmmm?

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