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Will America Ever Have a Woman President

Updated on April 23, 2019
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Give a woman the change and Opportunity to serve our country like other women across the world. In todays society women voice will be heard

In 20/20 Will A woman Be Elected President

America is ready for a woman to be president of the United States. Women have proved themselves to be some of the strongest forces in the world handling situations

SixAmerica is ready for a woman president. Six out of 10 Americans will vote a woman to be president of the United States.

Some Americans are ready to make that change but some are not. Men have dominated and controlled our government system for years, now it time for a woman to take control.

Most feel that a woman will get too emotionally involved in preventing her to do her job, she will run to a corner and cry in the case of a crisis. Most Americans will not give the Woman the ability because of fear and they will never trust the judgment of a woman when it comes to making decisions for the good of this country. Men are believed to be more insolence when it comes to decision making.

Women lives changed when they were granted the right to vote. After the women movement, women involved more in political rights, which open up a lot of doors for women. In today's society women statics is the same as men, with the same jobs that men whole. all except the president of the United States.,

For centuries our country was governed by men who were the leaders of America, our four fathers were men who wrote important documents like the bill of Rights, the Constitution of the United States and other important laws without women. women have always taken a back seat to men, now we sat in the same seat.

In 2016 Hillary Clinton runs for President of the United States, with her qualifications, If she was a man she would have been the first woman president and the 45th in the United States. Hillary Clinton was more qualified than most men after being in politics for approximately thirty years. She had an impeccable resume. Clinton was the wife of the former Bill Clinton, first lady for eight years, a senator and secretary of State to the former President Obama. She was passed over because of her gender.

In 2018 Democrat Women run in the Mid-term elections defeating their Republican candidates even though the president campaigned for his party.

Talsi Gabbard a U.S representative from Hawaii, Elizabeth Warren a junior Senator from Boston Massachusetts, Kamala Harris a senator from Calfornia, Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota these are all women who will try and defeat Trump.

Donald Trump has no clue what it takes to lead a nation to prosperity, he will destroy our nation if not stopped just maybe a woman can put this country on the right track.


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