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Will America Survive Four More Years Of Donald Trump

Updated on October 1, 2020
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Trump is walking around thinking he is completely exonerated because his lawyers told him so. as tax payer, we want to see Tax return,

Americans quickly sit back and waited for Robert Muller Report while Trump lashed out at Mueller saying, saying it was a witch hunt. Trump said he could get rid of Mueller any time he wanted and the Investigation was run by Democrats.

Most of the American people knows and believes that Trump was involve with Russia and our voting system, while Mueller did what he did is hard to believe. Was this Mueller Intention all a long?

Friday after two years of the investigating Robert Mueller finishes his report sending it over to the Attorney General Will Barr. Barr releases a four -page summary from two years of work without going over the other 300+pages.

After viewing a few pages attorney General William Barr and Duty Genneral Rod Rosenstein said Robert Mueller report didn't show that Trump campaign was involved with Russia and Trump did nothing. Robert Mueller found no collusion or obstruction of Justice but Mueller didn't say trump was exonerated. Trump is Walking around saying Mueller is a honorable guy, he proved he was innocent How can the Americans believe in our Justice System when people like the president of the United States walk around quilt as sin. Trump has done things that no other president in history has done and walks away to prove that he can get out of anything.

William Barr the new attorney General wrong a paper about the Mueller report and didn't believe a sitting president should be prosecuted. Did William Barr give the president four more years, of screwing up America? Robert Mueller have a lot on Trump and refuses to indict the president, leaving it up Congress will make a judgment about Trump. How can

DonWill America and survive another two years of president Donald Trump. America one of the countries in the world is in doubt from other nations because of Donald Trump. This president is

Donald Trump is a entertainer and a business man with no experience in politic.If Donald Trump is elected president of the United States it will be a sad day for all Americans.

Doing a press conference Trump made an allegation that all Mexican Immigration's are drug-dealing rapist and are bringing crimes to our country. Trumps says he get along with Blacks but laziness is a trait in Blacks.

in Donald own in words he adores women but insults them every opportunity he can. In Aug.2015 Megyn Kelly Checked Trump out on his sexist behavior he had for women. Donald Trump has Insulted Rosie O'Donnell, Cher, Bette Midler and others and he cherish women.

In Rock Hill South Carolina Rose Hamid a Muslim of North Carolina, attended Trump Rally. Trump spoke about Syria refugees being banned from entering this Country, he said they had ties with Isis she stood up from her seat. A Police person took her from the rally, a man yelled for her to get out why others screamed about Rose having a bomb. Who would such a thing except Donald Trump hired help.

Donald Trump is a sexist and racial who thinks that he can say or do anything to anyone because of his financial status, he is a Billionaire with no experience in politics. American is a nation with companion for others, if elected Don Trump will destroy the creditable of our nation.


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