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Blacks will never Free

Updated on January 24, 2016

Afro- Americans---Blacks

There will always be a double Stander between the Black and white race, because of the color of there skin.

I am a Black woman living in a world of uncertainty, when it comes to judging who I am or my abilities because I was born' 'Black".As much as we want to believe that racism is a thing of the past, deep down we know Blacks will never be treated equally.

For generations our Black's ancestors were put on display sold to the highest bidder to work in fields and to take care of the master homes. Plantation owners taught their children how to be racist like their parents taught them.

Martin Luther King, had a dream that one day our nation could live in peace without fear. One day whites and Blacks would sat cross the table and share a meal as brothers and sisters.These words hold the truth with self evident.

We have seen people in high places in Politics who are racist but hide it from the public, deep down it's there..Racism is apart of America heritage and will never leave , some whites will always believe that they are inferior to the Black Race.

Afro-American True Meaning.

A-is for Afro-America living in a country of Freedom.

B -Tells us Blacks are in every Nation in the world..

C-Is for Color.


F- is Faith-some we must have to survive.

G- is for a gamble Black's life will always be a gamble.

H-Is Health-Black's should always be aware and take care of their bodies.

I-is for intelligence by educating ourselves in every-way possible.

J- Is for Justice for Black's as well as whites.

K-is for kindness to all.

L-is for loyal

M- is for martin Luther king Jr. who had a dream that one day whites-Blacks could eat across the table from each other.

N- is for Nigeria a country in Africa.

O- is to be obedience.

P- Is being proud of who you are regardless of color.

Q-is means never quit.

R-is for respect to give it it must be received. having the strength and endure all issues we have without violence.

T. is for the time we spend trying to fix in with others who just don't care.

U- means that race should unite as one without racism.

v-is for violence God know there is to much around the world.

W-is for wisdom and knowledge .

X -is for x-ray who clarify our illness.

Y- is for all our youth who have the opportunity to change America.

Z-Zealous we must devote ourselves to a reason and a purpose in life.

In-today generation Blacks should never be Judge because they was born Black and white shouldn't be judge for what the older generation that of the color Black.


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    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 

      4 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Great thoughts - A well-timed subject.


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