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Egyptian Revolution: Will Egyptian Revolution affect the whole world?

Updated on May 24, 2011

Patent for egyptian revolution

Egyptians are always unique! When they decided to revolute they made it different too. The sit-in stratigy was their own invention. Many people didn't belive it will work, but it did!

Now some of the Arab countries are trying to imitate the behaviour of Egyptians during their interception as in Yemen, Lybia, Bahrin and Sirya. Do you think that Egyptian revolution deserves to get a patent?

Even Egyptian unknown singers participated in Revolution

Egyptian youth and women cleaning streets after the sit-in

Reasons led to the Egyptian revolution

An unprecedented popular uprising Began in Egypt on Tuesday the twenty-fifth of January 2011 to protest the living conditions and political and economic conditions and considered corrupt under the rule of President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak.

Many people attributed the Egyptian revolution to reasons that are not real or are not clear. That's true.

There are real reasons no body can realize without being "living in Egypt". I wont talk too much here, I'll only try to list some.

1-Emergency Law in force since 1967, with the exception of a break for a period of 18 months in the early eighties, and under this law, expanded the authority of the police and suspended constitutional rights and imposed censorship. Under this law, was detained for more than 17,000 people, and the number of political prisoners as the highest estimate of 30,000 prisoners.

2- The influence of the police . Under the emergency law suffered the Egyptian citizen from injustice and violation of their rights, which is how to arrest, imprisonment and murder, and most famous of these events murder of a young Alexandrian Khalid Mohammed Said, who died at the hands of the police in the region of Sidi Gaber on the sixth of June 2010, after he was beaten And dragged to death in front of a number of eyewitnesses. And the death of another young man is Mr. Bilal during his detention in State Security in Alexandria, after being tortured in the aftermath of the bombing of the Saints Church in Alexandria.
The total victims of violence, the Egyptian Interior Ministry to about 350 (martyr) in the last three years, according to estimates by human rights organizations.

3- Continuation of the term of Hosni Mubarak since 1981, and for thirty years have been in Egypt for theft and looting of his court and ministers of successive governments, which had a significant impact on the economic and social deterioration in addition to the marked decline in the level of education and high rates of unemployment and crime.

4- Poor economic conditions, social and political In the report of Transparency International (an international organization to monitor all forms of corruption including political corruption) evaluated Egypt to 3.1 in 2010 based on the perceptions of the degree of corruption, from businessmen and analysts, the state, where 10 means very clean and 0 means highly corrupt. Egypt ranked 98 out of 178 countries included in the report.
By the end of last year 2010 arrived in Egypt's total population living below the poverty line for about 40%, the total per capita income for about two dollars a day.

5- Elections, in the People's Assembly and Shura Council. About two months before the outbreak of protests, parliamentary elections were held in Egypt for the People's Assembly and Shura Council, which claimed the ruling National Democratic Party for more than 95% of the seats in both houses, wiping out the full representation of the opposition. Which hit the frustrated citizens, and the payment of various political forces to describe the worst parliamentary elections in Egyptian history because it is contrary to fact in the Egyptian street. In addition to violating the rights of the Egyptian judiciary to supervise them after the overthrow of the system to the provisions of the illegality of the judiciary in some constituencies. And prevent the Brotherhood from participating in legally.

Egyptian Revolution in History

History had never seen a revolution like that of the Egyptians in January 25 , this revolution that will remain a historic event to inspire writers, politicians and thinkers for decades, and will contribute to this great event; to change the political map of the world, and because of this revolution; the world will witness significant shifts on all levels, will rise some people and reduce others.

Some of those who's died for liberity

Features of the Egyptian revolution

The world has witnessed since the dawn of history, revolutions, and numerous backgrounds degrees, has acquired some of these revolutions important; time according to their results, and other causes of the eruption, but the Egyptian revolution marked on the other features made ​​it the top global revolutions  importance and effectiveness, performance and results and implications. The Which was characterized some aspects of this revolution, we recall, for example, but not limited;

1- A peaceful revolution gave impetus to continue to add to the popular. That means it's for all people  and not a specific category.

2- Purity of this revolution, and this unique feature of the popular uprisings, especially since we are talking about people close to ninety million people, this purity the middle of this huge number, is a departure from the familiar to the reality of chaos and reality of conscience Allagm only.   3- Lack of leadership of this revolution added to the strength and motivation and sustainability.   4-The revolution of January 25 was addressed only for internal change, not burn the flag of enemy, and did not raise any slogan ideological or partisan, and did not say that Islam or the other is the solution, not ranging revolution demands regarding the revolution of Tunisia, but Was a clear political demands since exploded.

Exploring the political face of the world

Reviewing of historical site of Egypt to the World; we will find that they have formed a corridor and stations at the same time, each greedy military, economic or intellectual; towards the Middle East, and with a geo-map of the world; we will find that Egypt is located in the heart of the world, and if we agree that the dominant forces in the world; used to control the political geography to control political entities; the location of Egypt "geopolitical", gained special importance, making it a key and the fulcrum for each and any type of mobility in the region.

These global results; push the forces of new to the international arena, in order to contest the leadership of the coming world, after people have gave up the world of polarity control.

Egyptian youth has stimulated the interim government to accelerate of the trial of Mubarak and his sons

Liberation demonstrators held the trial of the popular image they wanted  last Friday "April, 8th, 2011" to deliver a message to the officials need to speed trial Mubarak and his family and his partners "Zakaria Azmy and Fathi Sorour"

What is our destiny, if not accelerate without delay in the trial of the system? "NEW"

We accepted the law fairly and respected it ..

It's a shame to become after 25th January Revolution, as if we are cattle or blind followers.. as Mubarak and his system did with us. We have to accelerate the trial without any delay .. but we should accept and respect the fairly and impartial judiciary law.

We know that there are abuses taking place right now .. hoping to circumvent the demands of people, we also know that the revolution has produced social chaos and violent insurgency, departed . Revolutions are always followed by confusion and the confusion and concerns in community. There is a sense of fear of the chaos of ideas, demands, actions, and chaos in search of a place in the new system.

The fear now is of a product from the cessation of this revolution to turn into forums for poetry and songs, and that might lead to decreasing demands, and losing Revolution slowly, and become revolutionaries for researchers to collect the spoils, and stifles the flame of revolution which might become just a memory.

 You can read more about Egyptian revolution youth and how they are moving on steadily to get the stolen egyptian fond back


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    • kafsoa profile image

      kafsoa 6 years ago

      Yes Rihamah, I'm Egyptian top to toes :)|Thanks for the links to the videos which show the facts. Really one of the strong reasons for the revolution was Mubarak's plan or actually it was Gamal's plan. Thanks for commenting Rihama.

    • rihamah profile image

      rihamah 6 years ago

      Another strong reason for the revolution was that Mubarak was planning to leave the presidency for his son Gamal on the presidential elections that were to happen in September 2011.

    • rihamah profile image

      rihamah 6 years ago

      Love your hub on the Egyptian revolution. are you Egyptian ? Have you gone to Egypt ever?

      Here's another must see video for the Egyptian revolution this video shows how Egyptians had a strong determination to make Mubarak go from day one.

      And this is another video for the youth revolution icon Wael Ghoneim in this video Wael gives a speech during the time magazine ceremony.

      By the way I am a proud Egyptian after this revolution.

    • kafsoa profile image

      kafsoa 6 years ago

      Thanks Ejaz Ahmed, this is true I think they could do a miracle, in a very civilized and peaceful way.

    • ejazahmed2609 profile image

      ejazahmed2609 6 years ago from Abu Dahbi, UAE

      A nice hub. No doubt it is an outstanding struggle for democracy by the Egyptian and against a dictator who was not interested to leave. Egyptian proved that they are the great nation.

    • kafsoa profile image

      kafsoa 6 years ago

      Thanks HSchneider for your comment. Really Egyptians are pressing and have never stopped protesting when ever they disagree with any step taken by the military.

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 6 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      The Egyptian revolution was inspiring and is certainly spreading throughout the Middle East. A key is what the military now allows in Egypt. The people must continue to press them to do the right thing. It is inspirational and hopefully it bodes well for the whole world. Great Hub.

    • kafsoa profile image

      kafsoa 6 years ago

      Me too I hope that democracy can root every where:)

    • Rudra profile image

      Rudra 6 years ago

      Time up for Mubarak. Hopefully democracy can root there.