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Will Impeachment of President Trump Save Us?

Updated on December 10, 2019

The historic drama that is unfolding before our eyes has captured the attention of the world. Late-night talk show hosts and memes on the internet have transformed it into a circus, the clown being the U.S. President. We laugh so we don’t cry, as the saying goes. But it is serious business.

The Democrats have successfully laid out their “proof” of the high crimes and misdemeanors that have been committed. The Republicans just as vehemently proclaim that there are reasonable explanations for these actions. And therein lies the basic issue. Separation. Division. Polarization. Hate.

The Bigger Picture

Carl Sagan created a short video called the Pale Blue Dot in which he evokes in viewers some sense of the short-sightedness and egoism of humankind. He comments, “There is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves. The earth is the only world known so far to harbor life… The earth is where we make our stand.” The question is: How do we make that stand? The bigger picture that Sagan speaks of is not the biggest picture of all. There is a much larger view to be had, the one that I’m going to describe by discussing what is revealed by the wisdom of Kabbalah.

There are only two forces in the universe—bestowal and reception. The Creator is pure bestowal, and in order to manifest His nature, he created a receiver, a vessel to which to give. Certain interactions between the giver and the receiver resulted in a coarsening of energy until matter formed. Once that happened, the world evolved in four stages—inanimate, vegetative, animal and human. The interactions within and among the first three levels provide the template for the relationships among us. So far, so good.

All of these interactions and evolutions were for one purpose only—the creation of the earth and its preparation for the appearance of mankind. And why mankind? The interesting thing to know about the act of creation is that the vessel had no choice about its intimate connection with the Creator, about being a slave to a higher power. The vessel rejected the Creator’s light, but having experienced the enormous pleasure of the Creator, found itself in a flat and meaningless inner state. So an intention was made that there could be reception again, but only if something could be returned. Then matter, culminating with the human species, came into being, opposite to the Creator—a state of reception rather than bestowal and the form of matter rather than spirit. Two opposite forces.

In this state, the vessel gained free will, in that there is now choice—to remain totally disconnected from the Creator or to regain that connection that was once known, with all its pleasures. We as humans live within the will to receive, living our lives in pursuit of the fulfillment of our desires, made possible by the abundance of nature. But that leaves us separated from Him with no way to get back. Except… the Creator endowed us with a way to return to Him—the Ego.

More about the ego later.

What should a government that works on the basis of genuine unity look like?

"I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

This original version of the Pledge of Allegiance has undergone some revisions, but the words “one nation, indivisible” have endured. There was a vision of unity and connectedness among all of us who make up this nation, but what has evolved is becoming more and more in opposition to that aspiration.

The unity of a government is predicated on a mutual care about the good of the country. Differing opinions exist, of course, but all of the conflict, debate, and high emotion are recognized as purposeful in that the results are actions always directed toward maintaining the unity of the nation. Multiple political parties can exist, each expressing the interests of specific voters, but in the end, those interests are subsumed into the platform of the party that holds “one nation, indivisible” as the ultimate ideal.

This unity must include opposing tendencies because, as in nature, two opposite poles, connected by a resistor, create something new. In government that resistor is the highly-held principle that only a nation within which the unity and indivisibility of the country is held as inviolable will the citizenry thrive. The ideal government should work solely for the good of the country and the people and be ready to serve people and not their own interests and benefits. By doing so, such a government would show the people an example of positive behavior in which different people, even those hostile to each other, can rise above their contradictions for the sake of the property that is common to all: the country and its people.

Why is unity in our nation the only possible solution? Because nature’s true form is appearing, longing to become revealed to us. Its interconnected and interdependent form is entering our world, and we feel our opposition to it. The more visible nature’s perfection is shown to our world, the worse we feel. Its nearing gives us a sense of darkness because we are in its opposite form: it is integral and altruistically-fueled, whereas we are separated and egoistically-fueled. We are in a state as precarious as if an asteroid were headed straight for planet earth. The human ego has brought us to a point of such separation that we are on the brink of self-destruction.

The ego of mankind has served us well, in one respect, in that it is the force that allowed us to find ways to fulfill our basic needs and to develop our societies. The ego grew in order move us into the modern world, a global community. That work of the ego is now completed, but it resides inside us—individually and collectively—as a bloated, voracious force that recklessly seeks to fulfill our every desire for wealth and power and to hurt and exploit others in doing so.

So… will impeachment of President Trump save us?

No. Despite its legal viability, the move to impeach is an action that creates further separation in our nation. It is the epitome of our collective egoism. Get rid of the bad guy and we will be just fine. One way to think about this is that Trump is one of the glaring examples, almost an icon of, the distance we have moved away from nature’s correct form. We whole-heartedly endorse his actions because we are feeling such darkness that we see him as a way out of it, or we recognize the destructive force of egoism and separation politics and want to make it go away.

The flaw in this is that he is not the problem. We are. If we want to feel goodness and abundance in our lives, we have to change ourselves to become balanced with nature, so that we don’t plunge into a cancerous entanglement of problems because we can’t handle nature’s integral form closing in on us.

We do not see the integrality of the natural system because we are not integral on the inside. We are discrete, disunited, and singular—each of us is by himself. I don’t have an integral mind, an integral way of thinking, and I cannot take the whole world into consideration.

But on the other hand, we constitute one whole, and by the law of a single body, I cannot make a single action unless I am sure that it will have a favorable effect on all of my systems. That is why we cannot attain success in anything…

…I must have an integral system inside of me so I would naturally think about the world as a whole just as I think about myself. That is the only way I will attain success in the economy, industry, and trade—in everything.

Michael Laitman, PhD

And it is the only way we will attain a balanced and just society consistent with the integral inner self and to the integrality of nature. Actions such as impeachment are directly in opposition to nature. Those in power will not seek for unity among us, nor do they want to. It is up to us to create this strength of connection so that out of that force we will not select such a person as a leader. There is one positive thing about this whole process—that we are experiencing dramatically what we do not want, and that is a prerequisite for creating what we do want. Are we up to it?


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