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Will Peace Ever Come?

Updated on March 10, 2016
Peace be with you baby
Peace be with you baby

Another One Of My Famous Questions

Personally I don't believe peace will ever come as long as humans rule the planet. We are argumentative by nature. We strive to be right no matter the cost. Many lives have been lost over stupid things. They say history should teach us, but it doesn't.

First there are borders. We never seem to be happy with the place we are. We want more space. Be it for natural resources or whatever. Nations that can't get it through peaceful means turn to violence. The big guys always want to strut their muscle. Just look at the concern over who controls the oil.

Next is religion. Some of mankind think their religion is the only one. If you are not a believer, you are the enemy. Some radicals believe that the loving God they worship condones violence in the name of religion. Need evidence? Look at the history of the Middle East. Those people will fight forever.

Some wars are fought just because of economic reasons. Wars seem to build an economy up. Some politicians just wage war to make themselves look good. Stupid reason to kill people, but man is arrogant.

Any chance for peace can only come from one of two sources. Either man will die out and mother nature will return to dominance, or God will decide we have embarrassed him enough and bring down the end to this disaster.


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