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Will We Survive? YES!

Updated on April 25, 2011

When it comes down to it, there is nothing we cannot do if we just want to do it.  If we want to become pilots in the military there are limitations of height, but to become a pilot in the real world there is no height requirement that I know of.

Children can become doctors if they so wish to, if they work hard and are determined.  Poor women can become business owners if they just have a good idea and a person to market to.  Men who have done drugs for most of their lives can put the stuff down, take a shower, get a haircut and shave, and work their way from sweeping floors to managing teams of people.

The only thing that keeps us down is us.  If we are determined to make something happen then it will happen.  If we allow others to determine our destiny then we are victims of our own choice to allow it to happen.

This world is much more free than it was just a hundred years ago.  A hundred years ago women could not vote.  A hundred years ago it was alright to beat a black man, or your wife.  A hundred years ago we barely had cars and we did not have automation in our fields.  We were tougher, stronger, more capable than we are now.

Consider that for a moment, will you?  If we were to go back one hundred years how many of us would survive with the lack of comforts that we have become used to?  Would you wish to have that cellular phone back, or would you be able to call Mabel down at the operation station to connect you to Zeke to get your grain delivered tomorrow instead of today?  Would you be able to put that dress together, or get the oxen rigged to pull the plough?  

How many of us can knit, sew, plant a garden?  How many of us can successfully dress a chicken for a stew?  Is it complacency or is it a sense of entitlement?

How many of us have the great expectation that someone else should change our brakes in our truck?  How many of us pull up to the full-service pumps at the gas station and pay an extra 25 cents to pay someone else to do something we can do ourselves?  How many capable individuals 'borrow' their grandma's handicapped lable so they don't have to walk so far at the grocery store or amusement park?  Is that fair to those who are following the rules?  No, it is not.

When did this country of hard workers and proud people become a country of empty hands hoping for a little change from their neighbor?  When did the entitled few get the idea that they deserve to take without giving?  When did hard work become a dirty word?  

Historically there have been hungry and poor people.  They had choices.  Some chose to become thieves and robbers.  Others chose to do little chores to be fed for the day.  Others found seed and a small corner lot and planted themselves some food and foraged for what they could not plant.  Those who had were happy to invite a poor family in for a holiday meal, or to give them a few dollars to buy some shoes.  Poor people were not proud to be poor.  They fought hard to survive and to make it in the world that they were in.

Now poor people will come right up to you and ask you for money as though you have it.  They presume that because you have a home and a car that you can afford to pay for them as well.  They are not realizing that the car and the home all cost money and so the "well to do" person may likely have less in their pocket at the end of the month than the beggar on the street corner.

When the government gives money to poor people it is not theirs to give.  It is the money of tax paying individuals.  We are our brothers' keeper whether we like it or now.  Our money goes into coffers that are not of our choosing.  We may pay into Medicare and Social Security, but where is the money?  It's been stolen from our "savings accounts" and given to those people who did not pay into the system.  How is it that our hard earned money should be provided to the poor who refuse to work?

When did this country take a turn?  Was it the great depression?  Was it brought on by Midwestern droughts that halted grain and vegetable production across the middle of this otherwise fertile country?  Did we learn from those mistakes of strip farms?  Of course we did.  But the temporary fix of welfare for the hungry should have gone away.

Complacency in the rhetoric of the powers at the time has been a problem through History.  From the times before Jesus Christ to the Witch Trials that killed nearly a thousand innocents to the welfare babies and rhetoric being given from every mouth, this country, this world, has changed.  Everyone wants their piece of the pie and they are becoming comfortable with someone else giving it to them with no effort on their part.

I have a garden.  I have 2 paid off cars.  I work online to save money on gasoline, and I take care of my family.  I am not a handout kind of person.  I avoided getting welfare when I needed it and I am not going to be a burden on my neighbor.  I pay my taxes and buy my food.  I am proud to be a free woman with a clear thinking brain, strong back, and swolen fingers.  I will work until I am unable to work, then I will find a new skill that does not require my body to perform.

We have to get back to that time when we were hard workers who did what we had to in order to live.  We are not supposed to be burdens on society, we're supposed to be part of the solution.  We are educated and we are capable and we should take advantage of our minds, our bodies, and the will to survive.

We will survive, too!


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