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Will the Tobacco Companies Squelch E-Cigs Momentum ?

Updated on September 27, 2009

Big Tobbaco is on a warpath

Big tobacco is on the warpath and this time they are bringing up the most surprising subject of all, the health issue.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the number one killer, those merchants of death sticks, the Masters of Self Euthanasia, have set it’s guns on the one product that has the possibility to topple their empire, the E-cigarette revolution.

e-cigs vs cigarettes
e-cigs vs cigarettes
cigarettes are poison
cigarettes are poison

In July of 2009 the FDA (those bastions of safety and social wellbeing) came out with a report saying that electronic cigarette contained “carcinogens and toxic chemicals” the most noteworthy being “diethylene glycol”, an ingredient used in antifreeze. Now “diethylene glycol” is one of the products that help give electric cigarettes that billowy smoke vapor.

Now Big Tobacco, jumped all over this report, and of course my skepticism with government agencies and the corruption of politics, even believes that they probably are the ones that funded the report, but what ever, It became the hot news item for a while.

As if people where drinking down the solution by the gallons, the truth is, your only breathing in one or two drops a day, and that’s not even pure “diethylene glycol” that’s diluted with flavoring and nicotine and what ever else they put in it. You probably inhale that much walking outside. Now I’m not saying e-cigarettes are completely healthy, because when I first started, and smoked a whole lot, my lungs would hurt just like I smoked a lot of cigarettes, so something is in them that probably isn’t good for you, (besides of course the nicotine which is a toxic chemical in and of it self). But the fact is that you are reducing your smoking habit, unlike tobacco, which has been manipulated to be addictive, and contains some 3,000 carcinogens and toxic products, electronic cigarettes wean you from that nicotine addiction, you can even get some juice that has vitamin e, and vitamin c, added to it and I’ve seen places that will sell you "the juice" without the glycol added to the mixture. I’m sure as they become more and more popular even more innovations will arise.

Of course the big question is "Will the Tobacco Companies squelch e-cigs or have they've gotten enough momentum to survive"?

Well, first off the e-cigarette movement is already big business, it’s growing in popularity every day, with international commerce and the ease of purchasing products from other countries through the internet, there is no way of really stopping it. All we need now is for Hollywood to put them in a few movies, and a major company to mass market it nationally. Then the revolution will be complete.

To a world free of second hand smoke, corrupt politicians, and the influence of big business, (yaa! I’m a dreamer.)



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    • KCC Big Country profile image


      9 years ago from Central Texas

      Thanks for answering my hub request. I'm a huge fan of e-cigs (my husband uses them, I'm a non-smoker). I have often said I think all it needs is a big endorsement from a well-liked celeb and it'll be hard to stop this movement. It's the first time we've got something to fight the tobacco companies with and it's about time. This will be a big win for smokers.


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