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Will the World Ever Exist Without Apocalypse Theories

Updated on September 23, 2017
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Author of two novels that have reached top 150 list on Amazon

What Can You Learn From These Theories?

On August 21, 2017, millions of people stood outside, gazing at what is being described as the phenomenon of the century. After nearly a hundred years, Americans who were within the path of totality, experienced the moon completely covering the sun.

As most gazed in awe, others observed in fear. Since nearly the beginning of civilization, the globe has been plagued by conspiracy theories of what some now call the rapture or the end of the world. Obviously if you are reading this, you have lived past yet another apocalyptic date. The destruction of Earth by Planet X.

Some Americans prophesied with “factual evidence” that on the eclipse, everyone viewing would be able to see a hidden planet referred to as Planet X. The theory was that the unveiling of the hidden planet on the 21st, would be the ultimate message that the Planet X would crash into and obliterate Earth on September 23.

If you were one of the many people watching the solar eclipse while sober and consciously aware, then your own eyes proved the theory as false. But even at such a revelation, will people continue to believe the world is coming to a doomsday end?

And the disappointing answer to that is yes. If you can recall some of your past memories, you can remember Planet X was also prophesied to crash into Earth on December 21, 2012 and then before that in 2003. So by now, I think any human can conclude that Earth isn't going to be destroyed anytime soon.

Now, take into measure that NASA has previously proclaimed these theories as “internet deceptions”. All the while, a small part of Christians have used the Bible as a measure to prove Planet X's existence. And not only that. The internet swarms with photos and videos of what is claimed as Planet X/Nibiru hanging in the sky.

What we have all learned as survivors of these “apocalyptic prophecies” is that even when debunked, they are continued to be pursued and pressed toward a future date. The act of doing so can be described as an American's right, but after all these years, these claims no longer present humor, but instead terror.

In times like this, we should be advancing in virtuousness, instead of relishing in darkness and gloom. There comes a time in history, when something becomes so inherently hindering, that it is put to an end. I cannot promise you that the end of these theories will stop here, but I can guarantee that you'll make it through each and every one of them!


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    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 

      16 months ago from > California

      We must not be so hasty 2 DISMISS an inevitable "APOCALYPTIC Demise", especially when as of January 20, 2017, we've been merely surviving in the DARKEST, most Dangerously Chaotic Times ever Recorded in HISTORY ~

      If "Delusional Donald", the most Psychologically UNSTABLE Pseudo-President this Universe has ever witnessed, persists with BABBLING his RECKLESS, BIG Fat DUMB Mouth, he will indeed PROVOKE "Rocket-MAN" of N. Korea into a Military RESPONSE, perhaps even the use of ATOMIC, Nuclear or Hydrogen Weaponry ~

      If CHINA and or Russia joins in, which is highly likely, we have the imminent potential for an Unecessary Apocalyptic ENDING ~ Everyone understands that Mr. Trump is on his way OUT the DOOR for several Valid Reasons, let's just pray he's REMOVED Swiftly to prevent him from Instigating, Provoking & Ultimately Causing Massive Global Destruction as he and his CONservative Comrades in congress are now ATTEMPTING to Decimate HealthCARE here in the USA ~


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