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Obama is not the last US president and history will be made again.

Updated on March 3, 2016

The Presidential candidates.

There have been 43 U.S. Presidents served into office, and 44 presidencies, as Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms and is counted chronologically as both the 22nd and 24th president. (Wikipedia creative commons.) Barack Obama made history as the first black president of the U.S. and also as the first black president to serve two terms.
With the 2016 Presidential General Election set for November 2016, there are three Democrats and 14 Republicans still in the presidential race.


  1. Hilary Clinton 2. Martin O’ Malley and 3. Bernie Sanders.


  1. Jeb Bush 6. Jim Gilmore 11. Rand Paul

  2. Ben Carson 7. Lindsey Graham 12. Marco Rubio

  3. Chris Christie 8. Mike Huckabee 13. Rick Santorum

  4. Ted Cruz 9. John Kasich 14. Donald Trump

  5. Carla Fiorina 10. George Pataki

Issues facing the next presidency.

Among all of the candidates, Hillary Clinton has a strong lead followed by Donald Trump; however, Ben Carson has faltered greatly and will not be in the picture. Bernie Sanders will not be considered much longer and is at this point has a weak lead. History has to be made again; firstly by the first African American, next comes a woman on the scene to make history again. There is a time frame to all that happens and all that will be happening, and it is set forth to give mankind a chance to repent and get it right in God's sight.

We as a nation have and will continue to deal with gun violence, mass shootings and other issues that may arise at any given moment, and as I am writing, another incident has taken place. It is widely believed that the sudden rise of Donald Trump would have him as the top choice for the nomination, however, he would have to get pass Hillary Clinton to do that. With that said, Hillary could very well make history as the first woman president of the U.S. Based on her experience in foreign policy, this makes her the top choice If she is cleared of all of the accusations against her. Jeb Bush is somewhat tarnished by his brother’s reputation and therefore, would not be a top candidate for the presidency. The next president will have to take on a broader range of issues that are not yet foreseeable. I’m not predicting that the next president will be the last, I’m being a little hypothetical, and I’m posing a question here in all possibilities, could the next president be the last U.S. president? In all possibilities given that in any event, World War 3 breaks out, the rapture of the church takes place and chaos breaks out worldwide. That would make it a reality, and my question is answered based on the events mentioned here; the last president is declared but here is a catch. That would make Barack Obama a third term president and the last president in all due respect right? In all likelihood, that none of these events take place, sure enough, Hillary wins the election and makes history as the first woman president; Donald Trump is defeated, Ben Carson is out of the picture, and Jeb Bush never comes close to the nomination. History is made and we are even closer to the times of the end, do we look to another president after that and quietly say, “This may be the last president of the U.S.?” What about WW3? Based on events happening with Russia and Turkey, that puts ISIS in another category of its own, and it definitely shifts the focus on a possibly show down with these two nations. We are dealing with many other issues including gun violence, mass shootings in various places as we speak, and nationwide terrorism. Since 911, this nation has never been the same and at the same time, the world has numerous disasters, wars and rumors of wars. These are the birth pangs; we have approached the times of darkness, and what lies ahead in the coming years? So many want to lead this country but only one will come out victorious, and this one may very well be the one who will go through the tribulation if this is so the case.

Donald Trump is not my choice.

Many people believe that Donald Trump will be the one who will lead this country, some believe Ben Carson is the one, some even think that Jeb Bush might turn some heads in the Iowa Caucus; none the less, my view is somewhat different, and I’m not leading in that direction at all. You might as well say that Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, and Bernie Sanders are the front runners, in that case, you are blindsided and have no vision. There are many on YouTube who believe that Obama is the Anti-Christ, they are deceived and are in error because the church is still present on the earth. Truth be told, ISIS will continue to advance and will further become avenue for the man of sin to enter in and declare to be the 12th Imam for the Islamic state. This man of sin will declare to be the Messiah, and will win the world by saying that he has become a Muslim, and will wage war against the Christians. The Jewish nation will catch on later and will figure out that the Messiah can’t die and be born at the same time. There is a veil over the eyes of many mainly because they are saying that we are nowhere near the end of times, but know this fact; ten years ago there was no same –sex marriage, and no Islamic State and no black president.

Clinton remains the leader in the polls.

Hillary Clinton remains as the leading candidate leading by 60%, Barry Sanders is at 35% while Donald Trump inches in at 32% and Ben Carson at 22%. It is interesting to see that if Trump is the top choice and has the overall vote in the Republican race, that in itself will bring a lot of panic. Is this country ready for another Clinton to lead ? yes and by far more than ready. On the other hand, Ben Carson is gaining some ground in a sense, but Trump is making more headlines with many fast pitches in which some consider somewhat humorous. Can this nation take on someone like Donald Trump seriously? I don't think so. Some have it that pope Frances is the last Pope and that he is believed to be the False Prophet. It remains to be seen who and what source is politically correct. There are many sources who hold firm that this is indeed a valid fact and have inconclusive evidence to back this up. We have until November 2016 to see if all that is foretold will come to pass, even what I firmly believe to be valid information. If this not the case, then we have all misled the public and have proven to be all false.

In my conclusion, I believe that the next US president will not be a man, but a woman of whom we all know.

Insider: Obama may be the last President.

The race to the white house.

Who will win the Presidency, and will we see another president?

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    • Eldercurk profile imageAUTHOR

      Elder Curtis Shelton 

      3 years ago from Stone Mountain

      If the theory holds true, and it is a fact, but it is highly unlikely to be a point of view. Let's talk Armageddon comes election time and see the results. All the signs are here, but the end is not yet.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image


      3 years ago

      Why are you being the messenger of doom?

      Spreading this hallucination just brings a dilemma for the stupid people to follow and create mass stupidity.

      Try to flip this message into something positive.

      As long as the political parties have completely divergent goals, it doesn't matter which party win, or even which candidate wins. There will still be gridlock in the congress, and the president will still go rogue, and the SCOTUS will still be politically controlled.

      What about Armageddon is it also in the window?

    • Eldercurk profile imageAUTHOR

      Elder Curtis Shelton 

      3 years ago from Stone Mountain

      I think you're right on this question, therefore I will change it accordingly.

    • someonewhoknows profile image


      3 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      Maybe the question should be - Will Obama be the last president!


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