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Will Women Ever Be Equal?

Updated on June 9, 2018

A woman's work is never done


Women for generations

Women have forever been regarded as second hand citizens of sort. When the Americas were settled. Women did not have a voice, at least not publicly. A women's place was in the home. Unless the fields needed tending, the laundry needed to be done and so on.

When women went out in public, they didn't speak to other men, especially if they weren't their husbands. Women were pretty much kept subservient to their spouse.

Fast forward to today

While we could go on mentioning all the trials and tribulations of a woman, from the right to vote, to the rights of her own body. This could easily become a book, so I will fast forward a bit.

Women have come a very long way, in the fact that they can vote, they work outside the home, some are even the bread winners in some households. Yes, there are men that stay at home and the women goes to work. And in today's society, this isn't frowned upon.

So, then if a women can work to support her husband and her children, why does a women deserve less pay than a man? There is no right answer for that question, because no matter what excuse is given, it will be extremely incorrect.

It is way past the time, for women to be taken less seriously, because they are just as much a part of the future of this country, if not more so, than men.

Women equal as men

Do you feel that women get equal respect as men?

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Audi Commercial makes you think

This year, with all the talk of disrespect for women. Starting with the President of the United States, Donald Trump; that sees them as more of an object than a person. This alone has been extremely disturbing.

The fact that he paid the men in his campaign, more than his mouthpiece, Kelly Ann Conway, who created new words like "alternative truth" for the parties blatant lies and got kicked around constantly for defending him. What did she get? He didn't respect her enough to give her equal pay.

Never mind, that she doesn't have enough self respect to distance herself from it, she still deserves equality for what she has done. But that will never happen, when close minded individuals are in charge.

So the 2017 Super Bowl brought several good commercials that have to do with the state of America. A very touching commercial was played during the Super Bowl; sponsored by Audi. A grandfather is talking about what he is going to tell his granddaughter about her worth.

Word cannot do it justice. (watch the video below)

Women and their inequality

Cast your vote for Equality For Women

Women respecting other women

After much discussion, it was determined that women are sometimes harder on women than men. A women's jealousy against another for their beautify, their charm or their wit, is enough to discriminate against that women.

However, someone like Donald Trump won a larger number of the women's vote than expected. Why?

There was the "white" woman vote; the wealthier women vote and the poor income white women voter. These were the large groups of women, and yes we are talking white women.

So why vote for Donald Trump; because those with money, will generally support the same person their husband does. Fear of disrupting their lifestyle and peer pressure.

Those with less education, non- readers are lead by what they hear, rather than read and research. They vote along what they hear and how their "click" votes.

The poor, they fit the less educated group, but the women in this group, like the wealthy, will side with the husband and vote likewise. Fear of disrupting their lifestyle and peer pressure.

As long as women cannot stand up for what they believe and not live in fear of retribution, nothing will change. A women will not hold the highest office, because rich men and poor men will always see that their women vote as they do.

The Women's march was amazing on Jan. 21, 2017. It united all the women of the world. But, where have they gone? Was the media correct? It was just a show of force and like the Tea Party it faded already.


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