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Winning a My 12 Year Battle for Child Support and Not Getting a Dime.

Updated on February 5, 2012
JT Walters profile image

JT Walters has a Master's of Science in Behavoralism from Florida State University. A former Campaign Manager in a Senate Race.



A Year in Court

I have spent the last year of my life fighting a legal battle for child support. My son’s biological Father has refused to pay a dime of child support for the past 12 years. Actually he refused he sued me for custody, child support and paternity when I was in my last trimester forcing me to attend court hearings when I was medically ordered to stay on bed rest. I can’t say for certain this caused my son to be born premature but I will never forgive the guy. I spent 28 days in a NICU unit with my son making certain he survived. When I got him home I attempted to get a restraining order against my son’s father as he had threatened to kill both the child and myself and he was more then capable. And still more court with a new born baby that had health problems. And still yet this guy skipped out on his responsibilities even after swearing in court documents he was the biological father of my child.

My son’s health problems were considerable, we were receiving death threats and I had to take care of my child. Therefore I dropped the restraining order so my son’s idiot Father could keep his pistol. Secretly, I prayed for the accident in which the Father shot himself and my son collected his social security. I only secretly hoped it a few times.

Several years later, I heard from my son’s biological Father gloating he had bedded an attorney. And they would make harassing calls to my home as well. I guess the only thing that could put spice in their sex life was to abuse my son. Make no mistake about it my son has had to be brought up in childhood poverty because his biological father and his girlfriend get off on being emotionally and verbally abusive to me and my child. The biological father has already told me she is a dog which he can’t stand to have sex with but can only get aroused after they make their sick telephone calls to my home. And this continued for years until I moved and changed my number to an unlisted an unlisted number.

Bethune Cookman University

I finally filed with the Department of Revenue to sue my son’s biological father for child support even though I feared for our lives. I could not afford an attorney as I had to be concerned with paying for my son’s medicines, food and clothing as well as being the sole provider of shelter.

And sure enough this sick sexually dysfunctional pair respond but the girlfriend is no longer a capable of practicing law as she is under the sole contract of Bethune Cookman University as a librarian. And still yet she breaks her contract with Bethune Cookman University and makes all kinds of motions and deals with the Department of Revenue in the state of Florida for postponements even when they have the DNA tests results. And this is spun out into a year long process in which the Bethune Cookman University employee, acting as an agent of Bethune Cookman University, abusing the privileged and power entrusted to her and represents her dead beat boyfriend enabling him to yet again skip out ion his financial responsibilities to my child. What is even more amazing is she is screwing the taxpayers in the state of Florida, Bethune Cookman University and has a definitive conflict of interest which she fails to disclose to the court or opposing counsel and she gets away with it.

It is amazing how this woman is driven by her genitals. She should be ashamed of herself. And she didn’t even appear but appeared by telephone for her client/ boyfriend.

I offered a copy of the lawsuit which my son’s biological father brought against me when I was pregnant claiming custody of my fetus, and asking for child support. Despite this genital driven lawyer, it was entered into evidence. I was only allowed 3 years of back child support by statute.

My son’s biological father claims to be disabled although no physician has found him to be so and he can’t obtain social security disability. This man has three degrees and attended graduate school and is in his 50(s) living off his Father’s retirement. The judge was so kind to my son’s biological father and only required him to get a minimum wage job which he had to pay only a small fraction of his salary for child support. I might add my credit is horrible as I have had to pay for everything because of this dead beat. And the dead beat’s great is sterling. He could readily borrow the back child support owed and pay me in full. I should also mention that he is only required to pay $45 a month in back child support. I am not a bank and I would not choose to finance a dead beat’s back child support. He was court ordered to make his child support payment February 1, 2012. I would also like to state that had the girlfriend/lawyer not obtained so many continuances then he would have been required to pay long before this date. The court has completely over indulged the dead beat father in Florida and at the expense of my son, myself and the taxpayer.

February 1, 2012

February 1, 2012 has come and gone and the dead beat didn’t pay one red cent. He didn’t pay anything and the state of Florida, in its infinite wisdom, has claimed that since I have back child support due and child support due I have an increase in income which means I no longer can receive AFDIC or TANF. Even though the Department of Revenue is well aware that the dead beat didn’t pay a dime of the court order monies. As a very sad matter of fact, the Department of revenue will not even issue a letter until 15 days after the payment is delinquent and then there is a process by which he is allowed to have one hearing after another defending his right not to pay child support all while my son’s benefits have been cut off. I in fact have health concerns myself now and I need medical attention and I have been placed on cost share which means the state of Florida wants to charge me $20 a month for Medicaid even though I have no income.

Quite literally a man who has fathered a child can get out of paying child support and receive no consequences even if the child is medically complex and has autism. The court system and the state of Florida doesn’t care. To be disabled or sick in Florida or to care for someone who is, is to be invisible and inconsequential.

For those of you kind hearted folks who wish to help. We have no pro bono lawyers in this area. And our legal aid lost their funding to represent women in my situation. It is amazing to me that the court system would appoint an attorney for someone accused of a crime so they get a just hearing but can’t see the infinite wisdom in balancing out the scales of justice for women who care for children with medical complexities and autism. The white man in Florida can do anything and never be held accountable.

I feel like my son and I are Lacy Peterson and her baby before she was murdered. And because I had the sense to get away from this guy that I and my son will forever be paying for his exceptionally criminal behavior. I have long since given up on the delusion that he would ever come around and be a decent person to his son. As a matter of fact thinking like that is to let my guard down and to endanger my son. The only thing this dead beat criminal could do it pay the court ordered child support which he decided not to February 1, 2012.

My son wasn’t planned but he is the best thing that ever happened to me. I absolutely adore him even when he is not on his best behavior. I couldn’t imagine not being all in as a parent and wanting to support and care for my child. I don’t know how this dead beat could do and be so maliciously criminal to his child. And he clearly has the credit to have borrow the fractional monies required of him to make the first child support payment in over 12 years and he chose not to.

The tacky ugly agent of Bethune Cookman University could have also clearly made the court ordered child support payment as she apparently moonlight’s on all of her employers and yet she choose not to as well. I bet the IRS will have a few grievances with her before it is all over,. As I understand it this attorney/librarian is no longer employed at Bethune Cookman University but was during the course of this trial. I would feel sorry for this woman as she is clearly a very desperate individual to do such bidding but for the fact she has attacked my medically fragile child who has autism for her dead beat boyfriend. How pathetic? I would never do that to get a man or to keep one. My response would have been…”Your child, pay your child support!”.

In the interim, I am looking at being charged for neither healthcare which I can’t afford nor access. We are having all our benefits cut off because I won a certain amount in a child support case but never received a dime. And the dead beat continues to collect both food stamps. Medicaid and TANF claiming to be disabled, milking the system for all it is worth and claiming to be disabled.

I spent a year in child support court to win a case to not get paid a cent.

I want white men to be forced to pay their child support or go to jail. Forget the license bit just put them in work programs in jail. That might be change I can believe in. They can work night and day until they pay every last cent of their child support. There is not justifiable excuse for children to be brought up in poverty in this country. A child in Africa stands a better chance at getting a computer then a child in Florida stands of getting his Father to support him.

What is next?

Well I definitely can't afford an attorney as we aren't even getting AFDIC anymore and we are onthe verge of being homeless because this person has refused to pay a court ordered child support payment. The Department of Revenue will only talk to me about how many cases they have and not about my individual case. DCFS doesn't care of my child goes without food stamps or TANF. They told me the court order took us off welfare. I answered even though we didn't get paid. They hung up on me.

I don't even know how i will find the funding to survive this month. But I thought i would share with everyone so they know if they receive a court order for child support it is basically unenforceable in the state of Florida. And that you can not ever receive income and it be counted as income and your food stamps and welfare can be cut off.

My son is medically complex and I take care of him full time without a break. I have been doing it for 24/7 and the state of Florida hasn't been able to find the funding to put him on the Med-waiver despite the fact I have been working for so many years without any assistance or a break. I should also mention that two of those years I was doing end stage cancer care for my Mother who died last January. My son also has autism for which I do not have a break from either and when he gets sick he requires hospitalization that we just returned from this week. As the sole provider for my son I would happily, if I could move on, but his dead beat Dad owes and he has to pay. Except the Department of Revenue is so easy on dead beat Dad's it is practically and institution in the state of Florida and they love to blame the woman.


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Hello again SuperMom,

      I have five words for you...Motion for Lump Sum Payment. You can motion for lump sum payment when you are dealing with a habitual dead beat Dad. Atleast that is the law in Florida. You can also motion for child support modification which drags the dead beat through court once again. All you need is an unanticipated expense but I will defer and tell you a lawyer is your best bet. Laws very from state to state so what is kosher in Florida may not be in New York.

      You will make the challenge no problem. I bet your children give you plenty of material. I know my son teaches me something new every single day.

      Lovely to hear from you again and have a wonderful evening.

    • supermom_in_ny profile image


      6 years ago from NY

      I've been to court for 14 years. He kept getting away with everyone until I got this one judge. Even then, he paid for a little while and then back to the same old thing. I, like you, focused on my kids. I was working full time. It was insanity. I can say I am in a better place today. It made my kids and I stronger. Looking forward to reading all of your hubs. Wow! I can't believe you wrote 500 in a year. I hope I don't run out of steam and complete 30 in 30! ;)

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Hi SuperMom,

      I am in the 4th District Court of Appeals. He is fighting the judgement. I have learned to file motions, petitions and et al. I lose alot but I am scrappy. One more continuance and I think I will barf. This one has sowed himself into a very bad situation. I can only hope he reaps it but I try and stay focused on my beautiful son who I love so much with all my heart. Otherwise I would not be able to be a good parent but it is challenging.

      Thanks for your words of kindness.


    • supermom_in_ny profile image


      6 years ago from NY

      OMG! I went through a similar situation. Not ready to share it yet. After 14 years, will be heading to court again in the future. I can tell you this: They reap what they sow!

      I hope things are better now. Voted up. ;)

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Thanks KDF,

      I have been waiting for 12 years and even worse my son has been waiting 12 years. So let's hope it happenes quickly and definitively.

      Let's hope that all the waiting in the form of the powerball winnings.

      And I will never surrender for my son's rights.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.


    • KDF profile image


      6 years ago from Central Illinois

      All I can suggest is two things:

      What goes around comes around


      Good things come to those who wait.

      Don't give up,keep on fighting.

      KARMA will come@!

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      HIya Debbie,

      And thanks for the support. The net effect of winning child support her in the states is the women and the child are kicked off public subsidy and the man never pays. What is worse is that becaue I have the order, I have income even though I am not getting a dime and I do not qualify for many public assistance programs.

      Have faith in me Debbie. I am learning law as I go on this one and I filed 11 motions at the courthouse this week. ONe of which was for discovery so I could go over all of my son's Father's financials.

      I just think women should be warned that unpaid child support is considered income to the federal government of the USA.

      Thanks for your kind words. If I ever get all the monies owed back to me I might bring my son to Greece for a nice Holiday. We could use one since my Mom's death.



    • debbie roberts profile image

      Debbie Roberts 

      6 years ago from Greece

      Hiya JT, the father of your son sounds like a real gem!....NOT!!

      I do love the way you don't hold back whilst writing. Even if it's only you venting your anger at the system and the cards life has dealt you. I can never understand how any parent can get away with not paying support towards their childrens upbringing, especially if help is needed. It's a sad world we live in.

      Do take a deep breath and hang in there JT.....

      An interesting hub and thanks for sharing....

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Thanks for checking on this and it would make a great hub the differences in our cultures dealing with Dead Beat Dads. It is the same here. He has 15 days before they will even mail him a letter he is late. He has another 20 days to respond. Then he gets another letter that informs him he must pay the first month of child support in another 15 days or the state will being proceedings to take his liscense. He has another 20 days to respond with his attorney why they shouldn't take his liscense and yes, transportation to work is a valid excuse. And he can fight losing his liscense regardless of the court order.

      That is 45 days I will not have money to feed my son and get by while the state provides public assistance to this dead beat Dad. The entire system is broke.

      Finally only if they are caught driving without a liscense do they risk jail time. We have work programs in our prisons which I think would be perfectly suited for dead beat Dads. That or the option of a tour in the Middle East serving their country and leaving their benefits to their children.

      The system is failing my beautiful boy!!

      Thanks for checking it out. I believe under the articles of Confederation Canada and the USA are one country so things are quite similar from a legal perspective. We are all North America!!

      Thank you once again.


    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 

      6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I just found something interesting that I wanted to share with you. This applies to Canada however:

      Currently, a person who doesn’t pay their child support can have their licence suspended. As of December 1st, 2010, people who do not pay child support and have their licence suspended and are caught driving will lose their car for a week.

      Another very important issue with this new law is that drivers are informed their licence is suspended by mail, meaning they could be driving while being completely unaware their licence is suspended and have their car taken; unable to get to work and make future payments.

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Lord,

      I am not theorectically above poverty. I have a judgement which is not being paid and is counted as income inroder to deprive us of public assistance.

      Sadly, my son's dead beat criminal father has the money, always, to hire the lawyer to defend himslef but never to pay to care for his child.

      But Lord I finally stood up to this man after 12 years of brutality and criminality. I wish I could fire his attorney as my son's child support is paying her.

      Yes, dead beat parents are a huge problem in America. But I couldn't imagine being one as when I had my son I dedicated my entire life to him and only became torn when I cared for my Mother who was dying of Cancer.

      I don't know if I have a next move. I will have to figure something out. I am not a lawyer and the Department of Revenue is only concerned with keeping us off public assistance. They don't care if my son has food, shelter or clothing. I don't know what I will do next but I will have to follow up. I am nothing if not persistent.

      Enjoy the game my friend. And I will keep you posted as long as I am not actively involved in a case.

      Unfortunatley, I can't write about many thing which are going on in my life because they can compromise my cases.

      Take care my friend.


    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Junko My Friend,

      I value your advice. I am not anywhere near the edge. My son is too important. The system has failed us entirely though. I stood up to 12 years of oppression, intimidation and death threats. And now he still isn't beig forced to paid for his deeds. I will never surrender and I will forge forth as I always have even in the face of my Mother's death. She went to her grave not seeing this dead beat criminal get his just deserves.

      I place my trust in your words my friend.

      All My Best,


    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Susan,

      I am glad ot know that ded beats are frowned upon in some societies. Not so much here. And I have heard of dead beat Mom's but I just couldn't imagine a Mom being a dead beat. I guess because it is so opposite of my existence i couldn't even imagine a Mother being selfish.

      Thanks for your kind words and compassion. I just wanted to inform everyone that a child support court order can;

      1) Not be paid

      2) Count as income and disqualify you for public assistance.

      I guess the USA is okay with dead beat Dad's not paying for their children. It is sad.

      All My Best,


    • Lord De Cross profile image

      Joseph De Cross 

      6 years ago from New York

      I would fire that ### of a sick woman. I feel sorry for you JT. Now I know more about your private life. This is a very deep problem..deeper than Immigration or even the Taliban. So many women in here have been through the same. Some had to leave HP due to the harrasing. Now this asset olds! are ready to watch the football game with no remorse. I know what you mean, with not getting support because you are above the poverty level, according to ttheoretical excel sheets. Hope you win and we will be watching the outcome. keep us posted!


    • junko profile image


      6 years ago

      JT, Now thats a heavy load you are carrying, and has been carrying for a while. I've come to the end of my rope a few times in my life. I've looked over the deep end and imagined me falling off. I fought as hard as I could not to fall off, I lost my balance and stumbled, but never fell. Somehow things aways worked out in the end. Do the best you can and never give up or jumb off. God will take care of you so you can take care of your son inspite of his father.

    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 

      6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Thanks for sharing your story. I have a friend who got back child support for ten years after the courts finally went after her ex. Not really sure what the laws are in the USA but here they really frown upon dead beat dads or moms which ever is the case. I feel really bad for you and your son and wish there was something I could do.


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