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Wish & Anguish - Language.?

Updated on February 16, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Know Language by Dress.

May be in any State.
May be in any State.
Painting Pure Rajastani Type.
Painting Pure Rajastani Type.


All problems come from us,we select the persons to rule.They divide to rule just like the British who did it for over 300 years.

It is just 60 years and we have a debate going on as to whether English or Hindi should be a single language to unite the Country.One language One Country they the Hindi Lovers say.Go to Tamil Nadu and speak Hindi and  wait to see what Happens.They refuse to teach Hindi at any level to any school except English or Tamil.

We heard the MP from Tamil Nadu say over the TV on the debate about the Language.She said we will teach Hindi in our state if Hindi speaking States teach Tamil in their States.

The TV debate was a Joke.There is serious issues to be solved in our country.English has put India in the Global Map.Let us not interfere in such trivial issues and take the Country forward in the eyes of Developed Countries. 

There is a big problem for non marati speaking people in Maharashtra and particularly in Bombay now named as Mumbai.Chief Ministers of each state act as Maharaja's.

The Chief Minister of Karnataka has spent nearly 2 Crore to upgrade his house.His Bed Room completely renovated,Bath room God knows what he has fixed both costing a whopping one crore nearly.His Own House and not the House that he is expected to occupy.

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra has donated Rs.5,00,000 lakhs to the villages who have voted for his party.

The Chief Minister of Andhra refuses to vacate his Chair in spite of public out burst over the death by accident of a Chopper he was flying with faulty instruments and the Pilots flying blindly when they kissed a mountain and Bhom went the Chopper.The Country's Army was involved in searching as the instrument that was supposed to give radio signals when such thing happens was non functional.

The Chief Minister of West Bengal refuses to take serious action on Maoists who are killing and burning villages.

The Chief Minister of another state refuses to listen to Supreme Court's Orders till the court tells that the Govt of India may dismis the Govt.

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu will not allow Hindi a National Language to be taught in his State.

The Chief Minister of Delhi allows a Killer sentenced to Life Imprisonment on Parole and he is seen at a night club,but not at the spot whch he is supposed to stay for the ritual of his grand mother which he is not supposed to do as his father is alive.

A Ex Chief Minister is cought in a multi crore scam.

We are sitting at home to admit our kid to kinder gardan school teaching English so that he may quit this country and they demand just few Lakhs of Rs as Donation which is banned by the Govt but they just don't care.

The Govt of India runs their schools for Govt of India employees as they are subjected to transfers and they need one school with fixed syllabus.Here only English & Hindi is main and others are fixed as per the guide lines from the Govt of India.

What do we do,we Wished freedom and we are now Anguished

A Hindi Song Dance By Aisyarya.


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