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With Activism to the Future

Updated on February 15, 2012

Volunteerism is commonly thought of as work that you don’t get paid for. While it might be true that you don’t benefit from it in a monetary way, you do get a lot in return. In first place, the satisfaction that you did something good and useful for yourself, your community and the whole society. Second, there’s an actual purpose to what you did, you’ve moved and achieved something. Third while not giving you money directly in return, many have started successful careers where their activism and volunteerism acted as a springboard. I’t might seem a bit odd that some volunteering work you do can make such a difference in the long run.

Now instead of just writing how great it can be, I’ll give you an example, and one of my favorites since I’m part of it too.
I proudly present you AIESEC, a student run global organization with tens of thousands of members with and even bigger alumni. The main purpose of joining this non-government organization (NGO for short) is to bring people together, work on your own skills, to help you grow and while doing this making you do something good for the society. How? There are lots of ways, from being part of teams, organizing committees, projects and being project leaders, but it also gives you opportunity to go abroad on various internships making you learn in a more professional sense and give your CV a nice boost, or on conferences around the globe or locally. During the week other than just “working” for AIESEC there are also parties and team-building sessions to help you connect with other people and just have plain fun.

But not to mention, there are other NGO’s with various purposes. Some of the most known and widespread are The Red Cross if you want to take care of people directly,Greenpeace if you think our environment needs help or Ubuntu if you want to contribute to the IT world and many many others.

Join some NGO near you and see what you can achieve.
Don’t forget to share your stories!


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