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Notorious / Famous Women - Female Serial Killers, Aileen Wuornos

Updated on December 30, 2015
Appearences are deceptive
Appearences are deceptive

Notorious / Famous Women - Female Serial Killers, Aileen Wuornos

Women that kill, the truth about some of histories most notorious or famous women who murder for many different reasons, including the women who kill for pleasure. The ultimate female serial killer.

Women, the fairer and gentler sex, or so we are led to believe, have many sordid serial killers in their history. Female murderers who have shown no compassion of their crimes against other women, men and children. Occasionally dissecting their victims in an attempt to disguise the corpse if they are found, females can be more sadistic than males.

In America, at any one time, there are at least twelve serial killers operating, killing at random or in pre-planned murder scenarios, and allegedly, at least one of these serial killers will be female. What can turn a moderate housewife into a multi murdering vixen without remorse, or an average teacher acting out killing scenarios for pleasure, some people may find the following text slightly graphic and upsetting.

Why do women kill ?

Many male serial killers have a physiological imbalance which overwhelms them and feeds their need to carry out fantasy rolls of serial killing. With most of the worlds female serial killers, there is usually only one motive, money, and as much of it as they can get their hands on.

Financial security is important to most, but some people go to far, they will kill, maim and kill again to get their hands on insurance policies, house deeds or anything else that is of value, they will kill husbands, children and even their own fathers, just for the mighty greenback.

A staggering 32% of child fatalities in the USA between the years of 1992 and 1996 involved women causing the deaths, and over the last century, there have been over 100 female serial killers.

That is equivalent to one female serial killer every year, and over half of these were captured in America.

Aileen Carol Wuornos

Born on February 29th 1956, in Rochester Michigan, born to her seventeen year old mother Diane Pratt. Aileen never met her father, he was in prison for rape and the attempted murder of an eight year old boy. She was abandoned by her mother and lived with her grandparents, the grandfather also allegedly raped her. When she was 14, she fell pregnant after she was allegedly raped again, the child was adopted, and from the age of fifteen years Wuornos worked as a prostitute whilst she lived in local woods.

Wuornos Confessesion

Life of crime, murder and mayhem

Wuornos was given status as Americas first female serial killer, as she used a gun on many occasions, but there were many before her who did not use a gun.

Wuornos' life of crime began very early in her life. she had been prosecuted for being a lady of the street, driving under the influence of alcohol, physical abuse, threatening behaviour and many counts of assault, including throwing a cue ball at a bartenders head.

In 1976, she married a 70 year old yacht club president, a Mr Leiws Gratz Fell, who after being assaulted by his new wife, filed for a restraining order, then filed for divorce within nine weeks of being married.

She was arrested again in 1981 for the robbery of a convenience store with a firearm, and was released a year later and was re-arrested soon after for passing forged cheques. Wuornos met Tyria Moore, and they became friends and moved in together, they were later both charged with assault and battery with a beer bottle and Wuornos was accused of pulling a gun on a companion and robbing him of $200.

Wuornos had, by now, used a gun on over twenty attempted robberies and assaults, and was known to all local police departments, yet she was never imprisoned for long on each offence.

Her Victims

Muornos first known murder was on November 30th 1989, a Mr Richard Mallory, aged 51 from Clearwater in Florida, already a convicted rapist, his body was found with several bullet holes in it, two were in his left lung which were the cause of death.

56 year old Charles Humphries body was found in Marion County, Florida, with six bullet holes in his head and torso on May 19th 1990, Muornos second victim.

Muornos third victim was a construction worker, 43 year old David Spears, on June 1st 1990. His body was found in Citrus County on Highway 19, shot six times.

Charles Carskaddon, a 40 year old part time rodeo worker, on May 31st 1990, Muornos shot him nine times in Pasco County, Florida

In June 1990, Peter Siems left Jupiter, Florida and headed for New Jersey, he never made it, Muornos and Moore were seen fleeing his car after they had abandoned it in Orange Springs. His body has still never been found.

A sausage salesman was Muornos' sixth murder victim, Troy Burress, 50 years old from Ocala, his body was found with two bullet holes on State Road 19, on 4th August 1990

Muornos last victim was Walter Jeno Antonio, aged 62, his body was found in Dixie County on November 19th, with four bullet holes in his body.

Wuornos Capture

Wuornos had left her finger prints in Peter Siems car, and after an accident fled the car with Moore, but witnesses had identified them. On January 9, 1991, Wuornos was arrested at a biker bar in Volusia County, Florida. Moore was arrested the next day and was granted immunity from prosecution if she could get Wuornos to confess, and on January 16th 1991, Wournos began to confess to the murders, but claimed self defence as all the men had tried to rape her.

No charges were brought against her for the murder of Peter Siems as his body has never been discovered. But Wuornos received six death sentences for her crimes, and constantly changed her stories, including that only her first murder victim, Richard Mallory, had been the only person to attack her. In 2001, she sacked her defence attorney and requested all appeals to cease, claiming she was sane and would murder again if she could.

Wuornos was given a lethal injection on, October 9 2002. She was the tenth woman in American history to be executed after the ban on capital punishment was lifted in 1976.

Her last statement was that she would be back with Jesus on June 6th, with the mother ship

Other Female Serial Killers

Amelia Dyers

Known as the baby butcher for killing over 400 children

Dorothea Puente

Poisonous killer of residents at her boarding house

Jane Toppan

Nurse who murdered many to fulfill her depraved sexual gratification

Nannie Doss

A typical female serial killer whose motives were simply money, and lots of it.


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    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 6 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      billericky......great profile on Aileen....The pic in your hub that says it's her...I'm sure you realize is really Charlize Theron who brilliantly potrayed Aileen in the movie "Monster." Fabulous movie! This was a strange and complex woman. I couldn't help but feel for her life growing up. Seems she barely had a chance at being normal or stable. A real shame. Thanks for your hub. Voted up and interesting!

    • profile image

      darkangel 7 years ago

      women serial killers can be worse phsychologically as its more shocking to accept of people who should naturally be so maternal ........ im intrigued by female serial killers and the point of 'snapping'

    • billericky profile image

      billericky 7 years ago from Plymouth

      Without a shadow of doubt, with no hesitation, the crziest woman alive has to be my missus.