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Women in Combat Ban Lifted

Updated on June 19, 2013

by Amber Maccione

Combat Exclusion Policy Lifted

The Pentagon announced today that they are lifting a 20 year old policy that banned women from serving in ground combat units - units that would for example go out on daily patrols and sometimes have to fight Taliban units.

Today, January 24, 2013, marks a day in history as women have gained equality to men mostly in the military divisions of the army and marines. With the ban lifted, a quarter of a million jobs open up for militant women.

Before the ban was lifted, women were barred from serving directly in ground combat. Although they were seen in these units during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, they were not directly in combat. They worked in administration roles, medical roles, or humanitarian roles where they would go into the villages and work one on one with the women and children. (Don't get me wrong, women still were found to fight alongside combat units but without the intense training they would have had opportunity to have if there had not been a ban against women being in combat units).

But today, as history was made, women can now be trained and allowed into combat units where, if they meet the requirements, can be sent out in daily ground units to patrol and fight on the front lines of war.

Ban Lifted on Women Serving in Combat

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    • MasculistFeminist profile image

      Ryan 5 years ago from Australia

      This is true equality. Women should have the freedom to defend their country on the frontline. On the flip side it is unfair to only ask men to put their lives in harms way and give the ultimate sacrifice.

      However even with these changes, the draft still does not include women. I also note that military leaders will still have up until 2016 to decide if women remain excluded from particular positions.

      This is a step in the right direction, but we have a way to go yet. Thank you for publishing this Hub.

    • Darkproxy profile image

      Darkproxy 5 years ago from Ohio

      Wow it took the same amount of time to lift the ban for the men to win the war