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World News and My Views, Chapter 4

Updated on August 19, 2022

President Donald Trump leaving to visit several countries in Asia

President Donald Trump on the way to make this 12 days Asian trip and meet several leaders, in the hope of finding something useful to stop North Korea playing its aggressive role. This small country is making too much trouble for everybody.
President Donald Trump on the way to make this 12 days Asian trip and meet several leaders, in the hope of finding something useful to stop North Korea playing its aggressive role. This small country is making too much trouble for everybody.

America and President Trump

Welcome to our article (82) world news and my views chapter 4

Dear readers, in this chapter 4, let us talk about President Donald Trump and what happens around him; we know from the news, the White House announced that Trump will make 12-day Asian trip this early November 2017, where he will visit several countries, he will stop in Hawaii, will travel to Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines, or something like that. I suppose he wants to find a way, how he can handle this North Korea confrontation, by talking to these other country’s leaders. I say good luck President Trump, you need it, I believe that North Korea Kim Jong-un is a hard person to deal with, you may not know how to control Kim Jong-un, but most of the leaders that you are going to talk, are willing to help you.

Well, I should say that we were interested to know about this presidential trip, but there wasn’t much to say, at least I didn’t think that there was a great deal achieved, so, everything continues as usual.

Today is the 29th of November 2017 and Nork Korea has launched another missile, this time I am wondering, why it took about two months between launches, and what is the world going to say. I suppose that we will start again worrying about this, but I don’t know what is going to happen next.


The Australian politics scene

Today the Australian politics are full of surprise, one of this surprises is the dual citizenship debacle, there are again at least 9 people that had to resign, and a few others are suspicious, whether they should go, some of these have been replaced already, using some strange system, where the party of that person can choose another candidate, there are two of these parliamentarians that are starting all over again, and byelections are to be held, in these cases they have renounced their double citizenship and become only Australian. But they need to be re-elected to serve in the parliament. Well this is only what is happening in Canberra, because in Queensland there is a state election to be held on the 25 of November 2017. For the moment, we have no idea if there is going to be a change of government. But one thing is for sure, the minor parties are going to do well, at least that is what is being said. So, it is going to be interesting to see how well they will poll.

Anyhow, the election has been held, and after a few days there is no clear winners, and the minor parties contrary to predictions have not done well. Politics are very hard even to follow.

Something else is happening in Australia, this is about the Manus Island refugees, these refugees have been placed there by the Australian authorities, in their policy to stop the boats of illegal emigrants. Anyhow, it did work out the way they wanted, but then one must ask, is this treatment of emigrants cruel on humanitarian grounds? It is hard to know what the right thing to do is.


Some shock and breaking news

What a shock! War criminal take poison in court.

Today at the international court at The Hague, general Slobodan Praljak has committed suicide while in court, when the judges upheld his 20-year sentence. What a shock this must have been for everybody. To know more click on the links below,

Croatian war criminal Slobodan Praljak dies after 'drinking poison' in court

The first thing one can think of when these things happen, is that there must be something wrong, in this court system. So, while they seem to serve justice, they make some mistakes. Perhaps they don’t look at the entire situation, and the reasons, why these crimes have been committed. I wonder if one day there will be a review of this court system. Perhaps they should take more into account, why these crimes were committed, and if they are really crimes, or these crimes were committed more is self-defence to preserve the rest of the community.

Anyhow this is just an idea that has come to my mind, while I am looking at this event. I believe that there might be some change soon.


Europe and Italian politics

There are too many things happening in Europe all at the same time, so, let us mention some of them, one that could have been avoided, is about this decoration of independence that Catalonia wants, when the central government of Spain opposes it. To me it seems strange this happening, because while everybody wants to make a single government for all Europe, these people from Catalonia want to go alone. But that is not all, because while people today seem to be free to do all sort of things, these politicians from Catalonia may end up in jail, just because they want to be independent.

Anyhow, it was decided that there will be an election held in December, where we will see what is going to be decided after that, now that is Spain politics.

In Germany, they are having trouble in forming a government after the elections, so, even here there are problems, when Germany usually has a stable government.

In Italy, they are getting ready for next year election, so, there is a lot going on, as usual, it is very hard to follow what happens during the Italian elections, they all blame each other for whatever is negative, if there is anything positive, they all claim that they have done it. There are a lot of problems that need to be solved, and above all there is this problem with the refugees.

Some politicians say that they have done a few things, and now there are less refugees arriving, but I believe that they are still too many coming to Italy. Sometimes it is even crazy, in the last news that I have heard a priest went to Somalia and on the way back he brought with him about 15 refugees, that are going to stay in Italy. This seems completely crazy, while some people make some effort to control the refugees, somebody else brings them in.

So, to me this is a crazy world. Anyhow, we must wait and see, what happens next.


Some preparation for the pope visit in Bangladesh

Here as usual things are not very clear, we believe that this is a temple or some public place to receive the pope in Bangladesh
Here as usual things are not very clear, we believe that this is a temple or some public place to receive the pope in Bangladesh

Pope Francis trip to Bangladesh

I believe that the pope trip to Bangladesh was designed to help all religions to come together, to forget their differences and help the people that need help.

Strange as it may sound, even though there are Christian communities over there, and I am sure that the pope has visited them and talked to them, I should say that the most important thing that pope Francis has done, and was shown in the news, is that he has shown interest in the Muslims community, he has helped them as if they were Christians, which is good, since these people are in need of help. The pope wants the world to take care of these people, since they are persecuted in their native country, so, they are forced to run away from place to place, looking where they live and everything else, these can be called refugees, so, they need help.

Anyhow, the pope has done everything possible to get the attention of the people in power, now is up to them if they can do something.

Now just before I finish this article, I want to say what I think about the pope. I believe that this pope is doing many things different from the previous popes; sometimes I think that this pope wants to bring all religions together, or at least end isolationism, so religions can work together, let us hope that he has got it right, because as things are today, the world needs some change.

I believe that I have said enough in this article.

So, see you soon in our next article.


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