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World of Wall Street-Craft

Updated on October 15, 2011

Protestors on Wall Street, True Americans

Have you ever had the guts to risk a jail cell to fight for what you believe in? Me either, however the thousands of protestors occupying Wall Street do. Leaving their comfortable homes and apartments, to sit outside for days upon days at a time, would you do that for anything? These citizens would fit perfectly well on the Mayflower on it's way to America, who also protested known injustice.

Depending on your news source, you might not even know how big the Occupy Wall Street movement is. Our American media is so fake and biased, it's a shame that several news companies don't get shut down. How can we allow this to happen? How can the NEWS, offer opinions? This is exactly what makes our country flawed, anyone who has money has the power to manipulate people. So now, people are no longer getting facts to make their own decision, they are getting biased opinions that offer a "no-brainer", which is exactly what America has become.

The facts concerning Wall Street and Bailouts are disgusting. Many companies used Bailout money to make money due to Wall Street crashes. Many companies that received bailouts, have since recovered and haven't given anything back! This is OUR money, EVERYONE's money. Every single company in America makes money due to PEOPLE, but they seem to think they deserve every single cent. People, however, no longer seem relevant, the only thing that's relevant in this country anymore is money. What can I do, who can I step on, who's dumb enough to give me their, money.

How is it that we let people make millions of dollars while there are homeless in the streets? Do these people really deserve that much money? How do we let teacher's pay for their own materials or even quit because they don't make a decent living? What is going on here? What have we become? People are naturally corrupt, everyone knows that, but we all seem to just ignore it. So many people are outraged and it's been largely televised that it's a "crime" what has been done regarding Wall Street, but yet nothing happens.


AIG Financial - $181.8 BIllion received in bailouts & TARP funds - Gave out $1.5 billion in bonuses

Citigroup - $373.7 billion received - $91.2 billion executive compensation from 2007-2009

Bank of America - $63.1 billion received - $68.9 billion in executive salaries from 2007-2009

JPMorgan Chase - $98.1 billion received - $74.6 billion in executive salaries from 2007-2009

Goldman Sachs - $53.4 billion received - $53.2 billion in executive salaries.

and many more...

Looking at these numbers is just baffling, and everyone sits idly by because it has no direct effects on them yet. Well some people have finally had it, and are the ones out there getting their voices drowned out by biased media, apathetic Americans, and greed. How far will this go and is blood going to be shed? We shall see, I myself have a very different approach that I would take, however it would never be known, because I don't have the money to support it, and I'm only talking a few thousand dollars, nothing compared to the billions that were given by taxpayers. My approach would be far less friendly, it may only be a matter of time before more people get that way.



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    • the bunco squad profile image

      the bunco squad 6 years ago from Savannah GA

      I love good, observant and fact filled writing, keep it up.

    • PETER LUMETTA profile image

      PETER LUMETTA 6 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      These protests are a glimmer of hope that the people of this country are finally realizing who has caused our problems. If you look under this pile of manure you'll find the Banks supplied a lot of the fodder for this bomb. These companies need to be downsized or broken up so that there are none "to big to fail". Good observations and keep up the good work,


    • QualityContent profile image

      QualityContent 6 years ago

      Excellent post.

    • TeaPartyCrasher profile image

      TeaPartyCrasher 6 years ago from Camp Hill, PA

      Good start to your career on HubPages--keep it up!