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Would Donald Trump Make a Good President?

Updated on July 24, 2017
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As an avid follower of political and social issues, Chris has developed strong insights into the world around him.

Donald Trump for President

Those are the words we keep hearing. In all honesty, when Trump first announced his candidacy, I did not give it much thought. I figured we would have a few weeks worth of jokes on late night television and that would be the end of it. I certainly never thought we would be talking about it several months later, much less talking about Trump being the front runner and perhaps winning the Republican nomination.


Why is Donald Trump So Popular?

This question has been examined a lot recently and it seems there are many reasons behind his popularity. Some say he brings a sense of truth to the table, that he is willing to talk about the issues the other candidates ignore. Certainly there is some truth to that. Americans want to know how the candidates intend to handle immigration, taxes, national security and the economy. Trump has been very clear about where he stands on these issues, even if his ideas have been controversial at times.

Another aspect to his popularity has been name recognition. Donald Trump has been a very successful businessman who enjoys boasting on his accomplishments. Add to that his reality television fame and you end up with a face and name that people are familiar with. Lets face it, Americans love celebrities.

Will Donald Trump Win the Republican Nomination?

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Trump Park Avenue

Trump is quite proud of the landmark buildings which bear his name.
Trump is quite proud of the landmark buildings which bear his name. | Source

Donald Trump has acquired vast wealth through real estate and business, not too mention his television work. He has also acquired a large ego, he even mentioned being the only candidate with a landmark bearing his name. Really not sure what that has to do with being a viable candidate, but many Americans seem to love that sort of thing.

However, I feel the number one reason Trump is so popular is the fact that he is entertaining to watch. So often, these Presidential campaigns are a bit too humdrum for the average American and Trump has brought excitement to the whole process. People who generally pay little attention to the political process are now tuning in just to see what the Donald will say next.

Food for Thought

As an interesting side note to all this, I believe that many of those who are in support of Trump during these early stages will be the same people who will not bother to actually vote when the election rolls around.

One of the funniest reasons I have heard in regards to why Trump is so popular is the fact that he is a billionaire and can't be bought. Interesting theory, until you stop and think about it. He claims to have bought political favors in the past, but since he is so wealthy, he can not be bought. We all know most wealthy people seek more wealth, but lets assume he is correct. If elected, he will not need to buy political favors, instead he will be able to simply do himself favors.

I want to add that I don't feel Trump is a bad candidate because he has lots of money. I simply feel that the "can't be bought" argument is pretty much meaningless.

So Whats Not to Like About Trump?

We have looked into reasons behind Donald Trumps early success in the polls. Now I feel it is necessary to look at the negatives of a potential Trump administration and there are a few. There are a few problem areas that I feel need to be addressed.

Trump Loves Attention

Donald Trump simply loves to be in the spotlight. I believe that is the number one reason he is running at all, he loves all the media attention he is getting on a daily basis, it feeds his ego. Yet, if elected, he will be sitting in one of the most important offices in the world and will need to make tough decisions with lasting implications. There will be no room for making these decisions based on potential headlines.

Speaks Too Bluntly

The President of the United States needs to be someone who is able to speak tough, yet diplomatically. Trump has the toughness down, but he is lacking in the diplomacy part. I admit that I feel America needs to be strong and Obama has failed in that regard, but Trump is all the way to the other extreme. Making threats to other countries if they don't do as told never solves anything, just ask North Korea.

Make America Great Again

This, my friends, is a great slogan. We all want to make America great again, however, we never seem able to agree on what it is that makes us great. So, I guess that is the question we all must answer, only then will we be able to elect the right person to take us there.

I hope reading this gave you a few things to think about as we head into another election year. Keep informed, be knowledgeable and always vote, its your right.

July 2016 Update

We have made it through the primaries and Donald Trump has finished on top. Six months ago I never would have believed it, yet it has become reality. Unless the Republican delegates go against the voters, Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for President of the United States.

When I originally wrote this hub, I did it a bit tongue in cheek because I thought he would drop out fairly early in the process. Now it looks as though I will need to give further thought to the question of whether or not Trump would make a good President.

© 2015 Christopher J Wood


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Interesting analysis. I would add that wealthy people are often good at doing for themselves, they are not good at doing for the country.