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Writing Out My Rant: My Protest To Wake Up The World

Updated on May 26, 2022

I Am On The Verge Of Giving Up

Do you ever just want out, out of living in a world of fools, out of feeling so desperately hopeless for change when it seems simple to you and somehow completely irrational for others? And what is the illogical part, you incomprehensive people may ask? Well, maybe some of us see what is behind almost every single violent act we encounter too often in America, while others fight for that reason because of a document drawn up in the 1700s? Whether it be from terrorists, crimes of hate, or psychosomatic illness; this weapon I'm going to discuss here is bringing this world to an end, and if you live here and don't see that, I will have to state that you are as dumb as Donald Trump's repeated stupid antics on how to bring change. Unfortunately, many are just that nonsensical!

He Is Not Smart People...

Let Me Spell It Out--Gun Violence Needs To Stop ASAP

I don't care if you believe me. I don't care if you think you are the smart one, and I'm the dumbest woman on planet earth for saying this. Guns help murder! They get the intended job done, whereas some of you have a total lack of common sense in saying things like; it's the people, not the guns, or a knife could kill, or even a fist could kill is all totally true, but so insanely illiterate in the comparison now isn't it?

Every day I watch more hate and more mentally deranged persons buy these weapons and carry out extreme crimes, and cause so much death. This is not what we were taught about America! This is a war zone, and everybody has become the enemy. It is not the land of the free, home of the brave anymore. It has rapidly become the land of the oppressed and home of cowards with guns. Nevertheless, hey, let's just forget about all those other lessons we were taught in school. You know, the Declaration of Independence that states all men are created equal? Remember that one, the one we just celebrated days ago? The one that celebrates the freedom of all, but I promise you a lot of us did not celebrate. How can you celebrate something that people are trying to tear down? And you might come back with, "well, what about the second amendment, people like yourself are trying to take that one away?" Ummm… NO! I do not see where keeping weapons out of criminals' hands by doing extensive background checks and mental check-ups and making waiting periods longer to obtain a gun is going to ruin that goddamn little piece of paper! Stop hiding your silly reasoning behind an amendment that at the time, when written, took a person five damn minutes to load the guns they carried back then.


Grief! The 1700s Had Some Major Weapons. NOT!

This is a demonstration this man, Keith Burgess, was asked to do for a New England history spot. I thought it would be extremely valuable in explaining how the only gun that was around back in the day when the second amendment was written is loaded and used. It is also two parts of no less than four minutes. Now, think about that... when the amendment to bear arms was written, this was how a gun was used. Mind you, it was never a sure shot and may not have been a powerful enough powder explosion to do damage if not close up. If I had to be totally honest, I couldn't even get through the whole demonstration.

Today, if we only had these types of guns "to bear arms with," anyone who was a threat to us would have maybe had one round loaded, may or may not have hit us, then they would have to open a powder keg, poured it in the barrel, took the tool that packs it in and packed it in well, and by that time, we would have made our escape or crawled to safety. I suspect 911 would have been called, and help would be on the way, and who knows; someone could have rustled the idiot to the ground. Nevertheless, all in all, we have a good chance of survival.

Now, honestly, I don't know if this is the correct way to load a gun like this. I did say I got pretty bored with the steps. In saying that, it does say a lot, doesn't it? I mean, back in the 1700s, to bear these kinds of arms wasn't a total threat to life, now was it? Let's stop hiding the fact that the persons who insist on protecting this amendment are really just defending their own personal wants. To me, that doesn't even make sense when you think about it, though, considering if you are a stable human, you will not get your little toys taken away anyway? Can we grow up with some common sense values now??

This Is What Is So Easy To Get Our Hands On These Days. Big Difference Isn't It?

Colt AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle
Colt AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle | Source

If You Don't Feel Stupid For Voting For The Donald And For Guns After Watching This; Face It You Are As Crazy As These Killers

Wake Up America Before It's Too Late


May They All Rest In Peace. It Is Up To Us, Will We Continue To Bury Innocent People or The Guns?

Alton Sterling and Philando Castile
Alton Sterling and Philando Castile | Source
Christina Grimmie
Christina Grimmie | Source
Pulse nightclub victims
Pulse nightclub victims | Source

The Main Reason For My Rant

I know this is completely a form of ranting, but people who know me will not be surprised. It is my way to the truth, my way of fighting for what I believe in. My way of sharing common sense knowledge, I feel everyone possesses, but not everyone admits to having. It comes from one after the other senseless crimes we all witness through media outlets. The two innocent black men who were killed by white cops, the Orlando nightclub massacre that was stated to be a terrorist crime carried out by a Muslim American, but it's easy to see it all points to hate. Let's not forget the crazy killing of Christina Grimmie at the hands of a mentally unstable stalker. Every incident mentioned happening all in days and a month of each other. I mean we can’t kill these lunatic people who do these irrational and hurtful things, but we can help by taking their guns away. Don’t you see that? And it will not be an easy task, but it will be for a better America, for a safer world. We as Americans should be a pleasant example for other countries that have always fought for whatever reason. However, we have become just as bad as those countries of hateful division. We are not supposed to live like this here. It’s not the American way. Wake up and let's save ourselves!!

A Final Food For Thought On This Subject

If You Are Against Gun Control Laws...

What Is Your Real Reason? Stop Hiding Behind An Amendment That Will Not Change.

See results

I Found This Song and Had To Edit It Into This Hub. Thank You David Bowie. It Speaks Volumes.

A Thank You To My Readers...

Thank you to all who are taking or took the time to read my hub today. If you would like to comment please do. I should say that if it is in a negative context and rudely displayed, I will not take the time to comment back. This is about bringing awareness to a growing out of control problem here in America. It's about reaching the ones who have common sense, not the ones with closed minds for personal purpose. I want to speak for victims. I want to try and wake up the world in the only way I know how; writing my thoughts. Thanks Again!

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2016 Missy Smith


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