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Updated on July 24, 2010

Global warming was one of the subject being discussed in the classroom, our business leaders and government officials today with major concern how to control the deteriorating effect it brought to our environment. People around the world were very keen in looking for an effective solution. There was only a little efforts made to reverse the increase threat to life.

The potential risk of global warming is a very serious subject that should be addressed to all of us. Its frightening seeing the future an unsafe place to live.

Your contribution to fight against global warming is urgently needed. In your own way and your own effort you can do something about it. It is now an environmental problem to all of us. But we can do our share if we allow ourselves to get involve in the crusade for our continued existence. We will join hand in hand and make life more secure from the peril of global warming.

-Buy a kind of vehicle and appliances that are energy efficient.

-Turn your electrical appliances and fluorescent lights if not in use to save electrical usage. Less usage, less cost.

-Using an energy efficient light bulbs is a way to ensure the protection of our environment.

-Use your feet to reach a short distance. Reducing the use of vehicle minimizes pollution.

-Plant trees in your surrounding, near your home. Trees can protect our family from harmful gases in the ear. Plants absorbs carbon dioxide and recycle it to become a useful oxygen again.

-If you are a farmer, avoid burning trees, grasses and other farm debris for the purpose of clearing the land. Smoke can hurt the atmosphere of carbon.

-If you have your own vehicle, do a regular smoke emission test. Be sure it will pass the test. If not, replace your carburetor to give a clean smoke.

-Don't burn defective tires for whatever purpose. It will give a heavy smoke to the air.

-Secure properly any waste materials at home or in your surrounding. Dispose it and put it in a container and cover.

-Don't store harmful chemicals inside your home like left-over diesel, paints, varnish and insecticides. It will pollute the air inside you home the air you breath.

Why our environment should be protected? The heat of the sun can raise the level of temperature to a higher degrees. Plants in the ground will die if the heat penetrated directly to its roots and leaves. Moisture in the soil will evaporate immediately making the soil dry. The growth of the plants become stunted if moisture is not enough for its growth.

Extreme heat in our atmosphere will develop into a devastating heat waves. Heat stroke is common among people who cannot stand to it. Too much heat restrict our movement to the outside. We confined ourselves to any structures that can give protection as shade from the heat.

The repeated natural calamities we experienced is the result of global warming. The extreme drought and flood put us in a terrible misery. When a storm comes, the effect become severe: lost of lives, damaged properties, sickness to those weak, shortage of food are among the many situations when our atmosphere is in disarray and out of line.

The presence of higher level of methane and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the end result of modern technology and their inventions. When there is an imbalance in the degree of heat and cold something will happen to our disadvantage. This is a man-made causes of our less concern to our environment. The more people live on earth, the more damage is done to our environment.

The presence of methane, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the contributing factor to continue damaging the fragile atmosphere. Medical conditions related to heat exposures has a negative impact to us. The different kinds of pollutants surrounded us from industries, in our own home, our dependence on oil for our everyday needs make irreversible changes in our weather condition.

It is not yet too late to change. We are the only one that can control this problem. If we want to live more then we have to make our contribution to make the world safe to live.


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