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Yes, the Problem IS Putin

Updated on June 21, 2020
Laura H McBride profile image

A journalist for 40 years with liberal arts degrees as well, I cannot help looking at current events through both lenses.

How a UK/US businessman became Russian's Public Enemy Number One
How a UK/US businessman became Russian's Public Enemy Number One

Bill Browder Failed...Because No One Can Deal Honestly with Russia

I have one thing and one thing only to say. Indeed, it might be the only thing worth saying, regarding both the UK and the US: Putin.

He has lusted for the disintegration of the EU and the US since he came to illicit power in 2000. He wants it now more than ever.

You might think I am Bill Browder's publicist, but I am not. I'm not even good at being my own publicist for books or artworks. But reading his book Red Notice has convinced me that not only is Russia now no better than when it was communist; it is worse. As Browder says, Russia is not a nation of laws but a nation of men.

And those men are evil. When Russia was communist, the west could easily identify it as counter to our way of democratic life. The faux-democracy of Putin's Russia, in which any political opponents are killed and/or their good name stolen, not to mention votes, has lured many ordinary people into thinking Russia is not so bad.

Again: It is worse. It is the quintessential oligarchy, with respect for nothing but wealth and the strong-arm tactics they favour to acquire it.

Vladimir Putin Official Portrait
Vladimir Putin Official Portrait

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Putin, Cummings, Bannon, Johnson

No, pardon me. I am being to generous in spreading the monstrous behaviour to others. Putin is its fount. Putin and Putin alone. NEVER, EVER forget it.

THIS is the world--the world according to a Russian Runt who was steeped in the age-old viciousness of Russian leaders and trained by the KGB, a spy organization in which protection of one's own nation was subordinate to destruction of other nations. It is a totally corrupt idea, perfected by a totally corrupt system, and now run by a totally corrupt man.

This is the field in which Boris Johnson plays, led by the nose by Steve Bannon and Dominic Cummings. It is the world in which Trump plays as well; the difference is that Trump is even more witless than Johnson, and the US is big enough and diverse enough to eventually get rid of the bugger, before he utterly destroys it.

Boris Johnson Official Photo
Boris Johnson Official Photo

Treachery at the Top

But the UK? We are in trouble. We are small. We have no natural resources to speak of. Our constitution is unwritten, leading to massive misinterpretations and wide leeway to fool around with the rule of law. Indeed, the rule of law triumphed in the recent UK Supreme Court ruling that Boris Johnson had, in three ways, acted illegally in discharging his duties as Prime Minister. But he remains in office.

As if it could not wait to prove how corrupt it is, and how inimical to the rule of law and the good of the nation, Johnson's own political party, now in tenuous and probably illicit power, began instantly to undermine that rule of law to replace it with bogus claims of a politicised legal system. In short, they want to do away with the court that found Johnson to be acting illegally as Prime Minister.

All of this is classic Putin.

Why does the UK put up with it? After all, every word out of the mouth of the PM is a lie. One possible reason: government-sponsored education has been bad for decades. Another: the people have been systematically demoralised and robbed of even what little expectation of humane treatment by those leaders they might still entertain. That robbery came in despicable acts of treachery such as Windrush* and Grenfell Towers*.

The population was also lured into a criminally run referendum designed to deliver the UK to the hands of the fascists while the toffee-nosed Eton crowd danced off to their offshore accounts and residences.

Brexit was engineered by Putin's minions, including Arron (sic) Banks and Nigel Farage. Farage is a home-grown British fascist, identified as such by his grade school teacher, and desperate for power, despite losing ELEVEN elections in the UK, winning only one for Member of the European Parliament. He couldn't suborn the EU, so he decided to get the UK to leave it to prove his power, laughable though the whole concept might be. Banks? No one really knows where he gets his money, except that his claim to be British is unproveable AND his supposedly lucrative South African diamond mines haven't produced so much as a cubic zirconia. (Indeed, it is likely his claim of a lucrative diamond mine was simply a way of covering the fact that the money he donated to Brexit was obtained from Russia.)

After bombardment by vicious toffs and disregard by the government they elected, the population has been rendered incapable of even discerning when they are being led to the ovens, never mind being able to put a stop to it. They are incapable of understanding that, right now, the government of the United Kingdom is in the hands of evil men and a few women whose complicity renders them WORSE than the Etonian witlings they ape.

It is possible the Conservative Party would have brought us to the killing fields on its own. But I doubt it. They are not smart; they are just greedy. But that is the perfect combination for manipulation by a cosmic monster like the Russian Runt.

* Windrush is shorthand for the despicable deporting of Caribbeans who had been invited to the UK to help rebuild it after WWII and through the 1970s with a promise of British citizenship. Grenfell Towers was a deadly high-rise blaze that took hold because a local council had allowed contractors to clad the building in very flammable panels; the UK government, several years later, STILL has not relocated or compensated most of the former residents of that tower.

Red Notice...well worth noticing

Red Notice
Red Notice
This is an amazing story; it is amazing that a man can face all that Browder has, and continue on. It also reveals the origin of the US Magnitsky Act...a piece of legislation the like of which should be enacted worldwide against Putin's fascist totalitarian state.

© 2020 Laura H McBride


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