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You Are Not Racist, Homophobic

Updated on September 2, 2019

What happened?

Minority 'Rights'

What used to be called the ‘ten percent’ has done it.

It has managed to take over our politicians, our media and consequently our lives. You must admire the gays, the transsexuals, the followers of extreme fashion and the insecure segment of society who seeks any cause to belong to, provided a large, noisy crowd can be assured.

They have managed to impose their will on the rest of us, through repeatedly driving home the systematic stigmatizing of their opponents with their inevitable suffix of ‘phobic’. Homophobic being naturally their most favorite one. For good measure, they also label anyone who may not be of their persuasion, ‘prejudiced, racist and extreme right wing’. Sounds familiar?

Are they correct?

But is that justified in any way? ‘Phobic’ means ‘fearful of’. Homophobic means to fear homosexuals. But do we fear them? I think not. We sympathize with them. We may smile at their invariably ineffectual attempts to imitate the opposite sex, but fear them? No.

We might feel sad for their parents, who may well feel – often unjustifiably – that they did something wrong to cause such a glitch in the universe of nature. But that is the same glitch that occurs in any long-term sequence as in the birth process itself. We find it in DNA, where mutations occur many times over the span of centuries. Ten thousand years ago a glitch occurs and, voila, suddenly a child is born with green eyes, instead of the brown eyes traditional in the isolated place of its birth. But we do not fear them? No.

We may feel pity for them because they shall never know the bliss of parenthood, or the joy of touching willing soft female flesh.

But we do not fear them? No.

However, homosexuals appear to be homophobic themselves, though. Why else would they not refer to themselves as homosexuals instead of the pejoratively demeaning term ‘gay’? Surely that plays into the hands of those who are ‘prejudiced, racist and extreme right wing’, who might not look upon them with a kindly eye. What is so ‘gay’ about a respectable scientist who happens to belong to that group?

Gender equality

Instead they concentrate their efforts in ‘gender equality’. Let’s get women on board warships which are brim-full with sex hungry men. Yes, that’s it. That should even things. What could possibly go wrong?

Same with firefighting. Let’s get women to do this physically exacting job, expecting them to rescue a 200 lb woman from a burning building, who is looking after her five grandchildren. Piece of cake.

But don’t you dare suggest that women would be interested in clearing our streets from the mountains of garbage that sometimes accumulate, or the mountains of fat that occasionally block our sewers. Oh, no, that would be unsporting, nontraditional and simply a man’s job.

But then we have the poor, suffering immigrants

And of course, let us not forget the obligatory support for all those poor economic refugees. By all means, let us insert into our own traditions a new feature of a smorgasbord of religions, languages and culture, with clashing philosophies, alien music and art, and without a shred of collective pride of history or myth.

It does not matter if the uninvited visitors to our shores have only one common denominator that binds them together. Their rights. Their rights for us to house their large families, their rights to receive social insurance without having paid a cent into the system and their right not to work unless they find a job to their liking, at wages which are presidential in their own countries.

It does not matter that our uninvited malcontent visitors are not admirers of our culture and our joined European heritage. Ignore the fact that they are not here to integrate into our societies, which have become civilized through centuries of suffering, to finally settle for deliberate experimentation using logical thought, decency and care for the common good.

It does not matter that they are here as invading hordes, intent on grabbing as much loot and bounty as possible, taking advantage of a legal system already corrupted by efforts of the ‘ten percent’.

So we have ended up with a situation reminiscent of the dictates of Nazi Germany and the ex-Soviet Union, where the state imposes its will on the people.

But it is not a shame ...

However, it is not a shame to believe in traditional family values. It is not a shame to be called 'Deplorable, Homophobic, Islamophobic, Racist and Fascist' by a real fascist comprised of the ‘ten percent’.

It is not wrong to believe there are only two genders. It is not wrong to want our boys to like girls. It is not wrong for our boys to treat girls with the respect that traditional family values require. It is not wrong to want our girls and our young women to behave lady-like and not to be shameless, drunken sluts. It is not wrong to expect newcomers to our country to adapt to our way of living, instead of them demanding that we adopt theirs. It is not wrong to despise any coward who attacks a woman under any pretext especially one who kicks a woman in the street who disagrees with his political views. It is not wrong to believe that borders define countries and therefore should be vigorously protected.

In line with the new established tradition, I expect this article to be erased by a member of the ‘ten percent’ working for HubPages, but what can one do? We simply must try to get our voice back.


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