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You can save South Africa and maybe the world!

Updated on March 14, 2016


South Africa – Become your own superhero. Share my dream and help South Africa become the best country in the world! Be the change you want to see in the world around you. Inspire others to do the same. You have what it takes!

South Africa can be a wonderful example to the rest of the world if we stand together, educate each other and unite against a corrupt government and extremist few. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you know in your heart is true. Stop looking to others to make decisions for you and your family. They don’t have your interests at heart.

I agree that there still is inequality, but not between black and white. Think for yourself and see that the majority of whites in this country are as helpless as you are. We are not the enemy. It is but a small fraction of white South Africans that hold some stakes in self enrichment, among our corrupt government and its affiliates, being the majority.

Go ahead. Hate this minority, but don’t be discriminate in your discrimination. They are not the only foe. Most of them are what I would call horrible bosses with zero feeling for their fellow human beings. I hang my head in shame as white Afrikaans business men and women tops my list. They treat their staff like rubbish, make them work ridiculous hours and grossly underpay most of them. They are the people giving us a bad name. They live like the Zuma’s, Trumps, Mugabe’s and Malema’s of the world, for financial gain only. No remorse as they don’t care if you have enough for rent and food. On the salaries they pay it’s mostly one or the other. They certainly feign interest when they want votes or favours, but in the big picture there is just number one and the gravy train.

The point is. The vast majority of Afrikaaners are not business owners. Our parents used to work mostly for the government, who since the end of apartheid have become unemployable, have no property or anything of value and are massively in debt. There were never opportunities for us to become university educated. We feel like we have no apparent future and nowhere else to go. We are the masses who mostly stay quiet. Turn the cheek over and over as we still have respect. Love and family is all we have left. We feel forgotten and left out.

The thing that affected me most in the last week is that there are many who would like to see all whites leave South Africa. It has weighed heavily on my mind and heart and the only thing I could think of to do is write something to you, the voters, with my plea. Most of us have nowhere to go if we get kicked out of our country. This is our home too and we love all of South Africa with all of our hearts.

Please don’t vote for Zuma or Malema’s parties. They will not only corrupt you out of everything you still manage to scrape together, but they will destroy what is left of our infrastructure and our bountiful country. If you want to duplicate the Zimbabwe effect or regress to a country without the basics, then vote for them. They will keep on filling their pockets, just like Mugabe, and make sure that you, the voter, eventually starve. They don’t care about you or your family.

This is a humanitarian mission. We have been held captive by dictators and corruptors who are grossly misusing colour and cultures in their war to become rich. Do not let their ignorance and hate hurt the love that is still in your heart. If we let this get in our way, progress will be non-existent and the rest of Africa will fall with us.

We can start by getting the right people in power and rid our government of corruption, which is costing the public dearly and they are not getting anything in return. With the next election, we can decide as a public if we want to be an example to the world, or just another mud hole in Africa.

I have a dream of a better South Africa and world for you and your children. I’m not saying the DA is without corruption or faults, but I truly believe that they share my dream. When you vote, consider that. They stand for what we know in our hearts are right, no prejudices, just a need to heal our country and its people. Many DA supporters may not vote as they are afraid of being traced by debt collectors, so we need all the help we can get.

I can only pray that our new voters and youth will make better decisions than their ancestors. Be yourself and make a difference in your world. Nothing but your love can change the course of our country and humanity. Anything is possible if you all can say you played your part.


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